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What Shirt To Wear With Linen Pants

What Shirt To Wear With Linen Pants (2023)

Linen pants are made from natural linen fabric. And flax is a kind of natural fiber, the hygroscopic performance of flax fiber is very good, can absorb the moisture of 20 times of own weight. In addition, linen products can effectively regulate the temperature of the human body and achieve the purpose of cooling down. It can be said that owning a pair of linen trousers is really a high-quality experience, but how to wear it? What shirt to wear with linen pants? Check out the options below!

Dress Shirt

A formal shirt paired with formal linen pants is a classic combination. You can choose gray or black linen pants to match a white formal shirt, which is a very formal business style.

If you want to wear a formal yet casual feel, try this “mix and match” approach. A blue and white striped formal shirt with black linen blazer is used. The classic striped elements are neither too flashy nor too single, and the fresh blue and white color scheme makes the upper body instantly brighter and cleaner, giving an effortless sense of sophistication when combined with straight linen suit pants and pointed moccasins.

Oversized Shirt

Oversized styles are very popular now. You can choose a white Oversized linen shirt with white linen wide-leg pants. The uniform color scheme is indeed cleaner and fresher, but it also lacks some bright and layered beauty. You can add a black or red belt, which not only increases the beauty and a little sexy of the shape, but also makes the matching more curvaceous. At the same time, overall loose clothing can also make you comfortable and casual. Use a small yellow bag to brighten up the hand, which is eye-catching and chic, with a perfect sense of fashion.

Button-Down Shirt

I recommend you wear a button-down shirt with linen suit pants. Unbuttoning can be used to increase the exposed skin area. Undo a few shirt buttons at will to create a V-neck effect, which can not only increase the exposed skin area of the upper body, but also lengthen the neck line. Choose a pink button-down shirt with black linen suit pants, and you can wear a white lace base layer inside. The lace elements are embellished to make the look more elegant and dreamy, and the combination with the black suit pants will not be monotonous at all, but more revealing of one’s unique taste.

V-Neck Shirt

Regarding the V-neck shirt with linen suit pants, you can design your look by knotting the V-neck shirt. Knotting the shirt will make the combination of shirt and linen suit pants more French-style romantic, and it is more suitable for some jobs and occasions that do not have strict dress code requirements. This way of not dressing well can be Great relaxation effect, even the classic black and white collocation can look lively .

Using a white V-neck shirt with black suit pants, the knotted hem of the white shirt firmly fixes the individual’s sight on the stomach, and subtly improves the personal waistline. The V-neck + exposed belly is just right to reveal a little skin, so that the matching is not so serious. With the embellishment of metal ornaments, it has a very high-end style.

Crew Neck Shirt

You can choose a short Crew Neck cropped shirt with high-waisted wide-leg linen trousers for a very casual look. The exposed waist design can show the beauty of the skin, not only can show a good figure, but also have the effect of rasing the waistline to a certain extent. Combining with long wide-leg linen pants can also show the effect of long top and short bottom, showing long legs. Choose a blue round-neck shirt with high-waisted wide-leg linen pants. Exposing the waist can greatly enhance the eye-catching value of the shape, making the combination of traditional round-neck shirt + linen pants more chic and eye-catching.

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are very common with linen trousers. Solid-color POLO shirts are generally casual and business-style, and they are very suitable for matching with a pair of all-match khaki linen trousers. But when choosing a polo shirt, you must remember that fit is the most important thing. The cuffs are half of the biceps, and the hem is above the placket of the trousers. Try to avoid “dad color” polo shirts.

In addition to the versatile solid color polo shirts, there are also classic striped polo shirts to choose from.But for those color block splicing, or printing polka dots, I still advise you not to try it lightly. Choose a combination of classic striped polo shirts and light-colored linen pants. First of all, stripes are versatile. What’s more, stripes, as the most classic element in the fashion circle, will never go out of fashion. It looks great with high-waisted linen trousers or casual linen trousers, and the stripes are inherently eye-catching.

Final Thoughts

Linen is the best material for making clothes. It is soft and comfortable, and has excellent moisture absorption, air permeability and moisture permeability. And a pair of linen pants not to mention how nice it is. Linen pants are not only a quality piece, they are also extremely versatile. Above, I mainly shared how to match different types of shirts with linen pants, including Dress Shirt, Oversized Shirt, V-neck Shirt, Crew Neck Shirt, and other types of shirts for you to match. I hope my outfit suggestions can provide you with useful information. Thank you for reading.


What to wear with linen pants?

You can choose the combination of vest + straight linen pants, which is simple, comfortable and cool. Linen straight-leg pants and a linen T-shirt are a great match! As long as you choose the right style, you can be very fashionable. Opt for a white tank top paired with gray slouchy straight-fit linen pants. Gray and white look great together and are not easy to go wrong.

Can I wear a shirt with linen pants?

Of course. All types of shirts go well with linen trousers. You can try the crewneck tee I mentioned above or the polo shirt + linen pants combo. You can also try other types of T-shirts with linen pants, such as a sea-white striped shirt with white linen pants, which is also very classic.

What shirt to wear with linen pants for men?

For men, the most common combination is a T-shirt with linen pants. You can choose a T-shirt with a printed pattern and pair it with solid linen pants, which looks very good. The solid color linen trousers can reflect the characteristics of the T-shirt and show individuality. Wear another pair of sneakers. Very casual outfit.

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