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How to iron linen dress

How To Iron Linen Dress

Linen dress are easy to wrinkle, which is determined by the material itself, and needs to be taken care of and ironed. Wrinkle phenomenon is related to the fiber of flax, which is full of toughness, but has no elasticity. Other fabrics will slowly return to their original state after deformation, but flax cannot, and once deformed, they will only wrinkle.

Linen can make clothes extremely elegant, or it can make clothes nondescript. Linen dress needs more time and effort to care carefully. Linen dress are very suitable for wearing in summer. They are not only breathable, but also very good at absorbing sweat, and have no irritation to the skin. Linen dress can also adjust the human meridian system and endocrine system, and has a sedative effect on the central nervous system. Therefore, flax fiber is also considered to be an excellent health care fabric.

Linen dress are easy to wrinkle, so many clothes are easy to wrinkle after washing, which makes people feel uncomfortable, even if they are expensive. So it must be ironed. It is also necessary to master skills when ironing linen clothes, otherwise the ironing effect will be poor.

If the linen shirt is wrinkled after cleaning, you can use a steam iron or a hanging iron to iron it. It is best to iron the clothes when they are half dry. In this way, the ironing effect is the best. After the linen fabric is ironed, its elegant and elegant fabric style is highlighted!

Required Tools For Ironing Linen Dress

1. Ironing machine

2. Fine watering can

3.Linen dress

4. Towel cloth

Tips For Successfully Ironing Linen dress

Iron the clothes when they are half dry. Before ironing, wet the clothes with a watering can. Be careful and patient when ironing, and iron the wrinkled areas repeatedly.

STEP 1:If Linen Dress Has A Collar And Cuffs, Start Ironing Them First On The “Wrong” Side.

Lay the clothes horizontally on the ironing board, and lay the collar flat. The collar will become smooth when ironing. Then fold the collar and press it for 2-3 times, then the collar will stand up again. First lay the sleeves on the platform, flatten the cuffs, fully unfold the cuffs, iron the inside first, and then iron the outside. When ironing the sleeves, they should be flat to avoid wrinkles. Start from the back of the sleeve, followed by the front, and pay close attention to the seam under the armpit.

STEP 2:Putting Terry Cloth Towel Under The Linen

Place the towel cloth under it. When ironing, make sure the shirt is flat and tight, or sometimes it will fold deeply.

STEP 3:Turn Linen Dress The “Wrong” Side And Spray It With Water.

Spraying the whole garment with water can better iron, and the ironing effect is also the best when the garment is still wet.

STEP 4:Be Vigilant And Keep The Iron Moving Constantly.

Carefully and patiently control the movement of the iron on the clothes, and iron the wrinkled areas of the clothes for many times.

STEP 5:Don’T Leave It In One Spot For Too Long

Pay attention to that the iron should not be put on the clothes for more than 40 seconds each time to avoid burning the clothes.

STEP 6:Hang The Linen Dress To Dry Completely.

After ironing, don’t put the clothes away in a hurry. Hang the whole clothes until they are completely dry.

Final Thought

Clothes made of linen are dry and fresh, which can help reduce perspiration. They also have the functions of radiation prevention, static electricity prevention and bacteria inhibition. They are good fabrics with refreshing and health care functions. How do I iron this cloth? We need to master some correct steps:

First, start ironing from the reverse side of the collar and cuffs of the linen clothes, and place towel cloth at the bottom of the clothes before ironing; Spray the clothes with water again, and then control the iron carefully and patiently to move the iron on the clothes; Remember not to put the iron in one position for too long; Hang the whole clothes to dry after the front and back are ironed flat.


How to iron a linen blazer?

All foreign objects must be removed from the jacket pockets. It is important to know that if something is dusty or dirty, you should not iron it. The clothes should be ironed immediately after washing. If the coat is left in the wardrobe for a long time, it may have dust. You can clean it with a slightly wet brush. The jacket should be checked for holes, puffiness and other damage, and then carefully studied the label to become familiar with the rules for ironing this particular type of fabric. Linen jackets are usually unlined, so they are steam pressed on each side.

It is worth remembering that flax is a material that is very easy to wrinkle. It is almost impossible to smooth it to the ideal state, so the slight wrinkles on it are acceptable.

Can you steam linen clothes?

Certainly. If the linen shirt is wrinkled after cleaning, you can use a steam iron or a hanging iron to iron it. It is better to choose the hanging ironing type, which is convenient to use, and has the best effect after ironing, and will not make people feel particularly tired. The main skill to master when ironing linen clothing is temperature. The temperature should be controlled between 200 ℃ and 230 ℃, and it is best to iron when the clothes are half dry, so that the ironing effect is the best.

How to iron linen tablecloths?

First of all, you need to prepare a platform for ironing linen tablecloths – a professional ironing board, set to the appropriate height level, so that when ironing linen tablecloths, you don’t need to lift your arms too high, and your muscles won’t be too tired. What is the proper height? It’s perfect when you can move your hands around the ironing board without bending your back or arms.

Of course, if there is no special ironing frame, a table with moderate height is also a good choice. Then, cover the ironing board or table with a towel or other material. Next, spread the linen tablecloth and evenly sprinkle some water on the tablecloth to ensure that the tablecloth is damp, so as to prevent burning the linen tablecloth or table top when ironing. Then use the medium and low level mode of the ironing machine to iron the creases of the linen table cloth smoothly and gradually. If the temperature is too high, sprinkle some water to cool it. After ironing, fold the linen tablecloth or hang it flat on the clothes rack to dry slightly.

How to store linen clothes?

Hang the linen in your pocket. Linen is easier to form wrinkles than other fabrics, so avoiding wrinkles is the key. If possible, the best way is to hang the linen on a padded hanger and put it in a pocket so that you don’t have to fold your clothes. Hang it up. If you can’t hang it up, fold the bag in half with nothing on it. Don’t stuff your clothes too long. Whenever possible, you should open your linen clothes and hang them up as soon as you arrive at your destination. Quick removal of their suspension will help reduce wrinkles.

If there are wrinkles, you can hang them in the bathroom. The time when you take a shower can make the room moist, help the linen smooth wrinkles, or directly make the steam engine or iron eliminate wrinkles. Remember to put the linen at the top of the clothes pile, and put those clothes that are unlikely to wrinkle at the bottom of the pile, which can reduce the pressure of linen and avoid wrinkles.

How to iron linen pants?

First of all, adjust the temperature of the iron to the temperature corresponding to the clothing fabric. The order of ironing clothes is first the trouser legs, which in turn separate the seams of the trousers to both sides and press them flat with the iron. For hemp materials that are relatively resistant to high temperature and are not easy to be shaped, if our iron is not with steam, we can cover the fabric with a wet towel and then iron it to achieve the effect of steam iron. Turn the trousers over, align the seams on both sides of the trouser legs, and press the trouser legs flat.

Then, press the two trouser legs upward to fit. Then put the pants on the ironing board and iron the buttocks of the pants. Then the waist and front of the pants should be pressed. It is better to pad a wet towel first, and then use an iron to iron them. During the whole ironing process, people are not allowed to leave. If you leave, you must pull out the iron plug or put the iron on the iron rack. After ironing, the clothes should be hung on the shelf, and then put into the wardrobe for storage after the moisture on the clothes is distributed.

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