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Desizing Of Linen Fiber Fabrics

What Is Desizing Of Linen Fiber Fabrics?

Desizing of linen fiber fabrics (also known as linen fiber fabric desizing) is a process of removing sizing from linen fabrics. Sizing is a sticky substance used in the textile manufacturing process to increase the adhesion between fibers. The purpose of sizing is to remove these sticky substances and restore the fabric to its original softness and texture.

Step-By-Step Procedure For Desizing Of Linen Fiber Fabrics:

  1. Preparation of sizing agent: select the appropriate sizing agent for linen fabrics. Common sizing agents include enzymes, alkaline compounds and surfactants.
  2. Soak: Soak the linen fabric in the sizing agent solution. Make sure the fabric is completely wet and that the solution covers the surface of the fabric evenly.
  3. Leave: Allow the fabric to sit in the stock remover solution for a period of time to allow the stock remover to penetrate and break down the stock.
  4. Mechanical action: Use appropriate mechanical forces (such as gentle agitation or gentle cycles of the washing machine) to help remove the slurry. This helps to effectively separate the adhesion between the pulp and the fibers.
  5. Washing: Rinse the desizing fabric with water to remove residual pulp remover and pulp debris.
  6. Drying: Dry the fabric or use appropriate drying equipment to dry it completely.

Precautions For Desizing Of Linen Fiber Fabrics:

  • Sizing agent selection: Select the appropriate sizing agent according to the fabric type and the characteristics of the sizing material. Different sizing agents may have different effects on the linen fiber and color.
  • Temperature control: It is important to control the temperature of the solution during the sizing process. Too high a temperature may cause damage to the fiber, while too low a temperature may reduce the decomposition effect of the pulp.
  • Time control: The action time of the desizing agent should be controlled according to the nature of the fabric and the pulp. Too short a time may not completely break down the pulp, while too long a time may cause damage to the fibers.
  • Experimental operation: Prior to large-scale desizing, small-scale trials are recommended to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of the sizing agent and operating parameters.


What is the desizing process of fabric?

Desizing is the process of removing sizing agents from the warp yarns of woven fabrics. Sizing agents are applied to warp yarns before weaving to reduce friction, minimize yarn breakage, and enhance the efficiency of the weaving process by allowing faster weft insertion speeds.

What is the purpose of desizing?

The primary objective of desizing is to eliminate the sizing material applied to the warp yarns of woven fabrics, which is an essential initial step before proceeding with any subsequent treatment of the fabric. Enzymatic desizing has gained widespread popularity as the preferred method due to its advantages, including reduced environmental impact and cost-effectiveness.

What is the basic principle of desizing?

Acids have the ability to partially hydrolyze starch and other sizing binders, converting them into soluble compounds that can easily be removed from the fabric surface. This process facilitates the detachment of the sizing agents from the fabric.

What is the objective of desizing of fabric?

The purpose of desizing is to eliminate the sizing agents applied to the warp yarns of woven fabrics. Sizing agents are initially applied to the warp yarns before weaving to reduce friction, minimize yarn breakage during the weaving process, and enhance weaving efficiency by enabling faster weft insertion speeds. Desizing helps to remove these sizing agents from the fabric, restoring its original properties.

What are the objectives of desizing in fabric processing?

The purpose of desizing is to eliminate the sizing material that has been applied to the fabric during the weaving process, making the fabric suitable for subsequent treatments. The primary component of sizing agents, which is typically non-water soluble, is commonly starch. Desizing aims to remove this starch-based sizing from the fabric.

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