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Tencel linen cotton fabric

What Is Tencel Linen Cotton Fabric?

Tencel Linen Cotton Fabric

Tencel linen cotton fabric is a fabric made from a blend of tencel, linen and cotton fibers. Tencel gives it a soft and smooth feel, linen provides good breathability and moisture absorption, and cotton gives durability. It combines the advantages of these three fibers and has a unique set of properties.

Benefits Of Tencel Linen Cotton Fabric

  • Comfort: Tencel fibers have a soft and smooth touch, making this fabric very comfortable.
  • Breathability: Linen fibers have good breathability, which allows air to flow freely and helps keep the body dry and comfortable.
  • Moisture absorption: Cotton fiber is a good moisture absorption fiber, which can quickly absorb sweat from the body and keep the skin dry.
  • Durability: Tencel fiber has high strength, linen fiber is tough and cotton fiber is resistant to abrasion, which makes Tencel linen cotton fabric has good durability.

Disadvantages Of Tencel Linen Cotton Fabric

  • Easily wrinkled: Linen fibers tend to wrinkle in wet conditions, which may result in a less than neat appearance of the garment.
  • Higher price: Tencel linen cotton fabric is relatively expensive to produce due to the blend of fibers.

Application Scenarios Of Tencel Linen Cotton Fabric

  • Garment: This fabric is suitable for making summer garments, such as shirts, dresses, pants, etc. Its breathability and moisture-wicking properties help people stay comfortable in hot weather.
  • Home textiles: Tencel linen cotton fabric is also commonly used for home textiles such as bedding and curtains. Its comfort and durability make it an ideal choice.
  • Upholstery: The natural texture and color richness of this fabric make it a popular option for upholstery, such as sofa covers, cushions, etc.


What is Tencel linen fabric?

Tencel, also known as lyocell, is a brand name for a type of fiber that belongs to the cellulose family. It is derived from the pulp of trees and crops and is similar to other fibers like viscose and modal. Linen, on the other hand, is a natural material that has been used for centuries. It is made from the flax plant and is considered a plant-based fiber.

Is Tencel fabric better than cotton?

Cotton, including Egyptian cotton, can endure higher heat during the washing process, whereas Tencel requires more delicate care. On the other hand, Tencel sheets are generally more wrinkle-resistant due to their smooth and silky texture. Additionally, Tencel sheets have a tendency to offer a cooler sleeping experience compared to cotton sheets, which makes them a suitable option for individuals who tend to feel hot while sleeping.

Is Tencel fabric good quality?

TENCEL™ Modal fibers are renowned for their exceptional softness and luxurious feel against the skin. These fibers possess excellent flexibility, which enhances textiles with a naturally gentle and soft touch.

Does Tencel linen blend shrink?

Typically, Tencel/linen blends may experience slight shrinkage after the initial wash. Despite taking precautions during the production process to minimize this, various factors during washing, such as water hardness and temperature, can contribute to shrinkage.

Does linen Tencel shrink?

Tencel may undergo shrinkage during the initial wash, but it generally maintains its shape thereafter. The typical shrinkage rate for Tencel is around 3-5%, similar to cotton. To prevent shrinkage, it is advisable to wash Tencel fabrics using lower heat settings and avoid tumble drying.

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