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Plus Size Linen Pants

The oversizeded legs have a loose comfortable silhouette and are very inclusive. Not only does it cover up any imperfect leg shape, it also creates a relaxed and lazy effect, which is very evident in popular clothing

Our online mall has a wide variety of plus size linen pants for whatever you want.

Plus Size Linen Pants Suits

Women's Cotton Linen Drawstring High Waisted Pants-2

Women's Linen Drawstring High Waisted Pants

Made of 100% linen,Women’s Linen Pants, skin-friendly, lightweight, breathable, wear-resistant, comfortable to wear.

Womens Plus Size Linen Pants

Women's Linen Baggy Pants with Elastic Waist Relax Fit Lantern Trouser-1

Women's Linen Baggy Pants with Elastic Waist Relax Fit Lantern Trouser

100% Women’s Linen Pants We suggest to hand wash or soft machine washing with washing…

Plus Size Linen Pants Wide Leg

Womens Casual Linen Drawstring Tie Elastic Waist Loose Palazzos Pants-4

Womens Casual Linen Drawstring Tie Elastic Waist Loose Palazzos Pants

100% pure linen fabric:Elastic high waist, Solid color, Wide leg with pocketed. Comfy, Womens Linen…

Plus Size Linen Pants Outfit

Flax is a natural plant fiber with very high hygroscopic and breathable properties, known as “natural air conditioning”. Linen fabric feels delicate, soft, light, comfortable, cool, is one of the most comfortable and healthy natural fabrics.

Plus size linen pants can be worn to create a casual casual wind, a kind of lazy feeling. Plus size linen pants are very inclusive, even in larger sizes can be worn for a slimming effect.


Why are linen trousers popular?

Flax fiber has a strong tension, soft, fine, weak conductivity, water absorption fast, breathable sweat absorption, much cooler than the general material, and good-looking, good-looking and good-looking ~ and in the eyes of many understand fashion, will wear flax is also one of the signs of taste.

The texture of linen pants reflects the overall loose, the figure is not limited, the wearing experience is free, the upper body effect is clean and shaped, and the color is relatively soft. Add a T-shirt or blouse to the top for a casual, artistic look.

Do plus size linen pants look fat?

Plus Size linen pants this kind of clothing, can be said to be “loose pants”, although many people say it is fat and bloated clothing, but in many magazines and street photo wear, this kind of pants and any clothing together, will be very beautiful, some people like loose pants casual and chic, some people like this kind of pants all the time comfortable and free, not bound, It can switch shapes at will, and if you choose the right color, it really is semi-permanent.

The thin effect of plus size linen pants is not a secret. Because of the wide pant legs, some girls with thick calves can also handle this kind of pants well, especially those with legs that are not straight and even some girls with bent legs, we must try.

Why is linen better for human skin?

Linen absorbs and releases moisture quickly, keeping you dry no matter how much you sweat. It helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Linen clothing can reduce the amount of sweat by 1.5 times compared to wearing cotton clothing. The heat dissipation property of linen is 5 times that of wool and 19 times that of silk.

In hot weather conditions, wearing linen clothing can lower the skin surface temperature by 3-4 degrees Celsius than wearing silk or cotton clothing.

Can linen be worn in winter?

Linen clothing is comfortable, breathable, healthy, environmentally friendly and can be worn all year round. Flax is thin and thick, but it is common in spring, summer and autumn. And there are some elements that are designed to be more delicate and magnify the style when applied to linen.

Will linen shrink in the wash?

Linen is breathable, light, and absorbs sweat easily, making it the first choice for summer clothes. Especially children and the elderly, wear this kind of clothes in summer is very comfortable, has a very good calming effect.

However, linen fabric is prone to shrinkage and wrinkle, especially after the first purchase in the water, after washing becomes very wrinkled, even the most expensive will still wrinkle. The reason why linen fabric is easy to wrinkle is mainly related to the fiber of linen. Linen clothes is no elasticity. Other fabrics can also slowly return to their original shape after being deformed, but linen can’t. Once deformed, linen will become wrinkled. So we need to spend a lot more time, a lot more energy on that.

How to deal with shrinkage of linen after washing

Linen is different from other fabrics in the wash process because it tends to shrink. So the best way to clean it is to dry clean it.

In the process of cleaning, the first thing to pay attention to is to use neutral cleaning agent, other cleaning agents will destroy the internal structure, resulting in shrinkage. In particular, do not use laundry detergent, because it contains substances that can easily make clothes shrink.

New buy back to soak in clear water first, do not put any liquid, clean and dry. For shrinkage, we need to pay attention to the process of washing, can not use hot water, only use cold water. Need to soak for a period of time, after soaking, gently rub with your hands to wash. Then go to the water drying, can not be a strong twist, this will not only let it wrinkle, but also let it shrink. Dehydration is the biggest cause of shrinkage, so it’s best to air your clothes directly after washing them.

How to calculate the size and length of trousers?

Choose pants must try on, try on should pay attention to the length of pants, too short and too long are not good.

How to measure the side length of your pants: The side length of your pants is measured from your waist to your bare feet.
How to Measure waist circumference: Horizontal waist circumference at the umbilical point (cm). Feet +7= yards.

Measure hip circumference: First put a soft ruler on the most elevated part of the hip, and then put its two ends in the direction of the most prominent abdomen, cross the two ends to measure hip circumference.

It is best to wear trousers with heels of shoes, the length of trousers is best to the upper part of the heel, both convenient walking, and can make the leg look slender. Whether or not to wear cuffed style depends on the length of your legs, long legs are suitable for wearing cuffed pants. Reserved people are best not to follow the trend too closely, traditional style and can hide the flaw pants are the best choice.

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