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What To Wear With Striped Linen Pants

What To Wear With Striped Linen Pants

Striped linen pants in white or beige are a wardrobe staple, and a great matching item is a white T-shirt. Of course, there are more accessories to choose from than just white T-shirts, and there are many more styles to wear with striped linen pants. The following article will give you a thorough introduction, so read on!

In this article, we discuss how different striped linen pants should be paired with different shirts, and have a list of classic shirt and striped linen pants for reference, as well as a list of what you should not wear with striped pants and some ideas on color matching with striped linen pants.

Striped element has always been a classic element of clothing, whether it is striped jacket or pants are the darling of the fashion industry, simple and classic design makes people wear more fashionable and casual sense, I believe that many people will have striped element pants in their wardrobe, simple style but can support temperament and highlight the figure! But when it comes to matching striped pants, there are plenty of people who struggle to find out which items from their wardrobes work best together. Let us introduce the details and precautions of wearing striped linen pants in detail.

Shirts To Wear With Striped Linen Pants

In this part, we will first make a simple classification of striped linen pants and then give a brief explanation of what types of striped pants are suitable for shirts:

Classic Striped Linen Pants

Chances are you already have a classic pair of straight striped pants in your closet. How do you wear them? I’m sure a solid colored T-shirt with a crew neck, V-neck or spoon neck will be a classic look. Don’t forget to tuck the bottom of your shirt into your pants to make it look better. If it’s cold, you can pair it with a jacket, either leather or denim. Your striped linen pants and T-shirt are in simple colors, so don’t go overboard with your jacket.

Wide-Leg Striped Pants

I bet at least 7 out of 10 girls have worn or owned wide-leg striped linen pants! The simple design brings a variety of styles that everyone loves and you can wear it to any occasion. For more casual occasions, you can pair wide-leg striped linen pants with a loose T-shirt or tank top. If you’re going for a more formal occasion, pair wide-leg striped linen pants with a white shirt or other fancy shirt, and tuck them in if the hem is too long.

High-Waisted Striped Pants

High-waisted pants are more friendly to short people, and vertical stripes can also visually elongate height, so high-waisted striped pants are a great outfit for short people. When paired with a crop top or tank top, it makes your legs look longer. Be sure to stick to vertical stripes, we don’t recommend horizontal stripes because they make you look fat.

Colorful Striped Pants

Colorful stripes always remind me of gypsy style, complicated patterns and stripes always make people feel passionate. You need something simple to go with it. A white shirt or a T-shirt with a simple print on it is a good choice.

Beach Striped Pants

Beach style pants are usually made of linen, which is more breathable and comfortable, keeping the atmosphere warm and cool in the summer. Add a simple white suspenders or a signature one-shoulder backrest, a sunshade straw hat, and the requisite flip-flops and you’re ready for a beach outing!

Finally, we have a simple list of shirt and striped linen trouers for you to consider when wearing them:

Plain T-shirt + Striped Pants

A comfortable plain T-shirt is definitely the top item on the list. It’s hard to go wrong with a simple white T-shirt, and pairing it with striped linen pants will help you significantly enhance your sense of style. There is no need to worry about the simple white T-shirt losing the texture of your outfit. You can choose a white T-shirt with small pockets or a simple collarbone chain, which will make your outfit look more textured.

Off-The-Shoulder Top + Striped Pants

The off-the-shoulder design makes your top sexy and three-dimensional. If you have an off-the-shoulder top, pair it with your striped pants for a simple, beautiful outfit with a little sex appeal. Don’t worry about showing too much and showing off your beautiful collarbones and long neck!

Vest + Dtriped Pants

Vest can always show your youth, show a large piece of delicate skin, youth is so capricious, you can freely announce the vitality of youth beautiful to the world, with loose and shaped striped pants, instantly become very fashionable.

Overize Hoodie/Sweater + Striped Pants

In cool weather, a oversize hoodie or sweater is a great way to pair your striped pants. Tuck some of the front into the pants for a slimmer look while still being sophisticated and stylish. In addition, different colors and different prints can be used to linen dress up different styles.

Button Down Shirt + Striped Pants

Striped pants and shirts can vary depending on how you dress, from professional to casual. When you go to work, wear a light colored shirt with striped pants, and don’t forget to tuck the hem in. When you want to hang out with your friends after work, you can tie the shirt to reveal some skin around your waist for a casual party style.

What Not To Wear With Striped Linen Pants

We’ve covered a lot of what to wear with striped linen pants, and now it’s time to show you what to look out for when wearing striped linen pants. Here’s our list of things to look out for:

  1. Please be careful not to wear vertical striped T-shirts with striped pants, it will make you look like a zebra.
  2. Please be careful not to wear knee-high boots, this will take the style out of your outfit!
  3. If you’re wearing oversized stripes, try to avoid overdoing it by choosing less elaborate accessories.
  4. If you have a plump figure, you should try to avoid horizontal stripes, which will make you visually fatter; If you’re petite, try horizontal stripes, which might be a good way to give off curves.

What Colors Go With Striped Linen Pants?

If you’re asking what’s the best color to wear with striped linen pants? My answer will be all colors! Complementing top and bottom colors can make your outfit look sophisticated and chic. In other words, when you pair your black and white striped pants with a top that is either black or white, it will be a great match. When you feel that the classic black and white stripes are too dull, try a bright blue and white or grass green stripe. Just wear a simple white tee to make you stand out! You don’t have to be obsessed with what color is best for striped pants. All colors work. You just have to find what works best for you.


Last but not least, it’s not hard to find the right outfit, especially when it’s a versatile item like striped pants. You actually have a lot of options in your closet and you can use different pieces to create different styles. By following our guide and no-no list, we believe you can better match your striped pants and make them more suitable for every occasion you need to attend.


Are Striped linen Pants In Style 2022?

Striped linen pants have always been in fashion. As a classic collocation item in the fashion industry, the simple and avant-garde design makes the wearing of striped pants never go out of style. If you’re a fan of fashion magazines, you know that striped pants are always on their lists of classic outfits from season to season. From the above introduction, we can also see that striped pants can be perfectly integrated into a variety of styles, from simple pop style to gypsy style, striped pants can be well adapted, bold, exaggerated lines and unexpected color combinations can always make them in the forefront of fashion!

Can You Wear A Floral Top With Striped Pants?

You need to choose the right colors and the right combinations. If you wear a red printed top with green striped pants, or an orange printed top with pink striped pants, it will look really bad. If we choose both print and stripe, we need to simplify the color and reduce the visual impact of too many elements. For example, a bright floral halter can be used to match black and white pinstripe pants, while a dark printed top can be used to match some bright striped pants.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the control of accessories, avoid too much complicated collocation in the same set of collocation, that will make the whole person look overdressed, remember that less is more when it comes to wearing.

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