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What Shirt To Wear With Linen Pants

What Shirt To Wear With Linen Pants

Linen pants are a very versatile piece of clothing. You can wear a simple T-shirt to create a casual wear, or you can match a dress shirt to make you look more professional and formal.

Whether you’re attending a dinner party, a business meeting, or a beach vacation, you can wear linen pants to any occasion.

In the following article, we will introduce 13 common blouse and linen pants matching. How to match various kinds of shirt and linen pants to look better? Read on!

In this article, we look at 13 different types of tops and linen pants. How to match the color, how to match the style suitable for different occasions are introduced in detail, at the same time for different types of shirts in linen trousers also have some tips, in addition to some not very suitable linen pants shirt collocation, the article also pointed out.



This shirt is a classic shirt fabric that has been popular for over a hundred years. Although it is a bit stiff, it has a long-lasting shape, making it a classic choice for commuting and relaxing. This type of shirt is best worn with straight, wide-legged or flared linen pants;

In terms of color matching, light Oxford shirts may be more suitable for some dark linen pants. For example, white shirts can be matched with olive green or dark blue linen pants. This collocation is also very appropriate in some business occasions, which will make people appear very professional; A dark shirt will go well with light pants. For example, a blue shirt with white linen pants is a classic and beautiful look.


This type of shirt is usually worn at more formal events, but different combinations can make a dress shirt more casual. Men can wear a dress shirt with long straight linen pants; Girls will have a variety of dress and shirt styles. For example, a light-colored oversize dress shirt can be paired with light-colored linen shorts, such as white or nude colors are a good match. With a pair of white sneakers, you can instantly become an Instagram blogger.


This shirt and 100% linen pants are perfect for a cool summer day. Simple Cuban collar shirt look good with light or dark linen trousers, while more colorful and patterned Cuban collar shirt look better with light linen trousers. Because this kind of shirt is generally flush with the hip is not suitable for stuffing into the pants, but you can put the front hem of the shirt into some pants or tie a knot at the waist, can better elongate the leg line, let a person appear more slender!


Overshirt is generally used as a coat in daily wear. Lightweight overshirt, such as cotton or linen, can be worn with linen pants in spring and summer, while heavy overshirt, such as wool or denim, is not suitable for linen trousers.


In my opinion, the shirt doesn’t look good with linen pants. Most flannel shirts on the market have dark checked prints, which don’t go well with plain linen pants. The flannel shirt also looks warm, as opposed to the breathable and comfortable nature of linen trousers.If you have different suggestions, let us know in the comments section.


This kind of shirt is usually worn for work and commuting, and in my opinion, it doesn’t go very well with linen pants. When people think of linen trousers, comfort and breathability are the first things they think of, whereas the too-formal version of an office shirt is difficult to match with linen pants, which are always looser. Let us know in the comments section if you have a good idea about this shirt.


I’ve learned from many Instagram bloggers that you can buy a chambray shirt that’s a little too large and use it as a jacket with a little tank top underneath and white linen pants. You can tie the shirt around your waist when you’re taking photos. It’s a cool and beautiful way to travel.


This style of T-shirt is also one of the best choices to wear with linen pants. When you choose a simple T-shirt in a solid color to wear with linen pants or shorts, it will give you a simple, casual look and is suitable for everyday or commuting wear. When you choose T-shirts with large prints or ethnic patterns and linen pants, it makes you look younger and vacationing. I think if it were me, I’d go for a beach vacation in aclassic short sleeve T-shirt with the band on it and crisp linen shorts.If I’m going to work, I’ll wear a white classic short sleeve T-shirt with linen trousers and a suit jacket for a cold day


This shirt is ideal for casual occasions in general, and when paired with linen pants, it combines the best of both worlds. Pair it with a pair of sneakers or loafers for a relaxed summer Miami look. Of course, polo shirt and linen trousers can be worn elite for less formal business occasions.


In my opinion, denim shirts are not a good choice with linen pants. Denim is sturdy, doesn’t breathe very well and doesn’t seem to belong in the same season as linen pants. If you want to keep your skin out of the sun while you are traveling in the hot summer, you can wear the denim jacket outdoors, tie it around your waist when you are indoors or in the heat. In addition, a blue denim shirt with white linen pants is also a classic color combination. If you have one of these items, you can try to wear it together to create your own style!


Linen shirt is definitely one of the best choices for linen pants. They have the same soft and comfortable texture and won’t feel stuffy when worn in hot weather. The more common blue, white, and nude linen shirts work well with white linen trousers, and pair them with casual loafers for a relaxed and casual office summer.

A suit jacket is great for matching lightweight linen shirts and pants in the fall when the weather is a little cooler. An oversized blazers with a mini bra or tank top underneath, linen trousers, and your black clutch bag and sunglasses will make you look like a fashion blogger preparing for a street shoot. Although blazers are the most common fashion element in the workplace, if you don’t work for Vogue or any other fashion magazine, It is not recommended that you wear an oversize blazerst to work.


This shirt makes you look relaxed and casual when paired with linen pants. For this type of shirt, when paired with linen pants, my advice is to try to buy light colors so that you can match it well with your coloured linen pants without worrying about making a mistake.

It is important to note that because linen trousers are usually cut in a loose-fitting way, you should be careful not to go too loose in your top choice, as this can make the outfit look very pajama like. To avoid this, you should choose a slimmer top. If you happen to have a loose-fitting top you want to wear with,Try tucking it into your pants or tying it in a knot to show some of the skin around your waist for a better look.


This collarless jumper is a casual, everyday versatile pair with linen trousers. A white Henley shirt with grey linen pants is a great sport casual outfit. Linen keeps you fresh on a hot summer day!

Final Thoughts


These tops paired with linen pants can be easily adapted for any occasion, be it a trip or a business meeting.

When it comes to accessories, big circle earrings can make your neck longer, and don’t forget to tie your hair up. When choosing different linen pants, be wary of the pitfalls of cheap linen, which tends to be see-through and unflattering.

If you have a different take or a better match, feel free to leave a comment!


What material shirt goes with linen pants?

Linen pants are a versatile item of clothing, such as cotton, silk, blend, and linen shirts, which work well with linen pants.

Should I wear a linen shirt with linen pants?

It’s certainly a good match!A loose-fitting linen shirt works well with linen pants. Pair it with the right pair of sneakers for an easy, everyday look.

Can you wear cotton shirt with linen pants?

Sure, if today’s style is casual, choosing a cotton shirt with linen pants is a good match. But for more businesslike occasions, you should consider wearing a more formal shirt or adding a blazer to make your outfit more appropriate.

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