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How To Iron Linen Dress

How To Iron Linen Dress: 6 Steps To Get It Done Fast!

how to iron linen dress

Linen dresses are an indispensable choice for summer fashion. Is your white linen dress always full of wrinkles? How to iron a linen dress? Don’t worry, this article details the professional ironing steps and tips that will allow you to easily iron your linen dress to reveal the perfect lines and smooth texture.

Step 1: Prepare the ironing area

Part 2: Adjust the iron temperature

Step 3: Flatten the linen dress

Step 4: Spray the water from the spray bottle to wet the linen fabric

Step 5: Turn the dress over and start ironing from the top

Step 6: Hang on the hanger and wait for drying

Next, we will provide you with some specific instructions on how to iron a linen dress.

Linen is an excellent fabric choice, but laundered linen dresses are also notorious for wrinkling after drying. Before ironing, you may be wary of asking the question “Can linen be ironed?” Of course, all it takes is a high-quality steam iron, a good ironing board and a spray bottle, and following the proper steps below this article to get the best results.

Ironed Linen Dress Shown

Perhaps you have ironed linen pants, shirts or sheets. Ironing a linen dress is much the same as ironing clothes made from other fabrics, except you have to keep the linen fabrics wet to get the best results. It’s actually a simple job and not as complicated as you might think.

Magic Tools

Here are some of the tools you may need to iron a linen dress:

  • A super cool temperature-adjustable steam iron that tailors the temperature for your linen dresses.
  • A top-of-the-line ironing board that provides you with a firm and flat battlefield to give your linen dresses an irresistible smoothness.
  • The Magic Spray Bottle, filled with treasures of water, will give your linen dresses a fluffy, moist feel.
  • A high-tech ironing cloth that supercharges heat evenly into your dresses, effortlessly dispelling stubborn wrinkles and protecting them from the threat of burns and damage.
  • A stylish hanger that not only cools down your linen dresses but also keeps them perfectly creased for a long-lasting look.
Magic Tools

How To Iron Linen Dress

How To Iron Linen Dress
Should you iron linen?Of course, here are some step-by-step tips for ironing linen dresses.
Create an exclusive ironing territory

Make sure the ironing board is placed on a sturdy, flat surface and that there are no flammable or burnable items around it to make linen dresses impeccable.

Create an exclusive ironing territory
Temperature adjustment

Adjust the temperature of the iron to the proper setting according to the linen fabric’s label instructions. Typically, the ideal linen iron temperature is 445°F/230°C. Let it achieve the perfect warm fit with linen dress.

Temperature adjustment
Prepare the linen dress

Check the dress for any labels or special precautions. Spread the dress on the ironing board and lightly spray the garment with a spray bottle, but do not over-wet it.

Prepare the linen dress
Iron the garment

Reversing time and space, sailing from above, flipping linen dress, ironing every inch of detail. Avoid staying on the linen dress for too long as this may cause burning or damage. Repeat this step until the entire dress is smooth and wrinkle-free.

Iron the garment
Treating Special Areas

For linen dresses with wrinkles or special areas (such as necklines or cuffs), use the tip of the iron or the steam function for delicate treatment.

Treating Special Areas

After finishing ironing, leave linen dress to cool on the ironing board for 5-10 minutes. Once your gorgeous linen dress cools down, hang it on a hanger and wait for the magic of drying.


You May Also Want To Know

For linen dresses with collars and cuffs (similar to linen shirts), you can put a terry cloth or ironing pad under the linen, preferably from the inside, to avoid unwanted marks on the linen fabric from buttons or zippers. In addition, using this method will protect your linen dress if the ironing board cover is worn and may have stains.

Additional Tip

Things To Avoid When Ironing Linen Clothes

  • Excessive temperature: Ironing fabric at too high a temperature may cause the fabric to burn or discolor.
  • Staying too long: Avoid leaving the iron in the same area of the linen dress for too long, causing fabric damage or iron marks.
  • Ignore spraying wet: Linen fabrics tend to wrinkle, spraying wet clothes can help to flatten better, but don’t over wet.
  • Rough handling: Avoid over-exerting or roughly ironing, which can lead to fabric deformation or abrasion.

Iron Linen Without Iron

Don’t worry if you don’t have an iron, you can try the following methods to remove creases from linen dresses.

  1. Use a hair dryer: Turn on the hot air mode of the hair dryer and set it to medium or high setting. Aim the hair dryer at the garment and keep it at an appropriate distance to heat the fabric with hot air and flatten it. At the same time, gently straighten the fabric with your hands to remove wrinkles.
  • Use steam: In the bathroom, turn on the hot water and let the bathroom fill with steam. Hang the linen dress in the bathroom, making sure it is exposed to the steam. Wait a few minutes for the steam to penetrate the garment, then use your hands to gently straighten the fabric
  • Dry and wet ironing: Lightly spray wet water on the linen garment, but do not over-wet it. Use a flat, dry, heavy object (such as a book or flat board) over linen dress to keep it flat.


We hope this guide will help you iron your linen dresses quickly! With the right ironing method, you can bring out the best in your linen dresses in terms of beauty and style.

If you are looking for a high quality linen dress, we recommend the brand PHALAR, known for their excellent craftsmanship and quality linen fabrics for a stylish and comfortable wearing experience. Why not explore PHALAR’s collection of linen dresses, so you can enjoy the charm of high quality fashion while ironing linen dresses.


How do you get wrinkles out of a linen dress?

Here’s an alternative wording:

To effectively eliminate wrinkles from linen, utilize steam by either hanging the damp linens in a steam-filled bathroom or employing a suitable steamer. Air dry the linens by hanging them while still wet to prevent excessive creasing. Afterward, give the garments a vigorous shake and flap to loosen any remaining wrinkles. Hang them outdoors in their unfolded state, allowing the breeze to naturally smooth out the creases.

How do you iron a linen dress?

When pressing linen, select the designated linen/cotton setting on your iron and set it to the highest heat level. Remember to move the iron gently and consistently—keeping it in one spot for too long can cause irreversible damage to the linen fabric. After ironing, avoid folding the linen garments immediately to prevent new creases from forming.

Should linen dresses be ironed?

Cool poplin exhibits excellent wrinkle resistance compared to numerous natural fabrics, owing to its dense weave. However, ironing may still be necessary. The degree of wrinkling in linen garments can be influenced by the weave and quality of the fabric.

Can 100% linen be ironed?

Certainly, for optimal results, any linen material can be pressed using a high heat setting on the iron. However, it is important to ensure that the linen is lightly damp before ironing to achieve the best outcome.

Is it OK for linen to look wrinkled?

Similar to cotton, linen naturally wrinkles when worn. Regardless of how cautiously you move, whether sitting, walking, or crossing your legs, wrinkling is inevitable. It is an inherent characteristic of the fabric. Unless one chooses to remain motionless like a mannequin, which is not advisable, acquiring some wrinkles throughout the day is simply a part of life.

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