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Petite Linen Pants

Petite people always worry about how to wear pants that look stylish and tall. Our shopping mall has many styles of petite linen pants, great discounts.Don’t know what to wear but come here to see the best linen pants.

Womens Petite Linen Pants

Women's Casual Linen Elastic Waist Tapered Pants

100% pure linen fabric Ankle length, elastic design on the leg, slim fit Soft and…

Women Petite Linen Pants Small Tips

How does a petite lady look tall in petite linen pants?In this regard, some dressing tips are needed. These collocation ideas are worth learning from! Next, I’m going to share with you linen pants for little ladies.


Do linen nine points pants make legs longer?

For small girls, how to wear high and long legs is the first thing to consider when matching. When it comes to showing height and long legs, many people will cue to “nine-point pants“, many small fashion bloggers are wearing nine-point pants all year round. In addition to being a fashion icon, nine-point pants are also a must-have item in ordinary people’s wardrobe. It seems that wearing nine-point pants can make you taller and thinner without any problem.

But there are also a lot of small friends feedback, put on nine points but become shorter! Why do some people wear nine-point pants without showing the effect of high and long legs?

Apart from the difference in matching ability, the biggest reason is that they don’t lengthen your legs! When it comes to leg length alone, trousers are longer than cropped trousers, which is why they are rarely mentioned when it comes to height.

The function of cropped pants is to make them slimmer. Visually, they expose the slimmest ankle of the leg, and “thin” is a synonym for “thin”, which is why it is recommended to show skin properly. Showing a bony collarbone, wrist, ankle, can give a person a very thin feeling. Another reason is to use matching techniques to hide your body flaws and look taller and have longer legs.

Cropped linen pants, eight linen pants, nine linen pants, which is suitable for a small women?

Short people are better off with 9pc linen pants. 7pc linen pants and 8pc linen pants cut the leg line and make the legs appear shorter, destroying the upper body ratio and making the height appear shorter.
Short people who want to show height can try to wear high waist clothes, pants or skirt, skirt pants waist must be at least 10cm above the navel. Short people wearing low-waisted pants and skirts will only make a shorter top look shorter

The leg line is the most important part of a person’s height, and wearing pants just above the knee will cut your leg line. Ankle-length pants cover the legs, giving height to the lower extremities (floor length also conceals high heels);

How do wear women petite linen pants to show height?

Ladies petite linen pants want to show height first choice is straight linen pants! It helps to lengthen the legs of the little girls, so as to get the proportions! (Create a golden ratio of 30 to 70), no matter the top is paired with a blouse or shirt, it looks very tall! The women petite linen pants color is best to choose black, this color is more universal collocation, the color of the jacket is not picked, whether it is dark color or light color can ~

What shoes does lady petite linen pants match to show height?

Physically, a shoe with a heel is definitely taller, and platform shoes are fine, but less airy.
Visually, shoes that are the same color as your pants allow your legs to stretch a little further, and pointy shoes have a similar effect.

  1. Black petite linen pants + square ankle boots, modern, very tall
    Han Fan dress more and more popular, Han Fan little sister dress is not so rigid, senior with a little playful, highlighting the vitality of youth. Black linen pants and square ankle boots match to fully show the height and length of legs. The design of nine-point linen pants makes the legs stretch more straight and straight, and the large square ankle boots are fashionable and modern, which instantly concave the long legs, especially showing height.
  2. Black linen pants + loafers, playful and lively, more youthful style
    If square-toed ankle boots are more modern, loafers are a more girly alternative. Simple style, thick base design, playful and cute. With black linen pants, art and lively, more youthful style. This collocation, clever ankle exposure, more sweet youth.
  3. Brown petite linen pants with chunky heels
    Chunky heel design shoes are not only extremely retro chic charm, but also very comfortable on the foot, even the sisters who are not good at wearing high heels can easily hold.
    Small sisters suggest the choice of pointed design of thick heel shoes to match, rounded toe can unconsciously play a role in the visual elongate leg lines, not only the overall shape is more elegant and feminine, but also very practical wear, a variety of collocation occasions can easily control.
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