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The Production Process Of Linen Jacquard

Linen Jacquard:

Linen jacquard is a linen fabric made by using a jacquard loom. In jacquard fabric, complex patterns, patterns or textures can be formed on the surface of the fabric through special weaving methods and designs.

The Process Of Making Linen Jacquard:

  1. Design: First, according to the design requirements and patterns, draw or make design sketches or computer patterns for jacquard.
  2. Preparing the Jacquard Loom: Select the appropriate Jacquard loom and make the necessary adjustments and preparations to ensure the loom will execute the design pattern correctly.
  3. Preparing the Yarn: Select the appropriate linen yarn and dye or paint it to achieve the desired color and effect.
  4. Preparing the loom: Loading the dyed or colored yarn onto the spindles of the jacquard loom and adjusting the tension, density and other parameters of the loom.
  5. Weaving: use jacquard loom for weaving, according to the design pattern and weaving instructions, control the jacquard device on the loom to form the desired pattern and pattern in the fabric.
  6. Post-processing: After weaving, the fabric is subjected to post-processing steps such as finishing, trimming and ironing to enhance the look and feel of the fabric.

Notes For Making Linen Jacquard:

  • Design Accuracy: Ensure the accuracy and integrity of the design pattern to avoid errors or distortions during the weaving process.
  • Loom Adjustment: Accurate adjustment of the loom is key to ensure that the jacquard unit performs as designed and that the yarn tension and density are proper.
  • Ironing Temperature: During finishing, use proper ironing temperature and technique to avoid damaging the flax fibers or altering the appearance of the pattern.

The Role Of Linen Jacquard:

  • Decorative: With its unique patterns and textures, linen jacquard fabric can add decorative effect in home, clothing and other applications, making it more exquisite and attractive.
  • Personalization: Jacquard fabrics can be customized according to design requirements to meet the taste and style requirements of different people.
  • High-end feel: Linen jacquard fabrics are often seen as a high-end and refined choice, suitable for all kinds of formal occasions and high-quality products.


What is jacquard linen?

Jacquard fabric is a variety of fabric produced using a Jacquard loom, a machine loom that was invented in 1804 by Joseph Marie Jacquard, a French textile artisan. Fabrics woven on this loom showcase intricate patterns intricately woven into the fabric itself.

What is a jacquard fabric?

Jacquard fabric refers to a type of fabric where the design or motif is woven into the fabric’s structure. Jacquards are available in a wide range of designs, including elaborate ornamental damasks, floral patterns, stripes, chevrons, and geometric motifs.

What is jacquard material like?

Jacquard fabric is a textured textile distinguished by intricate patterns woven directly into the fabric, rather than applied through printing, dyeing, or embroidery. The technique of jacquard weaving traces back to Italian brocade from the sixth century and continues to be widely favored as one of the most popular fabric types in use today.

What is the difference between brocade and jacquard?

The Jacquard loom is a unique machine utilized in the production of intricate patterned fabrics. Additionally, the term “jacquard” can refer to the woven pattern itself or a fabric that showcases intricate weaving. Conversely, Brocade is a heavyweight fabric characterized by an elaborate raised design created through interweaving.

Why is jacquard fabric so expensive?

Silk jacquard fabric is known for its exorbitant cost due to the use of silk threads in both warp and weft. The tight weaving and high thread count characteristics of jacquard fabrics further contribute to the large number of threads required, making it necessary to use a substantial amount of silk threads for each meter of fabric.

Is jacquard fabric good or bad?

Synthetic jacquard fabric serves as a budget-friendly substitute for cotton, silk, or wool. Nevertheless, despite its affordability, this fabric is often characterized by low quality and carries potential adverse environmental impacts.

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