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how to roll silverware in a linen napkin

How To Roll Silverware In A Linen Napkin In 2023?

How To Roll Silverware In A Linen Napkin ?

Seeing them set tables at restaurants, weddings, parties, and other special events made us wonder – how is it done? Whether it’s a family buffet or a formal setting, setting the table with fine silverware is an important part of demonstrating taste and sophistication.

Combining silver flatware with linen napkins is stylish and classy. If you want to give it a go, then keep reading!

I feel a unique sense of satisfaction when I artfully wrap silverware in a linen napkin, knowing that this little detail will add a special touch to family dinners.

Wrapping silver doesn’t require much skill, just simple steps and a few tips. I encourage you to give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little details and rituals can add a unique twist to your dining experience.

Below we provide detailed steps and tips to make wrapping your silverware in linen napkins easy.

How To Roll Silverware In A Linen Napkin

How To Roll Silverware In A Linen Napkin
Rolling Silverware In A Linen Napkin Tutorial

Not now, don’t be upset. According to our napkin rolling techniques, I believe you can also roll the silverware perfectly into the linen napkin as shown in the video. You can even get creative and add some flowers, or tie a bow for decoration!

Supplies You Need

Cutlery and square linens, just make sure they are shaped like a square and big enough to hold all the silverware. And make sure the linen is clean and tidy. If not, be sure to change it, and remove the stain from the linen in time.

The Process Of Rolling Silverware In A Linen Napkin

How to roll silverware in a square napkin?Please go through the instruction process below to acquire your new skills.

①Lay neat square linen napkins fully unfolded on the table, the squareness of the napkin is important, so the silverware will fit perfectly.

②Fold one side of the linen napkin diagonally in half to form a triangle as shown. Make sure that the corner of the napkin faces the edge of the table. The edge of the table is not important, any edge will do.

③The knife will move diagonally, make sure the tip of the knife is about 1/2 inch from the tip of the napkin, the position of the knife is very important as this will be the reference point for the utensils not sticking out of the napkin. Place the spoon and fork in order on top of the knife, the stack should be neat and the bottom handle is flush with the others, making sure to leave a gap in the bottom of the napkin. Secure the silverware in place before moving on to the next step.

④Fold the bottom corners of the napkin on both sides to the bottom of the silverware, holding them down with one hand as you fold, making sure the cutlery doesn’t move as this way it doesn’t get uneven.

⑤Step 4 The napkin folded in half on both sides should be as shown below, be careful not to wrinkle. Because this can ensure that the napkins are correctly folded into a regular shape, it can make the table look more tidy and orderly, adding to the beauty of the table.

⑥Roll the silverware tightly into the napkin from the bottom edge, making sure the silverware does not come loose and fall onto the table, but not so tight that it bends or damages the silverware.

⑦Roll the fold to the top of the linen napkin, making sure everything is folded tightly, and you’ve made a silverware roll. Of course if you’re worried about your silverware roll falling apart, keep it in place with paper towel straps. You can find napkin ribbons in a variety of colors online or in stores. Most are self-adhesive, so you just wrap it tightly around the finished napkin roll and secure it in place.

With the above steps, you can easily roll up the silverware and place it in linen napkins, enhancing the overall beauty of the table and dining experience. Of course, pay attention to cleaning the linen napkin after the meal, so that it can be used next time and extend its service life.

The Process Of Rolling Silverware In A Linen Napkin
Beautification Tips To Wrap Silverware In Napkins

Tie a bouquet or ribbon around the napkin for added decoration. Place rolled silverware and linen napkins on each plate of the meal or group them to one side of the dining area. You can also add decorations such as bouquets of flowers or ribbons to the napkins for a touch of sophistication and elegance. How to wrap silverware in paper napkins for wedding?Wrapping silverware in wedding napkins can also be done like this, exquisite and simple.

Beautification Tips To Wrap Silverware In Napkins


The silverware, rolled in beautiful linen napkins, is a very simple yet elegant decorative detail. It doesn’t take a lot of time to learn, and the end result is amazing! Remember to choose better quality linen napkins to avoid tearing. PHALAR‘s linen fabric offers durability and quality assurance to ensure flawless silverware wrapping. Let PHALAR’s linen fabric be your ideal choice for creating the perfect dining table!


How to roll silverware in a cloth napkin without a ring?

Start by folding one corner of the napkin diagonally towards the opposite corner. Place your silverware neatly in the center along the fold. Fold the bottom end of the napkin up and over the silverware, holding it in place as you fold the top end down to meet the bottom end. Finally, roll the folded edge with the silverware towards the opposite point of the napkin.

How to wrap silverware in paper napkins for wedding?

Arrange the forks and spoon alongside the knife and securely wrap one side of the napkin over the silverware. Tuck it in snugly to ensure the silverware stays in place without any risk of slipping. Opting for disposable silverware is recommended, as it pairs well with paper napkins.

How do you roll silverware in linen napkins?

To roll cutlery, start by placing your linen napkin flat on the table. Take one corner and fold it diagonally towards the opposite corner. Arrange your silverware neatly in the center along the crease. Fold the bottom end of the napkin up and over the silverware, and hold it in place as you fold the top end downwards to meet the bottom end.

What are the alternatives to rolling silverware?

Rolling cutlery consumes time and introduces an extra point of contact between employees and the utensils and napkins used by patrons. To enhance convenience and cleanliness, there are alternatives available. Premium disposable napkin pockets can be employed to safeguard silverware, or pre-rolled napkins combined with disposable cutlery can be utilized. These alternatives provide improved convenience and cleanliness, streamlining the dining experience for both staff and customers.

What size napkin to wrap silverware?

Choice WrapNap Premium Napkins. Measuring 8” x 8”, Choice WrapNaps are the perfect size for rolling flatware.

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