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Linen pants, refers to pants made of linen fabric, linen fabric is very breathable, suitable for summer wear, the design has added new fashion elements, set fashion, comfort and practicality as one. Starting from the concept of daily matching and washing and maintenance of linen pants, this pillar page systematically expounds the daily matching suggestions of linen pants of different colors and styles, as well as the precautions for washing and maintenance of linen pants.
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The following will introduce in detail the wearing suggestions for linen pants from different angles, list of linen pants that consumers are interested in, and the specific steps of cleaning, maintenance and ironing. According to the high-frequency problems raised by consumers in the process of using linen pants, the specific article content is used to analyze the problem and sort out specific and feasible solutions, and the article content provided on this page has certain reference value for users of linen pants.

Linen Pants

Linen pants are cool to the touch, good moisture absorption, heat dissipation performance is 5 times that of wool, 19 times that of silk. In hot weather conditions, wearing linen pants can make people’s skin surface temperature 3-4 degrees Celsius lower than wearing silk and cotton fabric clothing. Compared with cotton fabrics, linen pants are wet spinned, there is no burr phenomenon of dry spinning, and there is no stinging and itching when worn closely, which can be anti-static.
Yes, they are. Linen pants are a versatile summer item that can be selected in different lengths, such as croats, quarters and small feet. Daily wear has a high photo rate, a simple fit, and good breathability of the fabric, which is very suitable for hot summer days. When you go out on the street every day, you can wear a pair of various styles, the style is changeable, and you are always on the front line of trends.
Linen is a very popular clothing fabric in summer. linen has 5 times the heat dissipation performance of wool and 19 times that of silk, and in hot weather conditions, wearing linen clothing can make people’s skin surface temperature 3-4 degrees Celsius lower than wearing silk and cotton fabric clothing. Linen absorbs 20% of its own weight and quickly releases absorbed moisture, keeping you dry even after sweating.
The traditional wisdom is that linen should never be worn before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. While most people will follow this rule because of tradition, there is no basis in reality. So, as long as the weather permits, people can wear linen pants at any time and enjoy the light, airy feel of this natural fabric.
The difference between linen and pure cotton is one: fabrics containing hemp have good breathability, strong moisture absorption, good taking performance, and moth resistance, but poor elasticity, and the breathability of cotton fabrics is not as good as that of fabrics containing hemp. Therefore, summer clothing is mostly made of linen fabric. Moreover, the raw material of hemp is more expensive than that of cotton, and it is also relatively noble.
How to care for linen pants


  1. Avoid vigorous rubbing during washing;
  2. Choose neutral detergent, try not to use alkaline detergents (such as washing powder, soap), alkaline detergents will hydrolyze some dyes and fall off from the clothes;
  3. Wash with immersion to shorten the soaking time;
  4. Avoid exposure to the sun;
  5. Store linen pants in a dry place.
Linen pants are prone to wrinkles, which are determined by the linen material itself, which needs to be cared for and ironed. The wrinkling phenomenon is related to the fibers of flax, which is very tough, but has no elasticity. Other fabrics slowly return to their original shape after deformation, but linen cannot do this, and once deformed, it can only wrinkle. Linen pants require more time and effort to care for.
Yes, they do. Linen fiber fabrics are known as “natural air conditioners”. Flax has excellent heat dissipation performance because flax is the only bundle fiber among natural fibers. The bundle fiber is formed by the glue of single cells of linen, because there is no more air retention, the breathability rate of linen pants is as high as more than 25%, so its thermal conductivity (air permeability) is excellent.
Yes, if it is pure linen fabric, the general shrinkage rate will be about ten percent, so you must pay attention when washing. The water temperature will shrink very badly after the temperature is too high.
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