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what shoes go with linen pants

What Shoes Go With Linen Pants

Linen pants are a regular part of everyday wear and are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. What clothes to wear in summer is the coolest, in addition to chiffon, linen is also one of the key words have to mention.

Linen is light and breathable, making it perfect for the hot summer months. The style of linen pants is relatively simple, the style is more casual, can match any style of shoes. But since linen pants come in so many different styles and colors, how do you find what shoes to wear for linen pants? What shoes to wear with linen pants are the most fashionable? Here’s a list of 9 great shoes to wear with linen pants. Read our full article below.


What kind of pants go well with sneakers? Let’s start with a general rule. For white or light-colored shoes, it’s best to pair them with shorts to wear shoes, light-colored linen pants, or sweatpants. If you wear dark shoe, you can wear slacks, sweatpants, or linen pants except white. In short, in addition to deliberately to show the color collocation, the general contrast should not be too big.

Pair loose-fitting linen pants with a nice T-shirt, with a neckline in sky blue, peach pink or kumquat. Red sneakers with gray linen pants, the color contrast is strong and eye-catching. The large black checked sweater is full of geometric sense, handsome and stylish. Red sneakers match well, the overall shape is very good. White sneakers with blue linen wide-leg pants are the most simple and neat, showing youth and vigor.

Block Heels

Since when, the street wearing stiletto heels of people become less and less, the rise of casual sports, let the flat shoe become more and more popular. But for the general height and long legs have no advantage for people, high heels are still the best tool to save the proportion of the figure, but stiletto heels are still too tired after all, and the current fashion trend, also abandon too feminine elements, so in the past two years, block heels began to flourish, fashion and increase the comfort, so that it is still screen domination of the summer high heel sandals market.

Among these options, wide-leg pants must be mentioned. Nowadays, you can’t open your closet without a pair of wide-leg pants and say you’d wear them. Wide-leg pants always give people a handsome feeling, and most people’s first instinct is to choose heels to pair with women’s linen pants. But I’m here to say that there is another option, and that is the block heel Muller. High heels may make your legs longer, but Muller make you more elegant. They’re the kind of shoes Marilyn Monroe would love to wear.

Square Toe Boots

Square toe boots refer to boots with square toe. This design of boots breaks the traditional design and adds a retro style, which can improve elegant temperament when wearing. You can pair a light striped top with linen pants for a crisp look, and opt for orange square boots, which is a great addition to the ensemble. When you are in travel, choose a white linen dress with a pair of square white ankle boots to echo the theme and complement each other.


Loafers are a classic style of shoes that are more formal, but can be worn for both casual and formal occasions, making them versatile. So how do summer loafers look good with clothes? You can wear pink knit vest with white pants, wear black loafers on the feet, pink knit vest, is a treasure of matching single product, practical wear is high, easy to match, with white pants, with a belt embellished, lower body loafers determine the whole look of the leisure route, the overall color system is light and comfortable, suitable for outing.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a kind of shoes for both men and women, divided into flat and high heels, no laces, closed toes, nearly 4/5 of the surface of the foot, shaped like a boat, so called “boat shoes”. Because it is like gourd gourd, so it is also called gourd shoes.Boat shoes is a kind of shoe to wear with linen pants. Boat shoes are great for slimming legs because they give the visual error of seeing the instep as an extension of the leg.

For everyday outfits, you can go with the basics and pair them with any color of pants, from khaki linen to your favorite slacks. Black boat shoes can be worn on any occasion, black boat shoes with black leather pants, top with black medium length jacket, with a black and white geometric base, although it is a dark color, but very fashionable, slimming.

Flat Leather Slides

If you’re looking for comfortable shoes that to wear with everything, flats are a good choice. Flat slippers are breathable and comfortable. You can pair black flat leather slippers with white linen trousers for an overall look that is very comfortable and casual, and suitable for walking outdoors.Flat leather slides are great for the home, or for walking with friends. For casual occasions, choose flat leather slides in the same color as your pants. If you want a more stylish look, opt for flat leather slippers in bright colors.

Strappy Heeled Sandals

The slim straps of the strappy heeled sandals are tied around the legs to maximize the length of the legs, and because their chic design makes the ensemble more stylish, they look better with basic denim shorts than sweet skirts. Compared with the design of stiletto heels, chunky heels are more time-saving and labor-saving. After putting on the feet, they are more comfortable. Pair linen pants, they form a good contrast effect, making your legs appear more slender and slender, it looks simple and delicate.

Flip flops

I believe that many people are familiar with flip-flops, flip-flops are very often shoe in the summer of the daily outfit, so how to wear flip-flops with clothes? Here are a few clothes to wear with flip-flops. No matter what type of single item, yellow is always more eye-catching, yellow flip flops with a white medium to long T-shirt, pant choose beige linen pant, although they are the most simple single item, but the whole is very fresh. White flip-flops go with everything. Pair them with a gray-blue slip dress and a white striped smock for a casual yet personalized look.

Final Thoughts

Whatever item you choose to wear with your linen pants, whether or not they come from this list, I hope you find the right item to wear with linen pants. The most important thing is to keep the color and design together, try to be as uniform as possible, or choose contrasting colors to highlight personality. Just remember one rule of dress: choose the right clothes for your needs. Linen pants work best with comfortable yet stylish shoes, and tops can be made of linen or chiffon. Loafers and strappy sandals are good choices. If you need something more formal, go for ankle boots or loafers.


Can you wear dress shoes with linen pants?

Yes you can wear dress shoes with linen pants. Linen pants are best fit with comfortable and stylish shoes. Loafers, slides and sandals are good choices. If you want a more formal outfit, you can wear dress shoes, such as Oxfords or Brogues.

What to Wear with Linen Pants?

Use the charm of linen pants, if there is a proper sense of relaxation, recommend light camel color, cool texture plus calm tone and elegant beige, so that the casual style becomes easy, choose blouse choose shirt or T-shirt, the performance has been refined casual style. Tops and pants are made of linen. To make a great impression, choose dark blue striped trousers as the key. Pair them with a white shirt and sneakers for a comfortable, casual look.

What Are Linen Pants?

Linen pants, refers to the linen fabric made of pants, linen fabric is very breathable and non-stick skin, suitable for summer wear, the design adds a new fashion element, set fashion, comfortable and practical as one.

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