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What To Wear With Green Linen Pants

What To Wear With Green Linen Pants

You can wear your comfortable green linen pants anywhere, with a white t-shirt to the office, or with a black tank top for a vacation, with a variety of different outfits. How should you wear green linen pants to a wedding, on vacation, or on a hot summer day? Read on below and let us tell you what the best look is!

In this article we detail how to match green linen pants for 5 different occasions, including the choice of clothing style, color matching and what to look for in different occasions.

Linen pants are the perfect clothing item, you can wear linen pants as comfortably as you like and match any style with them; green is also a versatile color and with great matching, it will help you stand out in the crowd!

The collision of green and linen is inspiring. Let’s take a look at how such an excellent item as green linen pants should be matched with the right set for different occasions.

What To Wear With Green Linen Pants To The Office

1、Wear white T-shirt or white shirt

White linen T-shirt with green linen pants must be the most classic and suitable for the office, wear your black loafers, and when the weather is cold you can add a blazer to make your appearance look both professional and competent. If you think the white T-shirt looks too monotonous, you may want to try with a gold necklace, can make your match in a professional at the same time add a sense of beauty; you can also choose a more design of white T-shirt, such as V-neck or spoon collar top, and white undershirt or a small chest pocket decoration of white T-shirt are good choices.

In addition, white shirts are also an excellent choice for matching green linen pants. There are many different materials of white shirts that are great for everyday wear to work, like linen white shirts and silk white shirts that will make your whole ensemble look more elegant. When your shirt is too long, don’t forget to tuck the hem of your shirt into your pants, it will make you look slimmer!

2、Wearing a black top

If I’m in a hurry to get to work and I can’t find a white top in my closet to wear with my green linen pants, I won’t hesitate to choose a black top that I wear all the time! When you are thinking about what to wear with linen pants,you can refer to the sandwich wearing method, which is to choose the same color at the top and bottom to balance the middle color, that is, to balance the green linen pants with a black top and black shoes.

In the cool summer, I would choose a black strapless top with green linen pants and black lace-up sandals, so that the commute with both highlights the temperament and adds a flirtation as a woman. In the slightly cooler autumn weather, a light black sweater with green linen pants and black loafers, whether you take a delicate clutch bag, or carry your computer bag, those are the perfect for linen pants outfits

What To Wear With Green Linen Pants On Vacation

When on vacation, you always want to linen dress comfortably and colorfully. Comfortable is to not feel tired when walking, and colorful is to look better when taking pictures. My top recommendation for matching green linen pants on vacation is a black tank top!

If I were to choose the linen pants outfits for vacation, then a black tank top is definitely a match that you can’t go wrong with. You can choose a slightly shorter one that shows your waist skin, tie your hair into a ball head, pair it with large gold circle earrings and a pair of sunglasses, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also helps you leave a more beautiful street photo during your trip. If you don’t want to show off your thin waist so much, you can replace the short undershirt with a black undershirt jumpsuit or tuck a simple undershirt into your pants.

In terms of material, you can choose a knitted black undershirt with a fringed hem design or some dark pattern design, which will add texture to your whole outfits. In addition, the black undershirt top with one of the biggest benefits is lightweight does not take up space, you can save more space in the suitcase for clothes.

What To Wear With Green Linen Pants To A Party

How do you pick a standout top to match your green linen pants to make you the brightest woman at the party? Here are two tops that I think are more appropriate to match.

1、White open neck top with design

The sense of design here refers to some designs that add ingenuity to the shape of the dress. A white plunging neckline top, the chest into a bow style, there are beautiful ribbons, such a design in the simple at the same time can also enhance the overall texture of the match, with green linen pants, and a pair of fine heels, if you want to shine in the party, you can also match a sparkling waist chain.

2、Black backless tops

Don’t think that a black top will overshadow you at the party, a proper black backless top can make you shine at the party! A little sexy black backless top, plus lace-up decorations, if you are thin, you can also choose the bubble sleeve style, green linen pants and this top complement each other, so the match is both fashionable and sexy!

What To Wear With Green Linen Pants To Wedding

When attending a wedding, you need to dress in a way that fits well and doesn’t steal the bride’s thunder too much. Of course, the bride in the wedding dress is always the most beautiful! Green linen pants are an understated and decent choice of item, and you can use a green undershirt or green strapless top in the same color. How to wear layers when the top and pants are green? This time you need is a different green, when you choose olive green linen pants, the top can try to choose grass green or gray-green, and then with your confident smile, both decent and beautiful!

There may still be people who feel that the overall green with will be rather silent, then you may want to try other colors of neutral shirt, attend the wedding is more suitable for the color are white, ivory, navy blue, etc.. The hem of the shirt tucked into the pants will make you look more slender, if you do not want to directly into the pants, you can also try to directly tie the hem of the shirt to reveal some waist skin, so that your wear both fashionable and lovely.

What To Wear With Green Linen Pants In Summer

The crisp, soft texture of linen is perfect for summer, especially if you feel uncomfortable in shorts and skirts on a hot summer day… light and lively linen pants are the way to go! In the summer with green linen pants, you can not miss these two tops.

1、Variety of tank tops

Linen pants in the summer with the best single product is, of course, a tank top! Whether it’s a halter top, a neck undershirt or just a regular I-beam undershirt can be used with green linen pants. A crisp little blue floral tank top with green linen pants and a pair of Roman sandals will perfectly reflect the summer style!

Because it is used in the summer with green linen pants, so the top in the choice of color should also be careful not to be too heavy, try to choose a fresh color, like white, ivory, nude, navy blue, etc.. In the choice of undershirt if you want to be more colorful, you can choose some undershirt with special design, such as asymmetric camisole undershirt, button undershirt, lace undershirt, etc., can add a different flavor to your summer with.

2、Cotton shirts

Lightweight cotton shirt is also a good choice for summer with linen pants, with green linen pants, I usually choose white linen shirt. Lightweight cotton shirts wick away sweat and moisture and can help you stay cool even in the summer heat. If you want to make your outfit not difficult to monotonous, you can choose some white cotton shirt printed with a dark pattern, or a top embellished with some simple color embroidery. Women with thinner figures can also choose cotton shirts with puff sleeves, which will make your ensemble look more beautiful.

Final Thoughts

Previously we introduced how to match green linen pants for 5 different occasions, in the office I would choose a white T-shirt to match; on vacation I would choose a black tank top to match; at a party I would choose a black backless top to show off my beauty; at a wedding a green tank top would probably be my favorite choice; in summer I would choose a variety of In summer, I will choose a variety of cool undershirts to help me through the summer heat.

And don’t forget about accessories and hair choices, a few simple ideas can make your outfit even better! If you have different opinions or better ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments section!


What shirt goes with green linen pants?

The classic match is always a white t-shirt, green linen pants and a pair of white sneakers, a classic casual outfit is so simple! In addition, neutral shirts are also a good choice to match green linen pants, such as black, white, beige or gray long-sleeved shirt. When your green linen pants are tight, the top can be paired with a looser shirt; on the other hand, if your pants are loose, then don’t forget to pair it with a slimmer top.

What color top goes with green pants?

Green pants can be paired with many different colored tops, and the clash of different colors brings a different style, but if you want a match that doesn’t go wrong, then the best choice is always a neutral color, such as white, black, green, gray, ivory, taupe, etc.

Of course you can also choose a bolder color to match the green pants, but finding a proper balance can be a challenge. If you are confident to wear such a match, then our more recommended top colors are pink, blue, purple, etc.

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