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How To Wear A White Linen Dress

Stylish Summer Linen Shorts Outfit (2023)

Shorts are the most common item in summer, and they are very popular, mainly because they will not feel stuffy after wearing shorts, and the styles are more fashionable and changeable. Linen fabric has excellent air permeability, so linen shorts have become the first choice for many people in summer. But when many people wear linen shorts, they don’t pay much attention to the overall collocation, and they can’t make the collocation of linen shorts look fashionable and chic.Here are some tips on how to wear summer linen shorts outfit.. If you’re interested, please read on.

Casual Outfit

The beige linen short-sleeved T-shirt is a very versatile item choice in summer. This kind of T-shirt will be particularly breathable when worn on the body in summer, and it is also very light, very loose and comfortable, and it also has a good effect on sun protection. For pants, choose gray-blue linen shorts. The overall outfit will look more casual and comfortable. At the same time, it can also modify the proportions of the legs well, making people look more casual and straightforward. Summer is the season when many people like to exercise. After exercising, it can make people become more relaxed.

A black sports linen short-sleeved T-shirt can not only modify your figure, but also look very simple. White linen shorts are versatile and you can’t go wrong. Put on a pair of gray sneakers, the overall outfit is more casual, especially youthful sports style. If you want to make dressing easier, you might as well try some suits at this time, which can definitely bring different effects when worn.

Men can try a white summer suit. The top is a loose white striped shirt, paired with white striped linen shorts and white sneakers to create a simple and comfortable casual style. The white stripe design on the side of the shirt adds to the trendy charm of the overall match. Ladies can choose a light blue chiffon shirt with white embroidered linen shorts and beige wedge sandals to create an elegant and comfortable sweet casual linen shorts outfit.

Dressy Outfit

For formal occasions, you can choose more classic and simple items to create effortless simple and classic outfits. Men can choose a coffee-colored short-sleeved shirt with black linen shorts. The corners of the shirt are exposed to add a sense of layering to the overall match. The blue embroidered shirt is also very classic, easily creating a sunny and cool collocation. Orange shorts have the taste of summer sunshine, and when paired with a white linen shirt, they will instantly enhance your temperament. Although the whole outfit is very simple, it gives people a particularly elegant and fashionable feeling. A loose-fit gray short-sleeved shirt, paired with white linen shorts, will look particularly classic and fashionable.

Ladies can choose a light pink 5-point linen shorts, mid-waist style, with a purple shirt with horizontal stripes, a pair of beige loafers at the feet, very classic summer formal style, light blue high-waisted linen shorts with navy blue A linen shirt in the same color is more solemn. A pair of flesh-colored stockings is paired with a pair of beige high-heeled sandals, which is fashionable and beautiful.

What Shirt To Wear With Linen Shorts

The shirt is a versatile piece that looks stylish on its own or with linen shorts. If you want to look more stylish, work on the color. Ladies can choose a ginger yellow vertical striped shirt with beige linen shorts and beige lace-up high heels. It is very bright and energetic, and it will also stand out in the crowd. The gray-green shirt is paired with grass-green linen shorts and light green lace-up sandals. The whole is a gentle Morandi color scheme, which is very eye-catching and fresh.

Men can choose a black and white striped shirt with white linen shorts and black mules for a youthful look. A dark green printed shirt is paired with black linen shorts and black loafers for a chic yet classy look, perfect for a beach getaway.

What Shoes To Wear With Linen Shorts

In summer, when choosing shoes to match with shorts, it is recommended that you keep the style consistent, and do not choose items with too different styles for matching. If the styles are too different, the overall collocation will appear very inconsistent and it will be difficult to highlight the sense of coordination.

For summer collocation, ladies can choose the collocation of shorts + single shoes, which is very ladylike, gentle and sweet. Light blue suit jacket + light blue linen shorts + light beige casual shoes, both attractive and stylish, fashionable and high-end, even as a commuter wear without pressure. In commuting wear, women can also choose pointed high-heeled shoes with linen shorts, such as a dark brown suit jacket with a black shirt and black linen shorts. Wearing a pair of black pointed-toed high-heeled shoes will help enhance your sense of temperament.

When commuting, men can choose more formal loafers with linen shorts, such as a white shirt with dark brown linen shorts and a pair of black square-toed loafers to create a refined and elegant workplace match. During leisure and vacation, men can choose flat casual shoes with linen shorts, such as a gray striped T-shirt with beige linen shorts and white casual shoes, to create a comfortable and casual vacation outfit.

What Accessories Goes Best With Linen Shorts

As a must-have item for fashionable people, accessories can not only make the overall collocation harmonious and unified, but also increase the eye-catching degree of the overall collocation. We can choose the right accessories through color echoes: women can choose red bracelets and dark red vests, and wine red lace-up sandals with beige linen shorts, forming an echo in color. Olive green linen shorts + light gray cotton shirt + beige wedge sandals: For accessories, you can choose green flower necklaces and green tassel bags, as well as olive green linen shorts, which together form a color echo.

Men can choose a yellow round-neck T-shirt with white linen shorts and yellow sandals, and choose a white canvas bag decorated with yellow fur balls for accessories: yellow sandals and yellow furry balls hanging on the bag are also echo each other in color. The skillful use of accessories makes the overall collocation more attractive, and the echo of the colors makes the whole body focus and progressive.


We have shared some ideas for wearing linen shorts in summer. You can find a suitable outfit for casual or formal occasions. Men can pair a black short-sleeve T-shirt with brown linen shorts and a pair of white flip-flops for a casual beach vacation look. Ladies can wear a pink shirt with beige linen shorts and white strappy sandals, which are very suitable for outdoor sports. Thank you very much for reading, I hope you like the outfit ideas shared in the article.


How To Style White Linen Shorts For Men?

Men can wear a brown short-sleeved T-shirt with white linen shorts and a pair of black sandals to create a comfortable beach vacation outfit.

What color shirt goes well with khaki shorts?

The black shirt is classic and versatile, and can be matched with shorts of various colors. You can choose a black linen shirt with khaki linen shorts and beige sneakers to create a fashionable and casual outfit.

What matches with grey shorts?

A white shirt is classic and versatile, and it is suitable for matching with gray shorts. You can choose a white stand-up collar cotton shirt with gray linen shorts and black casual shoes to create a classic and casual outfit.

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