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How To Style Linen Shorts Outfit For Men

How To Style Linen Shorts Outfit For Men (2023)

Linen shorts are highly wearable clothing in a man’s wardrobe. You can easily create a modern and fashionable collocation through some styling skills in daily collocation. Men’s linen shorts are the perfect summer clothes, they are lightweight and breathable, perfect for those hot summer days. Whether for formal or casual attire, linen shorts can be worn ideally with a variety of different shirts, shoes and accessories. Next, Here are some practical tips for wearing linen shorts outfit for men. If you are interested, please continue reading.

Casual Outfit

Classic and fashionable white round neck T-shirt, simple and loose fit, comfortable, breathable and slim, paired with black wide-leg linen shorts and black sneakers, the overall look is casual and comfortable, and it feels refreshing to wear. A sporty polo shirt can be paired with comfortable linen shorts.

A beige polo shirt can be paired with blue linen shorts and white casual shoes. The solid color design of the beige polo shirt is versatile. A dark brown printed T-shirt is paired with black linen shorts and brown sneakers. The personalized printing shows the trendy temperament. In addition, the fresh printed patterns bring a touch of coolness in the hot summer.

A sky blue printed T-shirt is paired with linen white shorts, and a checked shirt is tied around the waist. It is full of street style and is very suitable for daily matching. Linen shorts and canvas shoes are very coordinated, comfortable and casual. A yellow T-shirt is paired with beige linen shorts, and a white striped shirt is tied around the waist, which is full of fashion. White T-shirt + beige linen shorts + white sneakers is always an eye-catching combination. Complete your look with a pair of gold-tone sunglasses.

Formal Outfit

Not all workplaces need suits and leather shoes. With the rise of e-commerce, many simple and casual styles are gradually becoming popular in the workplace, and the combination of sweaters and shorts is a good way of expression. The basic color system can be chosen by men of any size and height. With personalized trousers, the highlights are placed on the lower body, and the shape is also very attractive.

Black linen shorts are paired with a beige round-neck sweater, and the shoes are more formal black leather shoes. Japanese-style workplace attire is suitable for companies that do not have strict regulations on workplace attire. But small men should pay attention. Sweatshirts can be combined with jeans and linen shorts, but the latter has a stronger sense of atmosphere, and is in the same color as the shoes, and the shape is full of fashion and strength. Black linen shorts with black cotton shirt and dark brown loafers can also create a mature atmosphere, suitable for more formal occasions.

Wear a navy blue suit jacket with a black shirt and navy blue linen shorts, which combines comfort and formality, and can satisfy both leisure and workplace. This style completely breaks the inherent matching of suits, and the choice of inner wear becomes very high. In order to pursue simplicity, you can directly use the same color system inside and outside. A black suit jacket is matched with a black shirt and black linen shorts. The whole person looks fashionable, elegant and full of charm.

Vacation Outfit

Men’s vacation style should not only consider the looseness of the overall shape and bright colors, but also consider the unity of their own tone and style with the tone and style of clothing. The white shirt has a loose shape, simple and elegant fabric, and a more casual and generous pattern. It is matched with gray linen shorts and white flip-flops. The overall fit is natural and comfortable, and it is very suitable for beach outfits. Different shades of blue are characteristic of a cool tone.

The haze blue cotton short-sleeved T-shirt is paired with a pair of pure white linen wide-leg shorts and blue sandals. Because pure white is a feature of cool tones, the layout is generous and casual. So paired it with a pair of pure white wide-leg shorts. The choice of shoes has some echoes with the tops in terms of color, but at the same time there is a small change, and the style is more comfortable and cool.

White linen shorts and a green short-sleeved T-shirt with lettering, and white flat sandals. Since the shorts are made from soft, lightweight linen, they stay lightweight and cool. The fresh green and white color matching allows you to easily have a stylish vacation outfit.

Footwear Options

Linen shorts are the most common and easy to match. You can wear them with loafers and sneakers every day. The most important thing is what style you want to wear. If you are attending a formal occasion, choose slim-fit black linen shorts with formal black loafers. The upper body can be paired with a beige shirt, which is a stylish choice. The simple and stylish khaki linen shorts are good-looking and versatile.

Men who like casual styles can wear black canvas shoes. When choosing canvas shoes, it will be more trendy to wear fashionable socks to match. When you go to work, you can choose brown linen shorts with a black shirt, and black loafers are the best shoes, which are fashionable and classic. When traveling, blue and white striped shirt + white linen shorts + beige sailing shoes are a fixed match of navy style, and you will feel like a vacation immediately when you put it on.


Elegant accessories are a good way to quickly improve the overall quality of dressing. In fact, boys should not be too cumbersome when choosing accessories. They only need to follow two essentials: 1. Simple: Wearing overly complicated accessories will not only affect the overall appearance of people. Perception, and it is likely to have unexpected counterproductive effects. 2. Appropriateness: When choosing accessories, you must know what kind of accessories are suitable for the clothes you are wearing, and try to avoid mistakes.

The hat can be said to be the only decoration on the top of the boy’s head. Whether in daily life or in formal occasions, before going out, you can carefully choose a hat that suits you according to the situation, which is the embodiment of boys’ taste. A well-fitting hat can also make the basic look of a white T-shirt with blue linen shorts look less stuffy. A gray cowboy hat with a white round neck T-shirt and blue linen shorts is fashionable and classy. A pocket square is an essential accessory for a suit. Pocket squares are the perfect little addition to quickly elevate an outfit. A black suit jacket is paired with a gray shirt and black linen shorts, and a black and white checked pocket square can highlight the sense of fashion.

Sunglasses are undoubtedly the most practical accessory in spring and summer. They not only have a strong sunshade function, but are also very effective at enhancing the sense of fashion. Wear a white shirt with black linen shorts and blue sandals, and wear a pair of black sunglasses to make you look more stylish.


Men’s linen shorts are very popular in summer. You can match them with various styles of tops or jackets according to different styles. For casual wear, you can choose a white T-shirt and linen shorts of various colors to look more stylish. Casual chic. For formal occasions, you can choose a suit jacket with linen shorts, and shoes can be more formal loafers or black leather shoes. The whole shape is fashionable and classic. The above introduces some practical collocation suggestions for men’s linen shorts. Thank you very much for reading. I hope you like the outfit ideas for linen shorts shared above.


How to wear linen shorts for men?

Dark blue linen shorts are paired with a black T-shirt and white sneakers, and the whole look looks very dynamic.

What color shirt goes well with white shorts?

A brown flannel shirt with black slim linen shorts has a sense of elegance. It is more appropriate to choose an elegant brown flannel shirt to create an elegant gentleman image.

What shirt goes well with linen shorts?

A black cotton shirt is paired with dark gray high-waisted linen shorts, and the hem of the shirt is tucked into the waistband. It looks capable, and a pair of black sunglasses is more mysterious and chic.

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