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linen shorts women outfit

Linen Shorts:The Perfect Outfit For Women (2023)

What are Linen Shorts?

Linen shorts are a stylish must-have summer clothes to your wardrobe. As a natural fabric, linen is light, breathable and extremely comfortable to wear, which is very suitable for hot weather. Women’s linen shorts are perfect for ladies to wear casually or for more formal occasions. We’re going to share some stylish and practical dressing ideas for the ladies to help you find a great way to look fashionable while wearing linen shorts women outfit.

Outfit Ideas:

Linen Shorts with Blazer

Because of its light material and looser fit, Linen shorts for women are more suitable for daily wear to create a comfortable semi-formal style. For example, women can wear a light blue lace-up cotton shirt with a black blazer and gray women linen shorts. Pair it with navy blue mules for a more modern and elegant look.

A calm lake blue suit blazer, with a beige striped shirt, using dark and light colors to make the low-key suit look more colorful, a pair of gray linen shorts enhance the fashion of the whole look, retro black Mary Jane shoes make you fashionable and elegant grace. The versatile black suit blazer is chic and stylish with a white short-sleeved T-shirt and black linen shorts, bringing a visual effect of elongated legs. Coupled with a white tote bag, it is cool and classic.

A stylish red suit blazer paired with beige linen shorts and a black linen vest will make you the most eye-catching sight on the street. A dark gray suit blazer and black linen shorts show extraordinary taste, and the beige pointed high heels are so eye-catching. It is a favorite match for ladies who pursue fashion and individuality. Navy blue classic double-breasted design blazer, fashionable and not outdated, with a beige striped shirt and linen white shorts inside, a classic and tasteful set, very suitable for working ladies who like casual style.

Linen Shorts with Striped Top

The striped top is a very classic and popular fashion item, which is versatile and not picky. The stylish slim-fit striped short-sleeved T-shirt is very fashionable and individual, and it is matched with white linen shorts to brighten the overall tone, showing a street casual style.

The colorful striped T-shirt and black high-waist slim linen shorts are fashionable and beautiful, perfectly highlighting the charming figure curve, sexy and elegant. In the street photography of fashionable people, blue and white striped shirts and black shorts are the most common combination, which is simple and capable. Blue and white striped chiffon shirt with black linen shorts and black high-heeled shoes, this match in the workplace will make you look full of aura. The black and white striped shirt is classic and elegant, retro and advanced. No matter what the occasion, it is not easy to go wrong. With a pair of simple black linen shorts, you can easily become a retro girl.

A pink striped shirt is paired with blue linen shorts and white casual shoes. The pink and blue color scheme is fresh and sweet. It is an excellent match for creating a small and fresh line of literature and art. The coffee-colored long windbreaker gives people a sense of mystery and looks more casual. Wearing a red and white striped sweater inside has an elegant temperament, paired with black linen shorts and a pair of white canvas shoes, giving people an elegant yet retro feel.

Linen Shorts with Shirt

The shirt can be worn not only as an inner layer, but also as a jacket. A bottoming shirt is also very fashionable and beautiful, and can be used for commuting or leisure. A white chiffon V-neck shirt can well modify the line of the neck. It can be matched with a pair of black high-waisted linen shorts and black sneakers. Black and white collocation is the most classic and attractive combination. The black shorts look thinner and the white shirt shows temperament, makes you look sexy and charming.

The colorful printed shirts are full of Hong Kong style, and they are also very chic and casual. Matching beige slim linen shorts and white sneakers is also a very common beach outfit combination, and it is especially suitable for student parties, full of youthful vitality. The white wood ear shirt is paired with casual beige wide-leg linen shorts and coffee-colored loafers. It is very attractive. The design of the wood ear can also neutralize the formality of the shirt.

A pink turtleneck shirt with gray linen shorts is fresh and sweet, making you look energetic. A black silk blouse with bell sleeves is paired with white linen shorts and black wedge sandals. It is stylish, sophisticated and elegant, and you can try this style even for a date. Cotton white shirt and gray linen shorts, paired with a pair of beige sneakers, artistic and elegant.

Linen Shorts with Vest

Using a vest as the inner layer of various spring and summer jackets, such as suits, work style shirts, denim jackets or knitted cardigans, is a method that many fashionable people will use. This method can use the vest to weaken the sense of space inside the jacket , and don’t have to worry about the vest being difficult to control.

The beige V-neck knitted vest has a small face and has a literary atmosphere. It is matched with a pair of dark blue linen shorts and black loafers. The beige V-neck knitted vest is embellished with a heart, which makes the simple knitted vest more bright. The essence of layering knitted vests is to increase the sense of layering. A white shirt must be worn inside the purple knitted vest. Under the contrast of purple and white, there is a sense of hierarchy.

A white cotton vest is paired with black linen shorts and a beige cotton shirt. The collar and hem of the shirt are exposed, which will have unexpected effects, and it can be used for daily commuting. The dark blue suit is simple and neat, and the beige slim vest and suit form a black and white color scheme, which is classic, generous and layered. Pair it with a pair of white high-waist straight linen shorts to further lengthen your legs. The beige knitted vest is paired with dark brown high-waisted A-line linen shorts. The high-waist design can easily raise the waistline.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed these linen shorts ideas shared above. Linen shorts are a very practical and versatile piece of clothing that can be worn from casual to formal occasions. I hope the linen shorts women outfit ideas above can make your outfit more fashionable.


What do I wear with brown linen pants?

A white chiffon shirt is paired with brown linen pants and beige casual shoes. You can choose a black canvas bag for accessories, which is very suitable for beach vacations.

What matches with grey shorts?

Black is the best color to match with gray linen shorts, black is versatile and can be matched with almost all colors, a black linen vest with gray linen shorts looks stylish and chic.

Which colour match with dark blue shorts?

White is the best color to match with dark blue, blue and white color scheme is fresh and classic, white cotton shirt with dark blue linen shorts, fashionable and elegant.

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