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How To Machine Wash A Linen Blazer

How To Machine Wash A Linen Blazer

Linen is a comfortable summer clothing fabrics commonly used, very suitable for light blazer, although maintenance of linen blazer have a little tedious, but not all linen products must be dry-cleaned. First read the clothes wash label. There are many linen products that can also be machine washable, so you can save a considerable amount of money, but you also do not have to run back and forth on the way to the dry cleaners. In short, we need to take the right precautions to wash linen blazer.

So the question is, do you know how to use the washing machine properly fine linen blazer?

Steps To Machine Wash Linen6t

1.Read the wash label before putting the linen into the washing machine and check whether the linen jacket can be machine washed or not.

2. Set the wash level, water temperature and wash time of the washing machine. Use the gentle setting of the washing machine to wash the linen blazer, and do not wash it for too long.

3. Choose a special detergent for linen blazer and put the right amount of detergent into the washing liquid tank. Make sure the detergent is fully dissolved in the water, otherwise it may leave brown stains on the light-colored linen.

4. Start the washing machine and wait for it to finish washing.

5. After washing, do not dehydration, after washing linen clothes to pay attention to smoothing, hanging on the balcony when you need to flatten the folds on the clothes, and then in the drying, so that the dried clothes will not wrinkle.

6. In the linen products and some slightly wet when ironing, the iron will be adjusted to the linen gear. You can use hot steam ironing linen, in order to avoid wrinkles, please hang the linen after ironing.

Wash Separately According To The Color

How to get wrinkles out of linen suit? Washing linen with a washing machine may have some effect. Linen fabric is a natural fabric, if the clothes are too different in color, it is easy to cause color mixing. To prevent color mixing during the washing process, please wash light-colored clothes separately from dark-colored clothes. If you have other materials in your washing machine, make sure they are similar in color, weight, and washing method to linen clothes, and if possible, it is best to wash one linen blazer at a time.

Choice Of Laundry Bags

Linen blazer due to the special material, it is easy to wrinkle, so try to use laundry bags when machine washing, so you can avoid deformation and reduce the wrinkles on the clothes. Laundry bag to put clothes into the laundry bag to wash, to be able to directly reduce the winding phenomenon. It is also possible to protect the clothes from being easily deformed. Laundry bags are generally bags made of polyester mesh or mesh nylon (kind of like mosquito net material).

When choosing a laundry bag for your linen blazer, you can also use a pillowcase. Choose a clean pillowcase, put the clothes in it, zipper it up and put it in the washing machine.

Suitable Water Temperature

Linen blazer must be washed in cold water rather than warm water. Washing time must master the water temperature, the water temperature should not be too high, should be controlled at 35 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius or less.

Linen fabrics can be washed in the washing machine, but must be used in cool water. Because the color fastness of linen blazer is too low, so if the water temperature is too high, improper washing will easily lead to stains or fading.

Use Gentle Detergent

When washing linen blazer, it is best to use neutral detergent or liquid detergent, and laundry detergent is not recommended. Laundry detergents often include low-foaming non-ionic surfactants, so they are easier to rinse.

Compared to laundry detergent, laundry detergent is less alkaline, milder, does not damage clothes and is more convenient to use. Since laundry detergent has a high alkaline content, it may fade if linen clothes are washed.

How To Remove Stains From Linen Blazer

How to wash a linen blazer? Inevitably, linen blazer sometimes have stains that are difficult to clean, such as a jacket accidentally dripped with cooking oil, this stain laundry detergent or detergent often can not be clean, then we need to use common sense to remove stains. Corn starch mixed with baking soda and white vinegar can remove stains that are difficult to wash off with laundry detergent to a certain extent.

Cornstarch And Baking Soda

Remove grease or oil stains by baking soda or cornstarch. Gently wipe with a damp cloth. Leave for a few hours or overnight. Make a thick paste with baking soda and a little cold water, apply to the stain, let it sit for 30 minutes, and then remove the baking soda when it is completely dry. Then mix the washing solution with an equal amount of baking soda, add it to the washing machine and wash with the highest water temperature that the clothes can withstand.

Baking soda is also a surface-active substance that can emulsify with grease to create an emulsion that removes grease. Its surface active substance has the adsorption effect, baking soda adsorbs on the surface of the object, making the grease that has left the surface of the object, not easily adsorbed on the surface of the object again. The alkaline nature of the baking soda solution allows for partial saponification of the grease, i.e., the production of sodium fatty acids that can be dissolved in water, thereby removing the grease.

White Vinegar

To clean your linen blazer, mix warm water with dish soap, dip it into a soft cloth and wring it out to wipe the jacket. You can make a cleaning solution by combining one part vinegar and one part water. Wipe the cleaning solution with another clean, damp cloth. Dry the jacket with a towel. Vinegar can remove some of the stains on your clothes, not all of them.

You can wash off rust spots with vinegar because it is acetic acid that reacts chemically with the rust, which is neutralized. It can also wash away the oil stains on clothes. When using white clothes it is best to use white vinegar, you can use vinegar drops in the place of oil stains, or add some vinegar to the water for washing, and use it to soak clothes are available. Some stains are more stubborn and will leave a little trace, you can take some laundry detergent and apply it to the trace, let it sit for 5 minutes and then continue to wash, it will become more clean.

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Can you machine wash 100% linen?

100 linen is linen content of 100% pure linen, loose linen casual wear with wrinkles can be washed in the washing machine; and the more rigid linen products, such as linen suits, should be taken to dry cleaning. Use the gentle setting of the washing machine to wash linen, do not wash too long. Delicate linen in the pillowcase can be better protected, you can also hand wash.

Can linen blazer be washed in the washing machine?

This depends on the linen clothes washing label instructions, which will indicate whether the clothes can be machine washed, or must be dry cleaned. If machine washable, follow certain steps, appropriate water temperature and detergent, and machine wash the clothes inside the laundry bag, which will extend the life of the clothes.

What happens if you put linen in the washing machine?

Linen is machine washable except on the label, where it is not washable.

Read the label before throwing linen in the washing machine. The right thing to do is to read loose linen lounging clothes with beautiful wrinkles. Crisp linen items, such as linen suits, should be dry-cleaned.

When using the washing machine, choose to wash linen gently and do not wash for too long. Washing delicate linens in pillowcases will protect them better, or if you’re still worried, wash them by hand. Linen is a natural fabric. To prevent color mixing during the washing process, please wash light and dark clothes separately.

Hang to dry after washing. Iron the linen while it is still slightly damp, setting the iron to the linen setting. Linen can be ironed with hot steam.

Can you machine wash linen that says dry clean only?

If clearly marked the need for dry cleaning linen clothes can not be washed in the automatic washing machine. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the clothes, such as deformation, fading, etc. The main feature of dry cleaning is to avoid water washing damage to clothing fabrics, no shrinkage, no deformation, good color protection, not easy to cause clothing fading, soft feel, easy to iron. There are excellent advantages of preventing the deformation of fabric fibers and keeping the original color of fibers, and also prolonging the wearing life of clothes. So only dry-cleaned linen clothes are best sent to the dry cleaners.

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