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How To Wear A Linen Blazer 5 Outfit Ideas For You In 2023

How To Wear A Linen Blazer? 5 Ideas Outfit For You In 2023

How To Wear A Linen Blazer?

How to wear a linen blazer? There are many linen blazer outfit for men and women below.

For women: White linen jacket paired with white linen pants

The cream jacket paired with a black drawstring slit skirt

Oversize style

Light brown set paired with black tank top

For men: Light colored linen blazer paid with white jeans

Linen work blazer paired with cotton and linen shorts

A beige linen blazer is paired with a white shirt, wearing dark green trousers

For men, the most suitable pants to pair with a cream jacket are gray pants.

In the previous article, we shared with you the concept of matching linen pants and linen dress, as well as the matching of sets. Today, let’s share with you how to wear linen blazer and linen blazer sets. You can choose any color you like. The colors that are more versatile include white, cream, black, light brown, and so on. Next, please continue reading this article,we will show you how to style women’s linen blazer and linen jackets for men.

What Is Linen

The fiber of flax is the earliest natural plant fiber used by humans – flax fiber, abbreviated as flax. Flax material has unique advantages such as strong, flexible, fine, good color, strong fiber strength, non perishable in water, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation, low dust absorption, non tearing, non flammable, non static, acid and alkali resistance, making it one of the preferred raw materials for various high-end luxury goods. Flax is the only bundle of natural fibers. Because it does not have more conditions to retain air, the breathability of linen fabrics is as high as 25% or more, and it can absorb 20% of its own weight of water.

This structure produces excellent breathability, moisture absorption, freshness, and moisture removal, and can timely adjust the ecological temperature environment of the human skin surface.

People who use flax products all year round generally have good skin. Flax products contain hemicellulose, which is the best material for absorbing ultraviolet rays.

Flax products contain over 18% hemicellulose, several times the amount of pure cotton fiber. It can protect the skin from UV damage.

In a magnified projection of more than 50 times, it looks like a knot of bamboo, free of distortions such as cotton and wool fibers. This feature makes it impossible for dust to find a place to hide dirt. In terms of sanitary performance, it has excellent effects and is the best product for protecting the respiratory tract.

How To Wear Various Colors Of Blazers For Men And Women

A white Linen Blazer

  • For women

How to wear a white blazer female?The white blazer is paired with a white vest and blue linen pants. This is a refreshing and professional appearance suitable for most workplaces. This blazer is as long as the wrist and can be worn by both petite and tall women. Fashionable and comfortable, linen pants are breathable and cool in the hot summer climate. Wearing a pair of nude sandals on your feet gives you the first impression of a capable workplace elite.

  • For men

A men’s white linen jacket paired with a black and white striped round neck T-shirt, blue jeans underneath, and a pair of white canvas Derby shoes on the feet create a casual and fashionable set. White and blue are two colors that are very easy to match, and when paired, they give a dazzling look. Pairing with a pair of white canvas derby shoes can add vitality to your outfit, making it personalized and full of vitality.

A Cream Linen Blazer

  • For women

What to wear with cream linen jacket?The cream jacket paired with a black drawstring slit skirt creates a perfect daily vacation style. Cream color is not as cold as white, giving people a gentle and approachable feeling. Paired with a black suspender skirt, it adds a touch of intelligence and elegance. Pair it with a pair of black flat sandals that match the color of the black halter dress, making it perfect for daily outings and vacations.

  • For men

For men, the most suitable pants to pair with cream blazer combinations are gray pants. The fabric of gray pants can be wool, cotton, wool, etc. Regardless of the fabric, gray always matches well with a bright cream color. Once you mix cream and gray together, almost all shirts will look great. The picture is paired with a pair of black loafers, making the whole person look very gentlemanly, suitable for both work and formal occasions.

A Black Linen Blazer

  • For women

Oversize style: Try designing an oversized black sports jacket, paired with a well cut but not fitting pair of pants and a short tight tank top to avoid stuffiness at all. This kind of outfit is simply a street shattering presence, suitable for various occasions, and the spacious style can cover up the shortcomings on the body, making people more perfect.

  • For men

Leopard patterned rayon shirt paired with a black linen blazer, paired with a pair of vintage tassel loafers on the feet. This outfit gives people a sense of belonging to the upper class, with retro and high-end styles, making it a more layered outfit.

A Beige Linen Blazer

  • For women

If you want to look more casual and fashionable rather than formal, you can pair it with beige linen tapered pants. If you want to inject a certain personality into this outfit, you can pair it with black leather flat bottomed sandals to perfect your look. This outfit is very comfortable, relaxed and free to wear, suitable for traveling and walking.

  • For men

How to wear a men’s beige linen blazer?Beige linen blazer is paired with a white shirt, wearing dark green trousers below, and a pair of Liusu Lefu shoes on the feet. This combination method looks very exquisite. The shape of the shoes can also perfectly match the top and pants, which can be used for both work occasions and formal events such as weddings, parties, etc.

5 Outfit Ideas For Linen Blazers
Cream linen blazer paired with jeans and high heeled sandals

A cream colored linen jacket paired with jeans and high heeled sandals, paired with a striped shirt underneath, is a very efficient pairing method, paired with a teapot shaped bag. Walking on the street, everyone can’t help but glance at you more! This combination is suitable for work, shopping, vacation, and more, very beautiful! These pants can also be used as petites’ best linen pants, it will be more elegant.

A creamy white linen blazer paired with creamy white linen wide leg pants

Paired with a black tight tank top and a pair of black high heeled sandals, looks very professional and knowledgeable. The casual version of the suit jacket has a low-key connotation. Wide leg pants have a great leg shape and are the best match for intellectuals and creatives.

If you feel that the linen wide leg pants are too big, you can also choose linen wide leg pants petite.

Silhouette linen blazerpaired with denim skirt

Linen suits depict the natural sense of seasonal changes, paired with pure white tops, denim bottoms, and streamlined shorts to create a casual and clean style. Suitable for daily commuting wear.

Light colored linen blazer paired with white jeans

The light colored linen suit has a visual effect, with a temperature drop of at least 5 degrees Celsius. After natural activities, the increased crease feeling of linen is also a high-end display of the fabric. When paired with a shirt, the top two are basically not buttoned, leaving an appropriate degree of skin exposure. Shoes can also choose fabric surfaces. Any single item feels very casual, and this combination can achieve a refreshing, clean, and comfortable visual experience, making it easy for the wearer to wear.

Linen work blazer paired with cotton and linen shorts

This coat has a high viewing value, with blue and white thin stripes like the sky, paired with two large work clothes pockets on the chest, it is light and elegant, and a pair of high waisted shorts was chosen for the bottom. This outfit is the best vacation linen shorts outfit for men.

Choose a pair of thick soled small white shoes for a comfortable feel, and the black design at the end of the shoes can make our ankles look longer. The overall pairing is mainly blue and white, with a strong early summer flavor.


The key words of flax are advanced, simple, generous and natural. It is absolutely right to choose flax. And linen clothing is very easy to match, including the linen blazer we mentioned today. I hope this article will be helpful to you, and I hope you never regret choosing linen! PHALAR has been focusing on linen for many years, and is top-notch in terms of quality and design. If you are interested, you can visit its official website. If you have more ideas on how do you wear a blazer in 2023? You can leave your comments below.


What do you line a linen blazer with?

It is ideal for lining jackets and skirts made from wool or linen, where a polyester lining would negate the breathable qualities of natural fibres. It has a luxury silky finish, is anti-static and anti-cling and wicks away any sweat or moisture from the wearer’s skin.

Are linen blazers cooler?

Linen’s natural breathability means it’s predisposed to keep you cool through the sweltering August heat, which makes it an ideal option for stress-free summer styling.

What season should I wear a linen blazer?

Linen blazers are suitable for all seasons. Due to its lightweight and breathable fabric, it will work well if you want to achieve a chic formal look in the summer. It works well during the Spring and the Fall when the temperature is not that cold.

Is it OK to iron a linen suit?

The only downside to linen its tendency to wrinkle. You can help it to stay looking sharp by giving it a good iron. Don’t be afraid to turn the heat up and go over it a few times to make sure all the creases are out. Once it’s ironed, keep it hung in a dry place, so it’s ready for when you come to wear it.

Should I press a linen suit?

Many worry that ironing isn’t an option for linen — but it is. Just be sure to go for the medium heat setting. A pressing cloth can also help protect your suit from scorch marks and get you the best results. If you’re unsure about ironing your linen suit, then steaming is always an option.

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