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Linen fabric is very breathable, linen dress is cool and breathable, vintage and fashionable, suitable for summer wear, linen dress with its cool and breathable place in the field of dresses.
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Timing Method Of Washing Machine: 1. When we use the washing machine, we should arrange the time so as to avoid waste of water and electricity. In addition, linen dress had better not be washed too long. 2. Rotate the washing machine timing switch with even force. Do not use

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The following first summarizes the suggestions for wearing linen dresses for different occasions in different seasons. Secondly, the specific methods of wrinkling linen dresses are summarized from the two aspects of washing and ironing, and the most concerning problems of consumers with daily wear of linen dresses are analyzed through the method of collecting information and data analysis, and specific solutions are given through targeted articles.

Linen Dress

Yes, you do. Linen fabrics are prone to shrinkage and wrinkling, especially when they are first put into the water after buying, and they become very wrinkled after washing. When the dress is dry until 90%, take off the clothes and fold them neatly, and then use a steam iron. It is best to choose the hanging iron, which is convenient to use and has a better wrinkle removal effect after ironing. Linen dress ironing needs to pay attention to the temperature, the temperature should be controlled between 200 °C ~ 230 °C, and iron when the dress is semi-dry, so that the ironing effect is the best.
The folds of the linen dress can be solved like this: first wash it in cold water, soak it in cold water for 10-20 minutes, then wash the fabric with softener and laundry detergent, then swing and rinse it clean, remember to rotate and wring it out, put it in a net pocket to drain the water, and then shake it flat, and then iron it with a steam iron.
The reason why linen fabrics are easy to wrinkle is mainly related to the fibers of linen, and linen dresss have better toughness, but there is no elasticity. Other fabrics can also slowly return to their original shape after deformation, while linen dresss cannot, and wrinkle once deformed.
Yes,it does wrinkle fast. Linen dress generally refers to a dress made of linen fabric. Of all fabrics, linen is relatively easy to wrinkle, because its structure is looser, and the hardness is not high, so it will wrinkle after being pressed or squeezed.
Yes, they do. The linen dress itself is easy to wrinkle, so it is easy to wrinkle after washing, giving people a particularly uncomfortable feeling, even the most expensive linen dress.
  1. Cold wash: The linen dress is made of special materials, easy to wrinkle, pay more attention when washing, hot water washing will make the dress deform and rise
Crease. Soaking in cold water for a while and then washing normally in cold water can reduce the probability of wrinkling.
  1. Ironing by hanging ironing machine: The linen fabric is very tough, but the elasticity is insufficient, and you need to iron the dress with certain skills. Hang up the washed dress first, then use an ironing machine to smooth out the folds on the dress, and dry them normally, so that the dress is set, and then wearing it can reduce the wrinkles.
  1. Use a little softener, which is available in supermarkets.
  2. Use laundry detergent instead of washing powder to wash clothes, soak in laundry detergent for a while and then wash.
  3. Generally, washing with water is to add chemical agents to make the fabric have some wrinkled, worn or soft feeling. For example, the same denim, the unwashable cloth is very hard, and the washed water is soft. Washing is divided into ordinary washing, that is, it is to go through high-temperature water. There is also fermentation, so chemical preparations need to be added.
Yes, generally, the shrinkage rate of pure linen fabric is about 10%, so you must pay attention when washing. When the water temperature is too high, it will cause the linen dress to shrink very seriously.
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