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How To Iron Linen Pants

How To Iron Linen Pants (2023)

Linen is a precious and natural green fiber. As linen fabrics become more and more popular, linen pants have become an indispensable part of people’s wardrobe. How to maintain linen pants has become a concern of many people. While linen is strong, it is prone to wrinkling, and we can easily remove wrinkles from linen pants with a steam iron if you follow the right steps. Next, we will provide you with some specific operation methods on how to iron linen pants.

Prepare the Iron

Before using the iron, read the care label of the linen pants carefully to ensure that the steam temperature of the iron meets the ironing standards for linen pants. Because the linen material is easy to wrinkle when it is directly exposed to high temperature, it is necessary to cover a piece of cotton cloth on the linen trousers before ironing.

If you find fibers or clothes paste on the base of the iron, you must wipe it off with a damp towel. After using the iron for a long time, it will not be smooth enough, so that the ironed trousers still have many small wrinkles. At this point, you can put a few drops of odorless salad oil or wax on a clean towel. Then iron it a few times. The iron treated in this way is not only very smooth to use, but also less labor-intensive to iron.

Iron the Linen Pants

step 1

Hang linen trousers on a hanger for easy access to clothes. When ironing, fill a spray bottle with water and spray a fine mist on slightly damp linen. Linen experts recommend ironing linen trousers when they are slightly damp for better wrinkle removal.

step 2

If it is dry linen pants, you can spray the surface of the pants with water from a spray bottle, and the high-temperature steam from the iron will quickly squeeze the linen fibers and remove the stubborn wrinkles on the pants faster. Also, ironing damp linen will prevent the iron from burning or yellowing the fabric.

Step 3

It is best to iron linen trousers on the reverse side. The order of ironing trousers is as follows: turn the trousers over, open the pockets, first iron around the trousers, followed by pockets, trouser corners and cloth seams. Then iron the front, iron the entire zipper around the trousers, then the inside of the right foot, the outside of the right foot, the inside of the left foot, the outside of the left foot, and finally iron the two trousers together.

Step 4

Freshly ironed fabrics wrinkle quickly, and to prevent wrinkling, you need hang your linen pants on a padded hanger to keep them smooth and wrinkle-free.

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