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Anti-Wrinkle Finishing Of Linen Fabrics

Discuss About Anti-Wrinkle Finishing Of Linen Fabrics!

Anti-wrinkle finishing of linen fabrics, which is a chemical finishing process that makes linen fabrics less prone to wrinkling through the use of chemicals and mechanical action.

Advantages Of Anti-Wrinkle Finishing Of Linen Fabrics

  • Reduce wrinkles: This finishing technique can effectively reduce the wrinkles of linen fabrics, making it easier to keep them flat.
  • Increased softness: Anti-wrinkle finishing of linen fabrics increases the softness and luster of linen fabrics, making them more comfortable.
  • Improve durability: This finishing technique makes linen fabrics more durable and less prone to wear and damage.
  • Improve appearance: Anti-wrinkle finishing of linen fabrics can make the appearance of linen fabrics more flat and beautiful, enhancing its visual effect.

Disadvantages Of Anti-Wrinkle Finishing Of Linen Fabrics

  • Harmful substances: In order to achieve the anti-wrinkle effect, anti-wrinkle finishing of linen fabrics requires the use of chemical finishing agents. These chemicals may be left in the fabric and have some impact on human health.
  • Reduce breathability: Anti-wrinkle finishing of linen fabrics process requires heating and pressing of linen fabrics, which will make the fabric’s fibers more compact, reducing breathability and moisture absorption.
  • Affect the natural texture of linen: Anti-wrinkle finishing of linen fabrics so that linen fabrics become smoother and softer, but also may weaken the natural texture of linen itself, so that it loses some of its rough and natural characteristics.

Steps Of Anti-Wrinkle Finishing Of Linen Fabrics

  • Steps1:Pretreatment: Prior to finishing, the linen fabric needs to be washed and dried to remove any dirt and impurities.
  • Steps2:Application of finishing agent: The finishing agent is sprayed evenly on the linen fabric and then distributed evenly throughout the fabric using a roller or other mechanical device.
  • Steps3:Curing: Make the finishing agent fixed on the linen fabric, which generally requires the use of high temperature and high pressure heat pressing.
  • Steps4:Washing: The finished linen fabric is washed to remove any remaining chemicals.

Application Scenario

Anti-wrinkle finishing of linen fabrics is usually used to make high quality linen shirts, pants and bed sheets and other home textile products. In addition, it can also be used to make various types of linen clothing, such as suits and jackets. In short, this finishing technique can improve the quality and appearance of linen fabrics, making them more attractive and long-lasting.


What is a finish that prevents fabrics from wrinkling?

The widely utilized durable-press finish involves the application of Dimethyloldihydroxyethyleneurea (DMDHEU) onto the fabric, followed by heating to enable chemical reaction with the cellulose molecules.

What is wrinkle free finishes?

Refers to a type of fabric or clothing that has undergone a special treatment to preserve its smooth texture, shape, and any creases or pleats it may have, even after being washed. Such clothing typically requires minimal ironing, especially if it is tumble dried.

What is linen finishing?

Linen-finish paper, primarily used for bond paper, is characterized by a surface texture that imitates the appearance of linen cloth. Originally, this finish was created by pressing the paper against actual linen cloth, but nowadays, the linen texture is achieved through embossing techniques.

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