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Polyester linen blended fabric

What Is Polyester Linen Blended Fabric?

Disadvantages Of Polyester Linen Blended Fabric

Polyester linen blended fabric may lose some of the fiber feel and softness of pure linen fabric. Although the breathability is better, compared to pure linen fabric may be slightly inferior.

Polyester Linen Blended Fabric And The Difference Between Linen Fabrics

  • Composition difference: Polyester linen blended fabric is made of polyester and linen fiber blend, while linen fabric is composed entirely of linen fibers.
  • Performance differences: Polyester linen blended fabric in durability and wrinkle resistance is better, while retaining a certain degree of breathability, but compared to pure linen fabric may lack some natural texture and fiber sense.

Application Scenarios For Polyester Linen Blended Fabric

  • Clothing: Polyester linen blended fabric is often used in summer clothing, such as shirts, skirts, shorts, etc.. Its blended properties make the fabric easier to care for, while maintaining a certain level of durability and comfort.
  • Home decoration: Polyester linen blended fabric is also commonly used in home decoration, such as curtains, tablecloths, pillow covers, etc.. Its durability and wrinkle resistance allow the fabric to withstand regular household use.
  • Furniture: Polyester linen blended fabric is suitable for furniture fabrics, such as sofa and chair fabrics. It can provide a certain level of comfort and durability.
  • Other uses: Polyester linen blended fabric can also be used to make backpacks, luggage, etc.


What is polyester linen blend?

Polyester-linen thread, also known as poly-linen thread, is a combination of natural linen, typically derived from flax fibers, and contemporary synthetic polyester. This thread is produced by Henry Campbell & Co., based in Belfast, Ireland. It bears a striking resemblance to traditional Irish linen in numerous aspects.

Is polyester linen good?

Due to their exceptional durability, strength, and versatility, both linen and polyester fabrics are highly recommended options for furniture.

Why blend linen with polyester?

Polyester complements linen by enhancing its laundering performance, minimizing wrinkles, and preserving colorfastness. Additionally, depending on the fabric type, polyester often imparts a softened texture to linen, albeit with a synthetic touch.

What is blended linen fabric?

Linen blended fabric is a variation of linen that incorporates a specific percentage of cotton. In contrast to linen, which is derived from the fibrous stems of the flax plant, cotton threads are obtained by harvesting the boll, the protective casing that encloses the seeds of the cotton plant.

What does polyester linen feel like?

Polyester sheets offer a lightweight and smooth feel, while cotton sheets can vary in texture but generally provide a soft, cooling sensation and are slightly thicker than polyester. Polyester sheets are conveniently machine washable and can be dried with ease.

Does linen-polyester blend shrink?

Fabrics such as cotton-polyester, linen-polyester, and polyester-rayon are prone to shrinkage due to the natural fibers present in these fabrics. If these fabrics are not pre-washed before being used for garment construction, they may shrink after washing. The extent of shrinkage can vary based on the specific blend of fibers present in the fabric.

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