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What To Wear With Loose Linen Pants

What To Wear With Loose Linen Pants

Lightweight and comfortable loose linen pants are loved by all, and a simple skinny tank top or white button down shirt will work well with them. If you don’t know about what to wear loose linen pants for different occasions and what shoes to wear with them, read on and let us tell you what the best match is!

In this article we introduce 5 different occasions of loose linen pants wearing ideas, including office, vacation, party, wedding, summer and other occasions, including all aspects of your life, as well as with linen trousers with the choice of shoes, in addition to some of the notes when wearing and loose linen pants style selection points.

In many women’s closet indispensable items is baggy pants, and in these baggy pants, soft and comfortable linen baggy pants, will certainly become the star of your closet single product. If you are worried about how to match, you may want to follow our article to see how we should match loose linen pants in different occasions!

What To Wear With Loose Linen Pants To The Office

If you live in a humid and muggy place, then loose linen pants are sure to become your go-to pants for commuting. No one can say no to a pair of lightweight, comfortable loose linen pants, especially if you have to work 8 hours straight! Here are some of the best ideas for wearing loose linen pants in the office.

1、With a blazer

In the office, we need to look dignified and well-dressed, and when you wear a linen blazer with loose linen pants, you will naturally get an office appropriate look. Just wear a simple top underneath, a white undershirt or a simple white t-shirt, whether you leave the blazer open or tie it up, it’s a great match. You can be bold in your choice of suit color by using some bright colors, such as blue or red; of course the color that will never go wrong is always a neutral color, like white, black or brown, to easily get your office wear!

2、With the same style shirt

You can also just choose the same color or the same style of shirt to easily create the perfect commuter monochrome look. One thing to note is that because loose linen pants can give you the illusion of an hourglass figure, it is best to choose loose linen pants that are tight at the hips and then open up towards the bottom. Another point to note is that because the material of linen can easily become wrinkled, so do not forget to iron your clothes to wear in advance.

What To Wear With Loose Linen Pants On Vacation

When on vacation we always want to use as few clothes as possible to match a variety of different styles. In this section we will discuss how to use loose linen pants to create two different outfits, let’s take a look at it.

1, with sweatshirt – easy casual style

A simple pullover sweatshirt paired with loose linen pants is a lightweight and comfortable combination that allows you to quickly integrate into local life, as if you were a local resident. When it comes to color choices, neutral colors are always the colors you can’t go wrong with. If you want to make your look less monotonous, choose a sweatshirt with a special print on the chest or cuffs to make your look casual and stylish.

2、Matching printed tops – fresh rustic style

Whether it’s a big printed top or a small floral top, it’s a good match for loose linen pants. Just choose a top that coordinates with the color of your pants. Don’t have too many floral colors, try to keep it to three colors, which will make your match look more refreshing. In terms of shoes, high heels, sandals, and mules can make this outfit combination look better.

What To Wear With Loose Linen Pants To A Party

How can you use a simple loose linen pants outfit to attract everyone’s attention when attending a party? A delicate top is essential, well cut and printed, with big gold earrings and teal sunglasses, such a dress as soon as you appear, the eyes of the whole room will be attracted to you! If you prefer a little more design, then strapless tops are also a good choice, as well as ruffled blouses, bubble sleeve tops are excellent choices.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, all of these sophisticated tops can go well with loose linen pants. For an eye-catching party outfit, you can choose white loose linen pants with a V-neck delicate top. The top can be polka-dotted, floral, ethnic totem, or a single color, and you can choose the most suitable match after trying. In addition the most noteworthy point is that it is best to choose a slim short top, because the matching pants are loose, so the top is relatively tight, otherwise your look will be very loose.

What To Wear With Loose Linen Pants To Wedding

When you attend a wedding as a guest and don’t want to wear a linen dress, loose linen pants are your best choice! In the choice of tops to match, taking into account the wedding such a formal occasion, then your overall dress needs to be dignified and decent, then the button down shirt is an excellent choice to match.

The white button down shirt should be a top that every woman has in her closet, and rolling up the sleeves can create a chic look. This combination gives you a relaxed and modern look. Don’t forget to tuck the hem of the shirt into your pants, and also choose a black or brown belt to cinch your waist, and pair it with a gold bracelet and earrings.

What To Wear With Loose Linen Pants In Summer

When you don’t want to wear a long skirt in the summer heat, but feel that short skirts or shorts will make the skin on your thighs sunburned, loose linen pants can help you solve this problem, light and breathable texture can keep you cool and comfortable even in the summer heat! Next, let’s take a look at some summer wear ideas for loose linen pants.

1、With an tank top

A tank top + loose linen pants is the most relaxed summer outfit, just tuck the long hem into your pants and you’ll instantly look dressed up – it’s effortless fashion. Of course you can also choose a short tank top that slightly leaks the skin around your waist, making your whole body look healthy and energetic!

The advantage of the tank top is that it is very simple and at the same time reflects the beauty of women very well, it is the most suitable summer piece, and works best when paired with loose linen pants. When using an tank top to match loose linen pants it is best to choose long pants, for small women this is also a good way to show height by wearing. High-heeled shoes, sandals or sneakers can help you better complete this linen pants outfits.

2、with light sweater

The sweater mentioned here is not the winter thick and heavy kind of big sweater, that kind of sweater in the summer will be sticky and hot, there will be a risk of heat stroke. In the hot summer, of course, we should choose a lightweight material sweater, the kind of sweater with a large hollow, it is recommended to buy a large one, wear when you can naturally slide down from the shoulder, or directly reveal half of the shoulder, a small design can make your whole outfit better look! Just wear a simple tank top or nice lace underwear under the hollow sweater, and don’t forget to tuck the longer hem into your pants.

What Shoes To Wear With Linen Pants

Besides tops, how do you pair linen pants with your favorite shoes to look effortless and chic? In this section we’ll discuss the 2 most common types of shoes that go well with linen pants, and you’re sure to find them in your shoe closet.


A simple pair of white sneakers can be used to match almost everything in your closet, especially for linen pants. As long as you wear simple and clean, such as pure white T-shirt and olive green loose linen pants, and then with a white sneakers, a simple summer casual look on it!


Most people may feel that Loafers are a bit heavy and not suitable to match with lightweight linen pants, but this is because you choose the wrong color, like brown and white can be a good match for your summer clothes, in addition, as long as a slight adjustment, do not wear socks, the trouser leg slightly rolled up, you can make you look more casual. Loafers are suitable for all year round with, in the slightly colder autumn and winter, but also with good-looking printed pattern socks, will not be wrong and versatile styling items.

Final Thoughts

Previously we introduced loose linen pants outfit ideas for 5 different occasions. When going to the office, I would choose a blazer and shirt to match loose linen pants. This group of outfit ideas will make you look more professional; when on vacation, choose a sweatshirt or a printed top to easily create two different types of outfits; when going to a party, you can choose a delicate top with shiny accessories. Let you attract everyone’s attention at the party .

In addition to the collocation mentioned above with linen pants, I hope this can help you wear linen pants. If you have different views or better with, welcome to leave a message in the comments section!


What color looks good on linen?

In my opinion, neutrals and natural linen colors are a better match. Neutral colors like white, black, brown, gray are all versatile colors, and natural linen colors, without the need to obtain through dyeing, so that the material of the clothes will be more healthy and environmentally friendly. These colors of linen clothes or linen pants even with the more vibrant red, blue, green, etc. can be matched with a very good look.

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