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How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants (2023)

Linen pants have become a summer must-have thanks to their comfort and breathability. Because the flax material is very tough, but has no elasticity. This also caused the linen pants to wrinkle once they were out of shape. So how to get wrinkles out of linen pants? How to quickly remove wrinkles from linen pants? Next, I will introduce some practical wrinkle removal methods for you.


  1. First, when the linen pants are 50% dry, take off the clothes and fold them neatly, and lay the wrinkled linen pants flat on the ironing board.
  2. Dampen a cotton towel with cold water, wring it out slightly, and then gently spread the damp cotton towel flat on the wrinkled linen pants.
  3. Choose a hanging steam iron, which is convenient to use and has a better wrinkle removal effect after ironing. The ironing temperature of linen pants should be controlled between 200°C and 230°C, and linen pants should be ironed when they are half dry, so that the effect of ironing is good. Turn your iron to its highest setting and wait for the steam to come to a boil, then start ironing your linen pants on a damp cotton towel.
  4. After ironing, remove the top cotton layer. Hang the linen trousers on a hanger and let them sit for a while to see the trousers become smooth.

Unwrinkle Without An Iron

  1. Use a watering can to slightly wet the wrinkled part of the linen pants, and then use a hair dryer to blow at a distance of 3-6 cm at a low speed until the wrinkled part becomes flat.
  2. Hang the linen pants on a hanger and spray a mixture of “one tablespoon of fabric softener and one cup of water” on the wrinkled parts. Then lay the garment flat on a flat surface and cover the wrinkled area with a damp towel. Keep pressing down on the towel with your hands until the linen is flat.
  3. Hang the wrinkled linen in the bathroom near the shower and turn on the hot water. The steam will flatten the pants in about 15 minutes.
  4. Put the wrinkled linen pants and two wet T-shirts into the washing machine, and dry them on medium heat. The high temperature can also make the linen pants flat.

Hang Drying

After washing linen pants, or if they are dry, spray the pants with a bottle of cold water. Hang wet linen trousers on a wide hanger outside in a ventilated place. Let gravity and wind gently dry the linen pants. To avoid wrinkles, make sure the linen pants are fully unfolded while still wet before drying them.


Thank you very much for reading, 3 practical methods have been shared above to help you quickly remove wrinkles on linen pants. It can easily get wrinkles out of linen pants without an iron, and solve the problem that linen pants are easy to wrinkle on different occasions. I really hope this article provides you with some useful information about unwrinkle of linen pants.

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