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The clothes made of linen are light and comfortable, which is the most suitable fabric for summer. A pair of linen shorts is a summer must-have. Whether it is for daily home wear or outdoor wear, it adds a fresh and cool feeling to the hot life, and the overall comfort is durable.
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I will share with you about the diverse outfits of linen shorts, including summer outfits, vacation outfits, how to match linen shorts in different colors, etc. And how to maintain and cut linen shorts. Of course, also compares linen shorts of trendy brands and shares the list of the best linen shorts for you. So that you can quickly find a pair of perfect linen shorts. In addition, the ways to buy linen shorts are also provided for you. In short, everything you want to know about linen shorts, you can come here to check.

Linen shorts

High waist linen shorts are very versatile. You can refer to my following outfit ideas.


1.High waist linen shorts + white linen shirt

As a versatile item, the white linen shirt is also very beautiful when paired with high-waist shorts. Tuck the hem of the shirt into the trousers and then loosen it a little, which is even more eye-catching.


2.High waist linen shorts + white T

This outfit is a proper college style. A white T-shirt can also be worn with a sense of fashion. Tie a knot on the top of the high-waisted shorts to add a cute and sweet atmosphere.


3.High waist linen shorts + jacket

The short top with high waist linen shorts is the most suitable choice. The upper half of the body to modify the waistline, the lower half of the body to show leg length, the overall collocation is both fashionable and casual, stepping on a pair of high heels will be more personalized. Changing a pair of canvas shoes is another kind of youthful and energetic style.


4.High waist linen shorts + chiffon shirt

Choose a chiffon shirt with a waist design. You can choose a light-colored high-waist linen shorts, which will attract more people’s attention. Wear black sandals on your feet. There is a clear contrast in color, forming a visual impact, simple and low-key.
Certainly. In the hot summer, coolness has become the main indicator to measure the comfort of clothing. Clothes made of linen are breathable, cool, and skin-friendly, and they are easy to wear. They can be called “the most effortless material in summer”. A pair of linen shorts is even cooler and loses heat faster than silk and cotton.
Linen shorts and a T-shirt are a timeless combination that is unisex. You can choose linen shorts and T-shirt combinations in different colors and styles, and each combination will have a different wearing effect. For example, a white round neck T-shirt with black linen pants is simple, elegant and fashionable. Gray linen shorts are paired with a pink embroidered V-neck T-shirt. The embroidered design is ethnic style, and it looks good with a pair of gray linen shorts.
Linen shorts are loose, so a pair of athleisure loafers is the most natural combination. Whether it is resting at home or outdoor activities, you can have a relaxed, happy and leisurely day. Of course, you can also match it with thick-heeled sandals, strappy sandals, high-heeled shoes, casual leather shoes, canvas shoes, etc., which are all very suitable.
Linen shorts can be worn smart casual style, but not just smart casual style. Appropriate matching can make a pair of simple linen shorts not only smart casual style, but also sweet style, intellectual style, sexy style and punk style. In addition, linen shorts come with a sense of laziness and a low-saturated color that is very literary.
Two tips for wearing linen shorts with a sense of classy:
  • 1.Use the top design to emphasize the style of wearing. Choose tops according to your style preferences and body characteristics. Use tops with a certain sense of design for matching, so that you can show your skin with linen shorts without diluting the style of wear.
  • 2.Properly reduce the number of accessories and choose the right style. When creating classy outfits, it is really necessary to use accessories for embellishment. Accessories are like a double-edged sword. If they are not used well, it may affect the overall aesthetics of the outfit. You can use caps, berets and other accessories to match linen shorts, or you can use delicate earrings or necklaces for embellishment.
Yes. Many of the linen shorts we commonly see now are quite see-through. Especially linen shorts in light colors, such as beige and white. So when buying linen shorts, especially in summer, we can try to choose darker colors.
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