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Tencel VS Linen

Tencel VS Linen:Which Is The Better Bed Sheet?

Tencel VS Linen

In the comparison of tencel fabric vs linen, Tencel is a more versatile, softer to the touch and more versatile material when it comes to bed sheet fabric choices. It also better simulates cotton-like materials and is easier to care for as linen tends to wrinkle and harden. In addition, Tencel has good strength (even when wet) and better durability than linen.

  • Tencel sheets: they are extremely soft, airy, easy-care and wrinkle-resistant, but are less durable than linen and are prone to static electricity.
  • Linen sheets: they are absorbent and can last for years with proper care, but linen sheets tend to wrinkle and are relatively expensive.

These two materials have similar properties and produce comparable effects. For a detailed analysis, see our comprehensive article. Choose the best sheet fabric for your needs!

Not all bedding is created equal, and the type of material can greatly affect your sleeping experience. For example, I have sensitive skin, tried many materials of bedding, and finally locked the linen, its experience has surprised me, no longer have to worry about allergies.

Although I work in the linen industry, when it comes to comfort, customers like Tencel sheets better; in breathability, linen sheets are a high-quality choice. There are other differences that can help you make a better choice. In this post, we will answer the question, “Tencel or linen, which is a better sheet?”

What Are Tencel Sheets And Linen Sheets?

What Are Tencel Sheets?

Tencel is a major player in the bed linen field, but many people are not as familiar with this material as they are with cotton.

Tencel a soft rayon material also known as lyocell. It is a highly sustainable fabric made from woody orange peel tissue. Yes, it’s made from trees! Irrigated by rainwater, the trees are cut and processed into wood chips, which are then made into pulp. The pulp is mixed with water and solvents to create our beloved Lyocell.

Lyocell fiber is a man-made fiber made from cellulosic raw materials, mainly derived from renewable plant cellulose, such as wood pulp. The key technology is the sol-gel spinning method, by dissolving the cellulose in a non-toxic solvent to form a cellulose solution and then spinning and curing steps to finally obtain the fiber.

What Are Linen Sheets?

What Are Linen Sheets

Characteristics of Tencel And Linen

Here are the specifics of Tencel and Linen sheets and I hope it helps you make a better choice.

AspectTencel bed sheetLinen bed sheet
MaterialNatural cellulose materialLinen plant cellulose material
SoftnessExtremely soft, smooth and silky textureSofter, rougher texture
DurabilityDurable, not easy to wear, long lifeRequires special care, easy to wear, relatively short life
Moisture absorption and breathabilityVery good moisture absorption and breathability, good anti-bacterial effectGood moisture absorption and breathability, but poor anti-bacterial effect
CareEasy care, machine washable or hand washable, not easy to wrinkle or shrinkNeed special care, not machine washable, easy to wrinkle or shrink
PriceRelatively high, but good value for moneyRelatively high, but average value for money

Based on the table, Tencel sheets excel in terms of material, softness, durability, moisture absorption and breathability, and care. Although the price is relatively high, it is a very

Linen sheets are made from the stems of the linen plant and are ideal for bedding because of their very strong durability and light, cool properties. Linen can be made into linen dresses, etc.

Linen fibers are three times stronger than cotton and have naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, making them particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin. In addition, linen sheets get softer over time and only need to endure light wear on new sheets.

Tencel Sheets VS Linen Sheets: Pros & Cons

Tencel sheets are a new type of sheet material that is made from wood pulp fibers through a special process. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Tencel sheets and Linen sheets :

Tencel Sheets

Comfortable handfeel, soft and delicate
Good breathability, moisture absorption and perspiration
Various styles, unique design, strong decorative
High-end quality, more expensive
Easy to generate static electricity, not suitable for long time use
May shrink or become hard under high heat

Linen Sheets

Durable and long-lasting
Natural insect repellent, hypoallergenic
Moisture absorbent and dry
Maybe rough and itchy
Requires special washing instructions
Easily oxidizes and turns yellow

In short, Tencel sheets are a soft, comfortable, environmentally sustainable, high-end bedding option, but at a higher price. Linen sheets offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for those seeking comfortable, sustainable and breathable bedding. It’s worth noting that linen and bamboo sheets share many similarities in these areas.

Tencel Sheets VS Linen Sheets: Side by Side Comparison

The video provides a good visual understanding of the two VS!

  • Soft and comfortable
Soft and comfortable

Tencel sheets are better than linen sheets. The texture of the tencel sheets is soft and comfortable, feels silky, can bring a warm and comfortable feeling; and linen sheets are relatively slightly hard, feel rougher, the use of experience is not as comfortable as the tencel sheets.

  • Moisture-absorbing and breathable
Moisture-absorbing and breathable

Linen sheets are better than tencel sheets. Linen sheets have good moisture absorption and breathable performance. Can quickly absorb and discharge sweat and body moisture, to maintain a dry and breathable state, so that people feel fresh and comfortable; and tencel sheets are relatively less breathable, not as moisture absorption and perspiration linen sheets.

  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
Antibacterial and hypoallergenic

Tencel sheets are better than linen sheets. Tencel sheets are produced using environmentally friendly materials, no irritating taste, and have good antibacterial hypoallergenic performance, more suitable for people with allergies; and linen sheets in some cases may cause skin allergies or sensitivities.

  • Abrasion resistance and longevity
Abrasion resistance and longevity

Tencel sheets are better than linen sheets. Tencel sheets have better wear resistance and service life, not easy to wear and deformation, use a long time; and linen sheets are relatively fragile, easy to pull, hair, and linen will shrink when washed, service life is not as long as pulp tencel sheets.

  • Green and Sustainable
Green and Sustainable

Tencel sheets are better than linen sheets.The production of tree pulp tencel sheets does not require the use of chemicals, only water and natural plant fibers, thus producing less waste water and waste that is less polluting to the environment. And the plant is usually fast-growing and renewable, making it more sustainable.

In contrast, the production process of linen sheets requires the use of a certain amount of chemical substances, which may have a greater negative impact on the environment.

The Uniqueness Of Tencel

  • Soft and silky: Tencel sheets usually have a very soft touch, silky and comfortable, giving a better sleeping experience. Compared with ordinary linen sheets, it has finer and softer fibers
  • High strength and durability: Tencel sheets are made of cellulose, which has a tight fiber structure and high strength, providing excellent durability. The best tencel sheets are more durable than many other materials and is not easily damaged or deformed, so it will last for a long time.
  • Fire resistant and non-combustible: The fibers in Tencel sheets have a high melting point and high decomposition temperature. This means they require higher temperatures to burn and decompose. In addition, it has a tight fiber structure and small voids between the fibers, so it is less air flowing and difficult to cause flame spread

The Uniqueness Of Linen

  • Better breathability: Linen sheets are a natural fiber made from the stem of the flax plant. It has hollow fibers and an open fiber structure, making it more breathable and easier to wick away perspiration than tencel sheets. Linen sheets may be more popular in summer or in warmer temperatures.
  • More textured: Linen sheets often have a natural texture and feel, which makes them visually more interesting and design-oriented. Due to its tendency to crease,requires special clean and caring linen Their texture may create more layers on the bed, adding some style to the room. In contrast, tencel sheets are usually smoother in texture and don’t have much texture or feel.
  • Antistatic: The fibers in linen sheets have some antistatic properties because they do not tend to accumulate static charges. This means it will attract less dust and dirt than other materials, keeping it clean and tidy, especially for people with allergies.


We’ve done it all for you, so now the decision is yours: choose Tencel sheets if you’re keen on the environment, prefer soft and silky or are worried about safety hazards and want fire resistance; choose linen sheets if you prefer a more textured sheet to decorate your snail’s room and want to stay cool and breathable.

Combining our analysis of tencel and linen above, generally speaking, tencel sheets are slightly better in every way. It should be noted that when choosing sheets, you should combine their current situation and choose the most suitable sheet material and brand.

If you like linen, I also support it, because it can also bring us a comfortable sleep experience. PHALAR is a professional production of linen super team, with many famous designers of linen brands, and its price is very advantageous. I look forward to your shared experience!


Is Tencel as cool as linen?

TENCEL™ fabric is an excellent choice for summer due to its high absorbency, silky smooth texture, and superior cooling properties. It is a luxurious and skin-friendly material that surpasses cotton in terms of moisture management and surpasses linen in terms of softness. TENCEL™ sheets are highly recommended for those seeking a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep during the hot summer months.

Is Tencel good for hot weather?

Tencel is a highly breathable material that effectively wicks moisture away from the body, making it an ideal choice for staying cool in hot weather. This feature allows for efficient temperature regulation, adding versatility to the fabric’s functionality.

Is Tencel a good material?

Lenzing reports that Tencel fabric boasts exceptional absorption properties, surpassing cotton by 50%. Due to its high breathability and resistance to odorous bacteria growth, Tencel is an excellent choice for activewear. Whether you’re hitting the gym or practicing Bikram yoga, Tencel’s moisture-wicking capabilities make it the perfect fabric for intense workouts while also being eco-friendly.

Is Tencel a luxury fabric?

While Tencel has established itself as a premium fabric that can rival luxurious materials like cashmere and silk, it’s important to note that cotton remains a more affordable and timeless option. While Tencel offers exceptional breathability and softness, cotton’s natural properties make it a reliable and classic choice that will never go out of style.

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