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Viscose linen jacquard sweat cloth

What Is Viscose Linen Jacquard Sweat Cloth?

Viscose Linen Jacquard Sweat Cloth

Viscose linen jacquard sweat cloth is a fabric made by blending viscose and linen fibers and weaving them with a Jacquard pattern.

  • Viscose fiber is a semi-synthetic fiber, made from natural cellulose by chemical treatment, has good softness and comfort.
  • Linen fiber is a natural fiber, usually extracted from the stem of the linen plant, with a natural texture and breathability.
  • Jacquard weave (Jacquard weave) is a special weaving technique, named after the French weaving technician Joseph Marie Jacquard (Joseph Marie Jacquard). It uses a weaving machine called the Jacquard loom to achieve intricate patterns and textures.

Advantages Of Viscose Linen Jacquard Sweat Cloth

  • Sweat absorption: Viscose linen jacquard sweat cloth has good sweat absorption performance, can quickly absorb sweat, keep dry and comfortable.
  • Comfort: The blend of viscose and linen fibers gives the fabric a soft feel and a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Aesthetic effect: Jacquard weave brings unique texture and pattern to the fabric, adding visual appeal.

Disadvantages Of Viscose Linen Jacquard Sweat Cloth

Wrinkle resistance: Compared to pure viscose fibers, Viscose linen jacquard sweat cloth is slightly less wrinkle resistant and requires proper care and ironing to maintain a flat appearance.

Application Scenarios For Viscose Linen Jacquard Sweat Cloth

  • Fashion design: Viscose linen jacquard sweat cloth is often used in fashion design for dresses, tops, skirts and other garments. Its sweat-absorbing properties and aesthetic effect make it ideal for summer fashion.
  • Interior decoration: It can be used to make cushions, seat covers and other interior decorations to add style and comfort to the home environment.
  • Sportswear: Because of its sweat-absorbing properties, Viscose linen jacquard sweat cloth is suitable for sportswear, such as sports T-shirts, sports pants, etc.

To sum up, Viscose linen jacquard sweat cloth combines sweat-absorbing properties and comfort through the blend of viscose and linen fibers, and brings aesthetic effects by using Jacquard weave. It is suitable for various application scenarios such as fashion design, interior decoration and sportswear.


What is viscose jacquard fabric?

Viscose Jacquard is a variety of jacquard fabric produced using the semi-synthetic fiber called viscose. Unlike other jacquard fabrics that often have a dense texture due to the intricate patterns, Viscose Jacquard stands out for its delicate drape, making it one of the lighter options within the jacquard category.

Is viscose and linen a good blend?

By combining linen and viscose fibers, the resulting fabrics possess a softer feel and are less susceptible to wrinkling compared to those made solely from 100% linen fibers. Woven fabrics that incorporate both viscose and linen offer excellent breathability and durability. The inherent, captivating aesthetic of linen makes it an ideal choice for various garments, including dresses, blazers, skirts, pants, and more.

Does viscose show sweat?

Viscose excels in this aspect, which is why it is highly favored as a material for underwear. Its ability to efficiently absorb and trap moderate amounts of sweat ensures that sweat marks are prevented, making it a sought-after option for undershirts. This quality makes viscose a popular choice due to its ability to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

What is viscose linen used for?

Viscose is an affordable fabric to manufacture, making it a cost-effective choice. Its versatility is evident in its wide range of applications, including clothing items like blouses, dresses, and jackets. Additionally, viscose finds utility in domestic settings as it is commonly used in the production of carpets and upholstery, adding comfort and style to homes.

Is viscose high end?

Viscose fabric exudes a luxurious appearance, yet it remains an affordable option. Its soft texture and silky sheen contribute to the popularity of viscose rayon. However, there are certain drawbacks associated with this fabric, particularly in terms of maintenance and care requirements. Despite this, its highly breathable nature makes it an excellent choice for fashionable summer attire, ensuring a cool and comfortable wearing experience.

Is viscose A polyester or cotton?

Viscose is a broad term used to describe a type of regenerated manufactured fiber. It is derived from cellulose obtained through the viscose process. As a regenerated cellulose fiber, it does not fit neatly into either the category of natural fibers (such as cotton, wool, or silk) or synthetic fibers (like nylon or polyester) but falls somewhere in between.

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