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What Shoes To Wear With Linen Pants For Men

What Shoes To Wear With Linen Pants For Men

Linen pants have become a must-have item for men’s travel because of their comfortable and breathable material, loose and versatile fit, linen pants can be worn in many scenes, so what shoes should men wear to match linen pants? What shoes look better with linen pants? Here are 15 shoes for men fit with linen pants.


People often say that eternal and evergreen, but in the colorful fashion world, how many fashion items can really become timeless? There are not many items that stand up to the torrent, and the sneakers that must be worn in spring and summer are one of them. As a synonym for comfort and casualness, sneakers are also one of the essential basic items in men’s wear.

Men can wear sneakers with linen pants to create a comfortable and casual atmosphere. You can wear sneakers with men’s linen pants, as long as your other pieces are simple and casual, such as a plain white shirt with khaki linen. You can also play with color combinations by adding pullovers or vests. Sneakers are popular for their designs and colors, and can adapt to most outfit needs.


Slides are also one of the ideal footwear for men dress with linen pants, they are lightweight and easy to put on and take off. Slides are especially suitable for summer, on summer evenings, men can wear slides and linen pants to walk by the cool sea, combining comfort and practicality.

For men looking for sophistication, try wearing slides to match a shirt and linen, or sandals with bright patterns to create a more stylish outfit.


If you’re looking for comfortable shoes that can be versatile, flats are a great option. Flat shoes are breathable and comfortable, men can choose flat shoes with a pair of linen pants, the whole look looks very comfortable and casual, and suitable for long walks.

Flats come in a variety of materials, including leather, fabric, and even straw. You can choose different flats depending on the material and your preferred style. If you want a style of daily wear, then choose flats that is the same color of your pants. If you want to look more fashionable, opt for flats with bright colors.


Espadrilles are a popular summer item, and there are many reasons why they’re popular. First of all, its fabric is light and breathable, which is ideal for people in hot weather. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing you to find the perfect match for casual daily style.

When men consider what shoes to wear with white linen pants, it is best to choose white platform soles with a slight heel to match with linen pants, which can better define the leg shape and make the matching more neat and generous. If you need to go outdoors for a walk or party, you can choose flat espadrilles with beige linen pants for an idyllic look.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are also an option for men to wear with linen pants, and when choosing a pair of boat shoes, you can go for the basics as they have a classic yet understated look – navy canvas or brown leather are two of the most popular products. You can pair them with anything from a pair of khaki linen pants to your favorite casual trouser. You can change into a pair of boat shoes while driving, because the thin sole of boat shoes is really comfortable and comfortable, suitable for long driving, can improve the degree of perception, and not easy to sour feet.

Dark Brown Suede Loafers

Dark brown suede loafers with brown linen pants. You can choose a white shirt for the top. The color of shoes and pants is the same. In terms of accessories, you can choose brown bags to keep the color uniform, and you can also choose bright colors to brighten up the look.

Chelsea Boots

When it comes to men’s dress collocation in autumn and winter, boots are one of the indispensable items, and Chelsea boots is a mature, business and elegant sense of a gentleman in all the boot style of a single item, especially suitable for working men’s daily or casual collocation. Chelsea boots originated in the British Victorian period, with a sense of formal elegance, very suitable for formal wear, men can wear Chelsea boots with linen trouser, wear a suit, autumn and winter can also put on a coat, the whole wear elite atmosphere.

Black Suede Loafers

The most common and versatile color for loafers is black, either dark or light. Suede surface, full texture, compared with the general leather grain, the style is more casual, the texture is more refreshing. To look good in loafers, it’s important to show your ankles.

If the pants are eight or nine points long, they will not look particularly heavy even if they are heavily dressed.On the type of men linen pants, the most recommended smoking pants and suit pants, these two pants themselves handsome sense, formal sense, and the temperament of Loafers is very fit, put up the most concise. Men can pair black suede loafers with cropped linen pants for a casual and comfortable outfit.

Black Leather Loafers

Black leather loafers are more suitable for the workplace. With black linen pants, make your look classic and modern. You can choose a light-colored shirt or a hoodie to make the whole shape lively and vivid. Men can choose to use black leather loafers with nine-point linen pants, with a trench coat, bag can choose to match the black handbag more concise.

Classic Oxford Shoes

Especially with the uniform style of classic Oxford shoes, fashion casual and very comfortable to wear with trouser, work party is extremely suitable. Men can wear it with a pair of loose-fitting solid linen pants for double comfort, and simply slip on a strappy hoodie, still in solid color, to create an overall feeling of harmony. A printed embellished handbag, simple and casual, with handsome sunglasses appear, deduce the fashionable street style.


Brogues, when paired with other pieces, can enhance the overall temperament and sense of sophistication. It is suggested that when matching brogue shoes and linen pants, keep a certain distance between the two, which can not only avoid stacking and clutter at the bottom of the pants, but also extend the leg line virtually and achieve the effect of high and long legs. Whether you opt for a pair of cropped pants or a pulled-up style, just keep a certain amount of space between your brogues and your linen pants.

Men can choose a pair of cropped linen pants and brogues. This dress can reveal slim ankles, not only reflecting the thin side of the individual, but also extending the line of the legs imperceptibly, improving the short leg figure problem. Match the top with the bottom, you need to pay attention to the coordination of the two.

You can take linen pants loose, bullock shoes stick to the feet, so that the two form a “Loose on top, tight on the bottom” effect, nine points linen pants with bullock shoes wear combination in the early spring season is particularly popular, walking in the street not only into a “beautiful scenery”, but also let the overall degree of attention increased up.


The worst blackened pair of men’s footwear is the sandal; Every time there’s a sandal match, it gets teased. As if the “bad” image of the sandal has been ingrained, corny, old-fashioned, uncle… The negative label goes on the sandal. If you want to change into long-legged man, you can choose to match the color, it makes you look very tall.

The most perfect presentation of shoes is to match the nine-point pants, exposing the ankle without covering the shoes can bring the most modeling sense. If you want to wear long pants, it is also recommended to choose a loose straight version and roll up the pant leg, which also matches the line of athletic sandals.

Monk Straps

Monk strap shoes are one of the most durable types of footwear. Elegant and stylish, they can be worn and taken off at will, perfect for men who don’t like to wear lace. The subtlety of the Friar strap adds a touch of formality to the complex notes. Meanwhile, the straps themselves add a playful touch to any outfit. Shorts are notoriously difficult to pair with dress shoes men; But it can be done.

Men should opt for a double monk with monk straps, as the slightly bulky silhouette is more suitable for casual attire. Keep linen shorts slim and follow the same color coordination rules as your suit. In summer, pair it with brown double monk straps with a gray or navy linen shirt and slim white or beige shorts. For a casual Friday office look, opt for a black double monk with black men linen pants, an Oxford shirt and tie, and a suit jacket.

Biker Boots

Motorcycle jacket is definitely the most classic combination of biker boots, the jacket can choose leather or denim, the top choose a simple white hoodie, the lower body with loose casual linen pants, simple and handsome.Loose slacks can be worn out another charm, in the overall will be more sporty and street.

Flip Flops

Ask many people how to wear flip-flops in a formal way, and they’ll be instantly confused. In fact, the method is very simple, is to pick the right color, matching color, after all, flip-flop style is very uniform. Do linen pants look too dull with simple black flip flops? Try a straw hat and anti-glitter sunglasses! Flip-flops themselves are a neutral look that men can wear with loose linen trousers.

Final Words

Whatever shoes you choose to wear with your linen pants, whether they come from this list or not, I hope you’ll find the perfect pair to wear with your linen pants. Choosing shoes with linen pants, the most important thing is to keep the color and design of the match, avoid too many colors and patterns affect the overall style of wear.Just remember one rule of dress: Keep it simple; The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

Linen pants are best paired with comfortable yet stylish shoes. Loafers, slippers and sandals are good choices. If you need something more formal, look for brogues or Oxfords.


Can you wear dress shoes with linen pants?

Yes you can wear dress shoes with linen pants. Linen pants are best paired with comfortable yet stylish shoes. Loafers, slippers and sandals are good choices. If you want a more formal look, you can also wear dress shoes, such as Oxfords or Brogues. When choosing shoes, make sure they match the color of your pants.

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