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How To Make Linen Pants

How To Make Linen Pants (2023)?

DIY linen pants is an exciting and rewarding way to make a fashion statement. But for someone without sewing skills, making linen pants by oneself will seem a bit difficult. This blog post details the practical tutorial on how to make linen pants by summarizing the content of linen pants making tutorial videos with more than one million views on YouTube and related high-quality articles. Just a few simple tools, some linen fabrics, and reference points with this step-by-step guide, you can make a pair of linen pants that are as fashionable as they are comfortable.

What you’ll need

Before handmade cotton linen dress, you need prepare something as below list.

1.Fabrics: 2 yards of Fabric IL020 Handkerchief 100% Linen Fabric Bleached

2.Tools: Linen, fabric markers, fabric chalk, scissors, pins, tape measure, pattern-making ruler, pattern paper, elastic thread, needle, sewing machine.

Measuring and Cutting Fabric:DIY High Waist Pleated Linen Pant video

After preparing the linen fabric and sewing tools, according to a certain proportion of the human body, refer to your height and waist circumference, then draw a linen pants pattern on a piece of paper with a pencil, and then cut out the template with scissors. Put the cut layout on the linen fabric, and draw the edge line with a colored pen after alignment. It is best to add 1cm to the edge for cutting, after drawing the fabric layout, use scissors to cut the linen fabric layout.

Sewing Linen Pants

The cut linen is assembled into the original shape of the trousers, and the edges to be sewn are folded and ironed flat. Align the edges of the ironed trousers, sew the trousers piece by piece on the linen sewing machine in order, and sew the folds at the same time, pay attention to the sewing of the crotch and the ankle. Pin the elastic waistband and sew the opening of the waistband closed. Hand sew the two openings of the sleeve, then sew the sleeve bottom with a sewing machine, make sure the elastic slides freely in the casing.

Finishing Linen Pants Make your own loose pants in just 15 minutes!

Turn the linen pants inside out, turn the bottom of the linen leg up by 1 inch and pin, finish the linen trousers with a rolled hem, and do the same for the other linen pants leg.The sewn linen pants are ironed flat with an iron, so that a simple pants-making process is revealed.

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