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Reviews Of Costco Linen Shorts Discounted $59.95 For 5 Pieces

Reviews Of Costco Linen Shorts Discounted: $59.95 For 5 Pieces!

Costco is offering an amazing discounted set of 5 linen shorts for only $59.95. This great deal allows you to get a variety of stylish shorts for your summer dressing needs at an affordable price.

Find out now about this stylish and affordable summer essential, and enjoy quality while saving your budget!

Costco Overview

If you’re looking for affordable yet stylish linen shorts, Costco should be on your shortlist.

Costco is a world-renowned membership warehouse retail company, founded in 1976, originally named Price Club, and later merged with Costco in 1993, and adopted the Costco brand. Commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as the Climate Action Plan and the STAR program for operators

A climate action plan is a strategic framework to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It aims to reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment and achieve sustainable development goals through comprehensive actions.

As of 2021, Costco has hundreds of warehouse stores around the world with a huge number of members. One of the keys to its success is member-centric, providing high-quality products and services, which has attracted a large number of loyal members.

Costco has received several industry awards and recognitions over the decades. These include the “World’s Most Admired Company” selected by Fortune Magazine, and the “Most Favorite Supermarket” selected by Consumer Reports.

Costco’s business philosophy is to provide members with a large number of high-quality products and services at a low membership fee. This will undoubtedly save your wallet as much as possible.

Costco is known for offering a wide variety of products, including clothing, such as linen shorts. Costco linen shorts are usually designed for a loose fit with a clean fit. Ideal for summer, it provides a comfortable fit.

Through the table below, you can intuitively know the advantages and disadvantages of Costco linen shorts

Lightweight and breathable
Natural material
Fashionable style options
Price reduction for large volume sales
Easy to wrinkle
Needs special care
Limited size selection
Membership required

Below, we conducted in-depth research on the wearing experience, membership and customer service of costco linen shorts, and revealed the fashion code to save money for you!

What You Need To Know About Buying Costco Linen Shorts?

Since the summer heat makes it very easy to sweat, linen shorts provide a comfortable, breathable wearing experience that helps people stay cool and dry.

Costco linen shorts are perfect for those who are looking for stylish style and high quality, who like to be outdoors in the summer and who also care about comfort. Of course, if you are not interested in linen fabrics, or even have a low tolerance for wrinkles in linen fabrics, you may want to consider other fabric shorts options.

Those who are sensitive to price and fashion also need to be aware of the following when purchasing linen shorts from Costco:

  • Make sure you choose a size that fits your body and pay attention to how the shorts fit to your personal preference.
  • Choose the right color and style for your personal preferences and matching needs.
  • Check the quality of the shorts to make sure they are durable and will stand up to daily wear and washing.
  • Compare the prices of different styles and brands to choose linen shorts that fit your budget and offer value for money.

Is Costco’s Linen Shorts Worth Buying?

Features Of Costco Linen Shorts

Joe Marcellino, a Costco member, commented, “Costco’s linen shorts are a summer essential. They are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable to wear, whether on vacation or for everyday wear. With a little care, you can have a stylish and eco-friendly outfit choice.”

Linen fabrics are prone to wrinkling and require special care for linen shorts. In addition, Costco’s selection of shorts sizes may be limited and may not fit all body types. It features large volume sales that offer lower prices, but a Costco membership is required to purchase linen shorts.

Membership & Pricing

Membership TypesPricingPrivilegesDescription
Regular membership$60/yearBulk sales prices, offers and promotions, product and service options, membership protection plansAccess to all Costco member benefits and services
Executive Membership$120/yearBulk sales prices, offers and promotions, product and service options, membership protection plansAdditional benefits and services for business members

In short, you have to get a membership at Costco in order to buy linen shorts from it.

The Costco membership program offers different levels of membership for customers. Regular membership is for general consumers and families, while executive membership offers more business privileges and benefits for commercial customers with larger purchasing needs.

Either type of membership offers an annual rebate of 2% of purchases. Choosing the right type of membership can depend on the shopping needs and budget of an individual or business.

Costco’s Customer Service

Costco's Customer Service

Costco is a large retailer that operates on a membership system, offering a wide selection of products and excellent customer service.

  • Technical Support:

Costco offers a dedicated technical support team who can answer questions about the use, care and cleaning of linen shorts. Whether it’s an online inquiry, phone support or in-store consultation, customers receive expert advice and guidance.

  • Warranty:

Costco offers a warranty on linen shorts purchased. The specific policy varies by region and product. If a quality issue arises with linen shorts within the warranty period, you can contact the customer service department to address and repair the issue.

  • Shipping:

Costco is committed to fast and reliable shipping service. As a general rule, Costco will process orders and arrange for shipment as soon as possible after a customer purchases linen shorts. However, the exact shipping time depends on the location and logistics of the shipment. Costco offers a variety of delivery options to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Returns And Exchanges:

If you are not satisfied with your linen shorts purchase or need to make a return or exchange, Costco offers a convenient return and exchange policy. Customers may return unused and in good condition linen shorts within a certain time frame for a refund or exchange for another item. Specific rules for returns and exchanges can be found on Costco’s official website or on the relevant proof of purchase.


Mass Review
Mass Review

From these reviews, it’s easy to see that many millennials also really like Costco’s pants, and they are surprised by its quality and price. Buying linen pants at Costco saves time and money, and they come in a variety of fashionable styles, with women’s shorts available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They come with an elastic waistband, tassel drawstring, lightweight linen construction and two front pockets – SWEET!

Want To Save Even More? Try The Online Deal!

Buy 5 Briggs Women’s Linen Blend Shorts for $11.99 each Total = $59.95 Minus $20 when you buy 5 (automatically discounted at checkout) Final cost $39.95 total – just $7.99 each!

Stay cool and stylish this summer! Head to your local Costco and get these Briggs Women’s Linen Blend Shorts for only $9.99!

Alternative To Costco Linen

If you want to explore other linen pants before venturing out, consider the following:

  • Linenfox-handmade custom, linen professional
  • PHALAR-Sustainable fashion, durable quality


Linen shorts are a popular choice for summer wardrobe discounts. Costco offers a wide variety of styles to meet different consumer needs and preferences at discounted prices, allowing consumers to enjoy great value and savings. In addition, Costco is known for its excellent customer service, providing consumers with a professional and reliable shopping experience. Click here to check out Costco’s linen shorts and grab a discount to add to your summer closet!

Click here to check out Costco’s linen shorts and grab a discount to add to your summer closet!


Are Costco linen shorts cheap but not good?

No, just because Costco Linen Shorts are cheap doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals to be had. With its supply chain management and wholesale model, Costco is able to offer competitive prices. They focus on quality in their product selection and partner with well-known brands to provide high quality merchandise. Costco’s linen shorts undergo strict quality control to ensure that customers get value for their money. As a result, Costco linen shorts are a great value for money with cheap and reliable quality options.

What shoes go with Costco women’s shorts?

Costco linen shorts can be worn with a variety of shoes, depending on your personal style and occasion. Pairing them with casual shoes is perfect for everyday casual occasions. For hot summer weather, linen shorts with sandals are a good choice. For a stylish and feminine look for special occasions, linen shorts can be paired with high heels.

What are the styles of Costco shorts?

Costco’s short styles include casual, athletic, pajama shorts and Bermuda shorts. Casual shorts are great for everyday casual wear, athletic shorts are great for sports and fitness activities, pajama shorts are a comfortable sleepwear option, and Bermuda shorts have a longer length and relaxed fit for a casual or resort style.

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