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How to wash a linen blazer

How To Wash A Linen Blazer

Are you still worried about cleaning your linen blazer?Linens that have been processed and treated correctly can be washed by hand, in a machine, or even dried in a tumble dryer on a low temperature.

Linen dry cleaning is a more specialized and targeted practice, such as fine linen jackets or suits, which are sent to a professional dry cleaner because of the way they are woven and sewn. Also, be sure to follow the care instructions on linen items. Test the cleaning method in a small, secluded area before cleaning the whole piece.Here are some tips on how to clean a linen blazer, as well as some stain removal tips.

Wash A Linen Blazer By Using Washing Machine

When cleaning linen blazer, be sure to set the washing machine to “gentle wash,” and if your washing machine has a choice of water level, be sure to choose the maximum level to give your clothes more room to move around.When washing cotton and hemp clothes, only use cold water, the temperature is controlled below 60℃, about 40℃ is appropriate.Don’t do too much laundry at once, or it may cause your clothes to twist and distort.

Wash A Linen Blazer By Hand

Hand washing is usually recommended for linen blazer that are not particularly dirty or have a loose texture to avoid the risk of being ruined in the washing machine.If washing by hand, be gentle,don’t scrub or twist your linen blazer.Linen jackets must be washed in cold or warm water, not ice or hot water.

Wash A Linen Blazer By Dry Cleaning

When dry-cleaning linen, gently knead the linen to remove serious stains, and then gently knead and rinse the linen as a whole. Don’t rub it too hard when washing. Soak it in advance and then gently rub it. Because excessive rubbing is not only easy to cause clothes to shrink, but also easy to wrinkle, affecting its life.When cleaning, it is best to use neutral detergent or laundry detergent, not recommended to use laundry detergent. Because laundry detergent is high in alkali, it may cause the color of linen to fade if washed.

How To Remove Stains From Linen

In household life, how simple and quick to clear oily stains on linen? First of all, you should be very active in the first time treatment, so that the whole decontamination process will become relatively easy.

Materials you need to prepare: enzyme stain, iron, paper towel, enzyme detergent, etc.Pre-treatment is to gently scrape the dirt from the stain with a scraper. Then apply a stain remover that uses enzymes, which can be dripped or sprayed on the dirt. The enzymes in these products are safe for flax fibers and will only work on food stains.

Of course grease stains, such as lipstick or grease, need to be treated with solvent remover.To remove wax from white linen, scrape off as much wax as possible, place a paper towel on the linen and run it over with an iron until it absorbs the wax that has been melted by the heat of the iron until it is clear, and then treat any remaining stains with an enzyme stain.Never use chlorine bleaching, which can turn flax fibers yellow. And don’t put your white linen tablecloth in contact with harsh chemicals such as ammonia, vinegar, or highly acidic cleaners. These chemical stains can damage the fibrous structure.

Cornstarch And Baking Soda

Cover your greased linen with just enough cornstarch or baking soda to soak up the oil between the fibers for 15 minutes. Later in the process, the soiled corn starch is brushed into the trash can and the new corn starch is used until it can no longer absorb any greasy residue.

White Vinegar

To clean oily linens, use laundry detergent, but the water should be about 40-50 degrees Celsius, and add a cup of white vinegar. Under the action of white vinegar, the separation of oil stains and fabric is conducive to cleaning oil stains.

How To Dry Linen

Avoid tumble drying as much as possible. The dryer not only consumes a lot of energy, but also causes great damage to the fabric and greatly shortens the service life of linen.The best way to dry in the sun. It is not only more gentle to your linen, but also the sunlight is a natural antibacterial agent, which also helps to whiten. Please note that we recommend not to put your linen on the clothesline for a long time, because if it is left too long, the sun will bleach the color.

However, if you choose to use a dryer, be sure to keep it at a low speed. We recommend that you remove the flax product from the dryer before it is completely dried to prevent damage to the flax fiber, and complete the drying process indoors or outdoors.

How To Iron Linen

Flax fiber is the strongest plant fiber, usually two to three times stronger than cotton. Linen, though strong, is prone to wrinkles, and there are treatments that can smooth out wrinkles in linen clothing. By following the right steps, we can easily use a steam ironing machine to remove wrinkles from linen.

When ironing, fill a spray bottle with water and spray out a fine mist to moisten your clothes. The effect is more pronounced when the linen is slightly wet.The gear is set to fit the pattern of linen fabric. Pure linen can withstand the highest heat pattern, and a cooler steam should be used for fine linen or linen suits with other decorative details or embroidery.Use an ironing machine steam mode to slowly iron out wrinkles on clothing, which is more time-consuming and requires patience where there are more wrinkles. Once the front is done, turn the garment over and steam iron the back until all the wrinkles are flat.Hang the ironed linen until it is completely dry.

Final Thoughts

Poor cleaning or maintenance will greatly shorten the life cycle of the fabric, but with different fabric production of the work of the cleaning method and there are great differences.I hope the above suggestions will help you clean linen better.You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section,if you enjoyed this post, please share it with us.


Can I machine wash linen blazer?

linen blazer can be washed by washing machines, but the corresponding fabric cleaning function of washing machines should be selected, and the seat should be marked. If the wrong fabric function is selected, the linen fabric will be damaged, so it is not worth the loss. Linen fabric is a high-quality material. Clothes made of this material belong to high-quality clothes and are expensive. Therefore, we must be careful when cleaning this kind of clothes in the washing machine and pay attention to the function of cleaning fabric.

Can linen blazer be washed in the washing machine?

Linen clothes can be washed in a washing machine, but it also depends on the shaking amplitude of the washing machine when working, whether it will cause damage to linen clothes. Under normal circumstances, washing linen clothes in a washing machine has little impact on clothes, you can rest assured to use machine washing. It is best not to use laundry detergent when washing linen clothes, because laundry detergent has a higher alkali content, it is recommended to use neutral detergent or laundry detergent.

Can you hand wash 100% linen?

Linen cloth can be washed by hand. Generally, newly bought linen cloth feels hard. Before washing, you can soak it in water with softener, and then wash the linen cloth. Although the flax has high toughness, you should pay attention to the strength when cleaning, because this kind of cloth has poor elasticity, and after drying, it simply wrinkles, which affects the appearance of the clothing. Because different clothes are arranged in different ways, it is good to check the cleaning requirements on the clothing tag before cleaning. As long as you follow the cleaning requirements on the tag, you can ensure that everything is safe.

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