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what goes good with blue and white striped linen pants

What Goes Good With Blue And White Striped Linen Pants

Striped linen pants look great, in addition to the classic French lazy feeling, more lies in the casual fashion, with special style! The appeal of striped linen pants is that they are extremely inclusive of height and leg shape.

Blue and white Striped linen pants can be paired with short sweater, large sweater, white linen T-shirt, polka dot top and leather jacket, striped vest, etc., plus some accessories, wear a pair of loafers or casual shoes on the feet, showing different styles and beauty, just need to match are a good choice, bring you a different flavor.

Want to know more about matching striped pants? Read on!

When it comes to stylish and versatile elements, there are definitely stripes. The characteristics of stripes can be well integrated with any single item, so that you can choose to wear simple stylish attitude. This article will tell you which items you can match and how to match your stylish striped linen pants. This article will mention polka dot tops, leather jackets, blazers and white shirts with blue and white striped pants. After reading this article, you will gain more tips on matching striped linen pants so that you will go best and looks wonderful!

A Polka Dot Top And Striped Linen Pants

Polka dots and stripes are timeless classics.

Small and cute, they are at times elegant and intellectual, and look retro. The character of stripes is more direct, chic and modern and full of modern sense! The combination of the two is perfect! Combine a polka dot top with striped linen pants for an elegant and lovely polka dot look and a crisp and chic striped look! For extra flair, pair them with a pair of sunglasses. Women can also wear earrings and carry a light coloured handbag for instant flair. On the foot to wear a pair of sandals or casual shoes, with intellectual, especially in line with the worker’s calm temperament, but also show a sense of high.

With A Flashy Leather Jacket And Striped Linen Pants

Pair a shiny leather jacket with striped linen pants. For a simple all-in-one look, you can pair a shiny black leather jacket with black and white striped linen pants. Add some platform sneakers and vintage sunglasses to brighten up your whole body. Inside can match plaid shirt, can not use QQ son, red check is the best, T-shirt can be gray, this style also has a bit of cowboy feeling, let a person’s potential lively temperament highlights. With a British style hat with a wide brim, the whole feeling will be different, and the aura will become simple and handsome.

With A Color block Top And Striped Linen Pants

Pair a color-block top with striped linen pants for everyday sophistication and holiday freedom.

The bright color block top and steady linen striped pants elongate the proportion of the lower body to a great extent, and wear breathable and comfortable, shoes wear a high heel, look tall and smart.

With A Sweater And Striped Linen Pants

Sweaters are a must for autumn and winter, but they can be a little rusky on their own. We need to think outside the box and put some ideas into it. For example, they can be paired with striped linen pants, long or short sweaters in warm colors, and striped linen pants in warm colors, with a furry hat on the head and loafers. A simple and gentle set, and do not pick people, so that also can wear their own style and characteristics.

With An Oversized Shirt And Striped Linen Pants

It’s easy to follow the trend of stripes, which can be worn with an oversized shirt, a light color or a shirt that also has stripes, vertical stripes, and stripes should be wide, narrow or different colors all over the body to highlight the stylish layer. Then properly roll the corner into the pants, exposing the waist or shoulder, more tall and thin, easily wear a strong aura.

With Graphic Tees And Striped Linen Pants

Graphic T-shirts can also be paired with light-colored vertical striped pants. As a single item to mix creative design style, graphic T-shirts are very personalized. In this way, they can be matched to a higher level and reflect their own style attitude.

Plain Tee And Striped Linen Pants

You can’t go wrong with a plain T-shirt and striped linen pants. For example, the combination of a white T-shirt and striped linen wide-leg pants looks very advanced and has a good temperament. The essence of a white T-shirt and the casualness of striped linen pants make a perfect pair.

The most important thing is to look for a T-shirt that fits you well. Try to flatter your figure so as to enhance your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. And the lower body matching linen pants combined with the vertical stripe elements will be more delicate and elegant, coupled with the small white shoes, showing the combination of simple and complex effect, and can enhance personal charm, appear super temperament. It can also be paired with a retro beret, which modifies the face shape and features for a more delicate look.

Bold Color Top And Striped Linen Pants

When smart, stripy linen pants meet a bold colored top, something new happens. In particular, some colors, patterns more beautiful eye-catching or patchwork color design of the top style, with the striped linen pants, coupled with a pair of Martin boots, let you have a head rate explosion, but also very down-to-earth straightforward full marks to wear, let your collocation more fan.

Button Up Shirt And Striped Linen Pants

Look for a light-colored shirt that is also striped to match striped linen pants. Look for vertical stripes, and the stripes all over the body should be in width or color to distinguish, to highlight the stylish layer. Then properly roll the corner into the pants, exposing the waist or shoulders, and then put on more tall and thin, easily wear out a strong aura.

You can choose red and white stripes on your coat. Red and white are the eternal classics of stripes. Red stripes make people present with a full state of mind, bring their own appeal, and bring a good complexion to the wearer. The bottom choose black and white striped linen pants, light linen material, wear very smooth and comfortable in summer. On top of that, they look very thin! This will make you grow “10cm”, and when combined with vertical stripes, it has an infinite extension of the magic effect.

Graphic Tee And Striped Linen Pants

Patterned T-shirts can also be paired with light-colored vertical striped pants. As a single product with creative design style, patterned T-shirts are very personalized. In this way, the matching can go to a higher level and reflect their own style and attitude. It’s vibrant and glamorous, and it’s breathable and comfortable. Stripes have slimming properties that are friendly to obese people. Blue and white striped linen pants can be said to be a summer boutique, graphic tees can choose a letter T-shirt, and navy striped linen pants for a fresh summer chic for a casual look.

Blazer And Striped Linen Pants

We can choose a beige linen blazer with black suspenders and a pair of grey and black striped linen trousers. We can tie a belt at the waist to highlight the line of the waist. Plus, with heels, you’ll be tall and sleek. Working girls can also choose gray or black linen suit, wear a white T-shirt lit up, and then a khaki striped linen pants, feet on high heels, neck necklace, wear metal earrings, delicate and elegant, temperament is very generous.

Wear White Blouse With Striped Linen Pants

Most of the styles of pure white shirts are very basic, which is a big weapon to create advanced intellectual style, but also the secret weapon to help us interpret elegant temperament. A white shirt is simple and classic, but it’s especially good for a commuter look, and paired with blue white striped linen pants, women can wear the most intelligent and handsome fashion look. Blue and white striped cp is a good pair of color matching, workplace women can also tie a blue striped silk scarf on the collar of the white shirt, just play a corresponding role, let you feel relaxed and comfortable wearing sense, walk with wind, enhance the aura.

Black Top With Striped Linen Pants

A black top paired with black and white striped linen pants is truly stunning! Especially we choose sleeveless black slim jacket, or black suspender, also particularly good collocation, and wear loafers, plus some gold earrings necklace, wear a sunglasses, so put on a special style, and black and white striped linen pants can cover the hips wide legs thick sisters, simple wear in summer is very comfortable, look particularly advanced.

Striped Vest Top With Striped Linen Pants

Classic black and white tank top Striped T-shirt looks thin and full of vitality, striped T-shirt really always believe! Plus vest slimming, the upper body is really super age reduction, matching the same black and white striped linen shorts is very preppy and very thin, wearing a black stuffed beret, plus a white calf stockings and black bright leather shoes, Korean atmosphere full of circumference, very long legs, the whole body looks great!

Forest Green Vest Top And Striped Linen Pants

Urban women white-collar elegant summer piece, from the striped wide-leg pants. In addition to the French languor, it has a casual chic and quality that works well with all kinds of tops. Add a forest green tank top for a smart and cute look. Pair it with striped linen pants or white striped linen pants for a really stylish top. And green and white, fresh and refined temperament flying in the face, the color is bright and not gorgeous, and then wear a pair of casual shoes, is the best match for travel.

White Crop Top With Striped Linen Pants

Fashionistas prefer high-waisted or revealing styles to flatter their figure.Choose a white crop top and blue striped linen pants. Blue and white pair for a mellow, gentle look. The midriff echoes the high waist of striped linen pants, making a person tall and thin, with a sexy beauty. Add a pair of delicate earrings to match the overall look. On the feet of the silver high heels, but also highlights a kind of no one can reach the senior beauty, for the whole suit adds a lot of senior sense. A set of simple and elegant collocation, easy to create a charm and mature coexistence of the feeling, let people forget.


How do you pair blue striped pants?

When traveling, I will choose white navel blue shirt and white striped linen pants, and wear a strappy sandal on the feet, full of offensive air, have retained slim sexy, very unique. Coupled with a pair of delicate earrings to cater to the overall style, low saturation of white and blue color, showing the casual style of artistic girl sense, coupled with the navel to show the sexy beauty, the overall effect is very harmonious oh.

At work, I will choose to match it with a beige long cardigan and a white T-shirt, which is fresh and gentle. Blue striped linen pants are very suitable for the commuting office style. The crisp blue and white stripes are paired with a simple white shirt, which is very perfect for commuting, leaving a fresh impression. It just gives off a nice clean and elegant feeling.

What shirt goes with blue linen pants?

Shirt wearing is really familiar to everyone, especially the white shirt style wear utilization rate is very high, we can wear the monotonous white shirt out of the senior sense, at this time, we need a blue striped linen pants. To choose a slightly wider white shirt with blue linen pants, the visual effect presented makes people’s eyes shine, gives people a feeling of comfort and leisure, and plays a role in reducing age.

You can also tuck the hem of a white shirt into your blue linen pants to easily solve the baggy problem. To avoid monotony, you can also opt for a black sweater draped over your shoulders.

How do you pair striped pants?

The beauty of striped pants, in addition to the classic French lazy feeling, more lies in the casual fashion, with special style! The appeal of striped pants is that they are extremely inclusive of height and leg shape. Striped pants can be paired with a short sweater, a large sweater, a white T-shirt, a polka dot top, a leather jacket, etc. They show different styles and beauty. They are a great choice as long as they match.

What do linen pants go with?

Linen pants are perfect for any occasion. They go with everything. Because of its simple, low-key and elegant fashion, intellectual beauty, leisure beauty, and a little more warmth, people do not have too much aggression, no words is in serious occasions, such as during work, or travel, with some light colored shirt or shirt appearance on any occasion is a good choice, brighten the skin, this small mind can give people smart, Giving people a fresh, clean, and age-reducing impression will also make your body look proportioned and thin.

Can You Wear a Striped Shirt With Striped Pants?

A striped shirt can be worn with striped linen pants. But the entire body should be separated by width or color to accentuate stylish layers. Striped pants can use straight lines to decorate long legs. Girls who are not confident about the line of their legs can choose vertical striped pants, which will make the whole person slim. But try not to pair vertical striped pants with vertical striped tops. They’ll be boring.

Do Striped Pants Make You Look Taller?

Yes, striped linen pants can make your body look proportioned and slim.Because striped pants use stripes to visually lengthen your leg shape while raising your waist line.So women who aren’t happy with the shape of their legs should really try striped pants.

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