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How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants With & Without Iron?

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants?

Linen pant is prone to wrinkles, but there are ways to keep it wrinkle-free. Ironing with starch while the fabric is still damp can prevent wrinkles, as can using a mini spray bottle to mist clothes. Additionally, a steamer can be effective in removing wrinkles. Remember, it’s okay to embrace a natural, lived-in look for your linen clothing.

Flax fiber, also known as flax, is the oldest natural plant fiber utilized by humans. Linen, made from flax fibers, boasts several advantages such as strength, flexibility, fine texture, vivid color, and high tensile strength. Despite its many benefits, linen fabric is notorious for its tendency to wrinkle, which dissuades many people from choosing it. Nevertheless, there are several effective ways to address this issue. Based on my years of experience working in a linen clothing store, I believe I can provide you with some solutions. You can get wrinkles out of linen pant with iron or without ironing tool. Keep on reading!

Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants With Ironing Tools

What you need:

  • Spray bottle: Fill an inexpensive spray bottle with clean water to dampen the clothes.
  • Good quality steam iron: High heat and plenty of steam are essential for ironing linen. Your iron should be able to produce both. A spray feature is also helpful for those areas that need even more dampness.
  • Sturdy ironing board: Ironing linen requires steady, even strokes. If the ironing surface is wobbly or small, it can be challenging. If you don’t have a good ironing board, follow these tips for ironing on other surfaces.
  • Pressing cloth: It is always important to have a buffer between the hot iron and the linen fibers to prevent flattening them to the point of creating a shine.

Here are some brief steps for using ironing tools to remove wrinkles from linen pants:

  1. Fill up the water reservoir of your steam iron and turn it on to the appropriate heat setting for linen.
  2. Place the pants on an ironing board and spray them with some water using a spray bottle. This will help to loosen the wrinkles.
  3. Start ironing the pants from the waistband down to the hem, using the steam function of your iron. Make sure to keep the iron moving and not stay in one spot too long to avoid burning the fabric.
  4. Pay extra attention to the pockets, waistband, and any other areas with stubborn wrinkles. You can use the tip of the iron to get into smaller areas.
  5. After you finish ironing, hang up the pants to cool down and set the wrinkles in place.

Overall, the key is to use steam to help remove wrinkles from linen pants and to be careful not to use too high of a heat setting that can damage the fabric.

Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants Without Ironing Tools

Do you know how to unwrinkle linen pants without iron? If you don’t have access to an iron or other tools to remove wrinkles from your linen, don’t worry. There are a few simple steps you can take to remove wrinkles from your linen without any special equipment.

  1. Wrinkle Release Agent: There are many brands of wrinkle release agents available on the market. Choose the most suitable size to put into your suitcase, spray the wrinkled linen items clean, and then dry to quickly remove wrinkles.
How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants Without Ironing Tools

2. Hair Straightener: The hair straightener is not only used to straighten and remove curls, but can also be used to quickly press the collar of a shirt or remove small wrinkles from the shirt using a straight plate. To ensure that equipment and clothing are free of debris and pay attention to the temperature setting, linen is generally used with low heat.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants Without Ironing Tools

3. Hairdryer: If you don’t have an iron, a hairdryer is a good alternative. You can usually remove wrinkles from clothing by concentrating on hot air. Simply place the hairdryer about two inches from the clothing to avoid burning the items.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants Without Ironing Tools

4. Hot Tea Pot: This iron-free method is most effective for small wrinkles. Boil water, and then place the spout of the kettle 12 inches away from the problem area with wrinkles on the clothes. You will feel steaming steam, and ironing the small wrinkles on the linen is not a problem.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants Without Ironing Tools

5. Water Vapor During Bathing: This method of removing wrinkles without using an iron is convenient when you don’t have access to household items while traveling. Close the bathroom doors and windows, and hang the wrinkled clothes on the shower rod. Then take a normal shower in the bathroom. After 15 minutes, the water vapor will fill the entire garment and the wrinkles will slowly disappear.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants Without Ironing Tools

That’s the method of how to iron linen pants without iron. By these above simple steps, you can easily remove wrinkles from your linen without using any ironing tools.

Tips for Getting Wrinkles Out of Linen Pants

Here are some tips you need to pay more attention for getting wrinkles out of linen pant:

  • Wet your hand under tap water and use it to straighten the garment by rubbing it in one direction. Alternatively, you can hang it to dry or let it dry on you.
  • Always dampen your clothes before ironing them to moisturize the fabric and loosen up the linen fibers.
  • Lay your linen shirt or pants on an ironing board or any other hard surface and spray it with tap water. You can also wash the linen garment and leave it to air-dry until it is slightly damp, or use a spray bottle to dampen it before ironing.
  • When ironing linen for the first time, be gentle and check every few moments on how the linen garment reacts to your iron and pressure.
  • Always hang linen garment after smoothing it out, and don’t fold it. It’s best to let it hang for 10-15 minutes before wearing it to fully dry.
  • There is more than one way to get wrinkles out of your linen shirt and pants, including using an iron, steamer, wind outside, your hand, or even a pot.


I hope this guide from PHALAR can help you. Instead of constantly battling against the wrinkles that come with wearing linen, it’s better to learn to appreciate and embrace them. Whether it’s a pair of lightly pleated linen pants or a set of pleated bedding, wrinkles are a natural characteristic of this fabric that can’t be completely eliminated. In fact, the presence of pleats is a sign of high-quality linen, as it indicates that the fibers are strong and the fabric is of good quality. So, rather than fussing over ironing or steaming, it’s best to enjoy the breathable, antibacterial, and moisture-absorbing benefits that linen offers. By accepting the wrinkles as a charming aspect of linen, you can fully appreciate the unique and magical properties of this fabric. If you think this “how to keep linen pants from wrinkling” guide is useful, please share it!


How do you get wrinkles out of linen pants fast?

To quickly revitalize your linen shirt, pants, or dress without ironing, toss the garment into the dryer on low with a single ice cube for 10 minutes. The ice melts and gives off steam, which in turn de-wrinkles your clothing—et, voilà!

Can linen pants be ironed?

When ironing the linen, use the special linen/cotton setting and the highest heat. Move the iron gently and continually – keeping the hot iron in one place can damage the linen fabric irreparably. Don’t fold the linen clothes after ironing them.

Does wrinkle release spray work?

Wrinkle sprays act by relaxing the fibers in your garment’s fabric so that wrinkles can naturally release from the fabric, Nassiri says. It’s certainly not as effective as ironing but in certain situations it can be great.

What not to do with linen?

It is best not to tumble dry linen as this can over dry the fibers and makes ironing more difficult. A line or rod is perfect for larger items or just lie flat to dry for smaller items. If you wish to use a dryer, use a delicate air-dry setting and never dry completely.

Does linen shrink in cold water?

Both high temperatures and very cold water are more likely to cause shrinkage, so stick to lukewarm water. There’s no need for fabric softener as linen gets softer and more supple with every wash.

Is it OK to wear wrinkled linen?

Linen clothing is known for its tendency to wrinkle, but this can actually add to the garment’s individuality and style. Embracing the natural texture of the fabric can give an outfit a relaxed yet sophisticated feel. So, yes, it is okay to wear wrinkled linen if that is the look you prefer.

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