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How to wear linen blazer

How To Wear Linen Blazer (2023)?

A linen blazer is a very versatile piece that can be worn in the office, at a wedding, or on vacation,and we need to find matching linen blazers for different venues. Linen blazers are more casual than other styles of suits, and they are also warmer than other fabrics.

If you want to wear your unique style, but do not want to buy too expensive clothes, then choosing the linen fabric made of the blazer is perfect. If you want to see how to wear a linen blazer on different occasions, then don’t miss this article. Next, let’s see how to wear a linen blazer fabric.

How To Wear Linen Blazer For Casual Outfit

The linen blazer casually is a little formal, so it can be worn with jeans, pants as well as shorts, but if you want to match your personality with jeans, you should avoid that overly stiff style.

If you want to wear a denim outfit with a more fashionable flavor, you can choose a light-colored blazer with jeans. For example, a white linen suit and dark blue jeans together, although they are very simple style modeling, very European and American style flavor.

Outfits With Skirts

Linen jackets with short skirts and long skirts are very fashionable,how to style a linen blazer jacket with a skirt? In addition, you can also be appropriate with flat shoes.

(1) When a blazer with a short skirt, the length of the skirt should not be too long. A skirt with too long length tends to look draggy, while it tends to look too sexy if it is too short. So you need to pay attention to matching skills.

When blazer with a short skirt, the skirt should not be too long, the length should be about 2-3 cm above the knee, so you can avoid looking draggy and too sexy. But it can’t be too short either, or it will look too short, and a too loose skirt will also show fat. If you want to have a little sexy, you can choose some looser short skirts to wear oh.

(2) Linen blazer with a long skirt, a long skirt can not be too short, otherwise, it will look too casual. Of course, the length of the short skirt should not be too long, so as not to look dragging.

(3) Linen blazer with a skirt, to simple appropriate, otherwise it will have a “country style” style.

Outfits With Jeans, Trousers And Shorts

You can choose a gray linen suit with a brighter and more casual sense of blue jeans. In addition, you can match a pair of brown leather shoes, all the look is more casual and casual a little.

When wearing a linen blazer,what pants to wear with a linen jacket?Linen suits and pants together will be more competent and sharp, a blue and white with the use of a beige short suit with denim blue wide-leg pants, personality casual and very trendy, plus a snakeskin patterned handbag and bright rose pink sandals highlighting the elements of personality.

The linen suit with a short skirt will look individual and competent, you can try it and change the old-fashioned style.

How To Wear Linen Blazer To The Office

What kind of pants to wear with a linen blazer ?It is best to choose a pair of slim-fitting jeans for the lower half of your body, which will look more competent. How do you pair a white linen blazer? If it is a formal occasion, a white linen blazer or a black one with a dark colored dress will make you look more professional. If it is not a very formal occasion, wearing a light blue linen blazer is also a good match for attending some small meetings. Choose a dark blazer that can also be paired with some simple and generous dresses or small skirts, it will also look more elegant temperament. If you choose a linen suit, then it is best to match a white shirt, is very classic wear, so it will look more decent and generous.

How To Wear Linen Blazer To A Wedding

A linen blazer is also good to wear at weddings. How to wear women’s red linen blazer ?You can choose red and brown with each other, the color of the scarf and other shoes can choose a little more understated, or choose with stripes, so it will look more fashionable. Choose a light-colored blazer, with a linen shirt, or will be very textured. Choosing a blazer for a wedding can also make you look a little more energetic. Men’s linen outfits for weddings, men can also wear red linen suits, but how to wear a red linen blazer for men? Wearing a linen blazer and black leather shoes is very common with it, if you want to be a little more fashionable and personalized at the wedding, you can add a bright-colored tie or shirt inside.

How To Wear Linen Blazer On Vacation

The linen blazer dress is perfect for a casual vacation. Linen blazers and linen coats are great with some solid-colored undershirts underneath, perfect for a casual vacation. The best part about linen is its fabric, which means it’s breathable and wicking, and it’s comfortable to wear.

Linen blazers are also great for casual jackets – as long as they look good together. A blazer can look just like a simple, manly jacket, but there is a difference when paired properly. Blazers are worth considering and trying with linen coats and jackets made of other fabrics.

What Accessories Goes Best With Linen Blazer

If you like beige, then how to wear a beige linen blazer ?A loose linen blazer with a brown waist belt looks very shapely. The same color silk scarf, not only increases the sense of shape but also makes the overall look more layered. A linen jacket with a silk scarf of the same color system is very compatible, plus a woven cap is one of the most popular ways to match this year. A blazer with a black woven cap, can bring you enough modeling sense and will let you have a casual lazy model. And knitted cap can not only increase the sense of modeling but also will make you look lovely oh.

Final thoughts

Linen jackets on many occasions are very suitable to wear, the use of some good accessories and single products can wear a different style so the linen blazer is very worth getting. As long as it is properly matched, it can show your style and temperament very well, which will make you the brightest one in the crowd.

Linen blazers are very popular for fashion and business occasions, so if you want to wear something different, then try a blazer. If you want a more sophisticated look and a more textured linen blazer, then pair it with any accessory, whether it’s a belt, a hat, or a pair of shoes to wear with linen suit high heels.

PHALAR is a linen brand that has many famous designers, so its clothes are guaranteed to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. And, because it has a very good supply chain, its prices are very advantageous. If you have more questions such as outfits with skirts and shorts and so on, you can access the official website. Come and choose a linen clothes for yourself!


How do you pair a blazer in daily life?

In daily life, you can choose some simple items to match, wrap dresses, jeans, long skirts or short skirts are all fine, depending on the style you like, you don’t have to match a lot of accessories.

What shirt to wear with linen blazer?

You can match a light blue shirt with a red bag, which looks like a full gas field, temperament, and competent.

What pants go with a blazer?

Jeans and wide-legged pants with a linen blazer are good choices. You can also choose pants of the same linen material, both long and short pants.

How do you wear an oversized linen blazer?

Large blazer, the innerwear will try to choose a tight-fitting top or suit, the suit can choose a long dress, a whole set of ways to wear very fashionable and elegant, in the office or daily life can be worn.

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