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How to fold a linen shirt for travel

How To Fold A Linen Shirt For Travel?

The hot summer is approaching step by step, and it is time to start a new round of travel on the go, carrying a breathable and refreshing linen shirt, summer on the road of travel, but also grow on the road of travel. In summer, linen clothes are a necessity in the suitcase. A linen printed shirt and a pair of linen light colored trousers are not only comfortable and breathable, but also outstanding in temperament. A good mood for holiday has come unexpectedly.

However, folding linen in a suitcase is very easy. You must have had this problem before. After reading this article, you will solve this problem. Read on.

Linen clothes do tend to fold easily, which is determined by the nature of the material itself, so how to fold linen clothes for travel?

This article will tell you the instructions or way to fold linen shirts, linen pants,linen clothes for travelling etc., as well as how to fold clothes without wrinkling while traveling, how to packing linen clothes without wrinkling, etc., after reading this article with these tips, you will never have to worry about wrinkling linen shirts or clothes when you travel, and you will have a great holiday.

Step 1: Lay The Shirt On A flat Surface

Place the linen shirt you are going to take with you on a horizontal table. Prepare to fold the linen shirt by straightening out any wrinkles, buttoning all the buttons, turning the collar over and folding it, then turning the linen shirt back and flattening the sleeves on either side.

Step 2: Fold The Sleeves Across The Back

Once the preparation is done, because the linen shirt is now on the back, first fold the left sleeve symmetrically to the right, so that the shirt is only half visible, then fold both sleeves diagonally to the right (taking care to keep the sleeves within the shirt), further reducing the width of the shirt.

Step 3: Smooth Out Any Folds Or Creases In Each Sleeve

Smooth out the wrinkles on the sleeves.We can smooth the wrinkles with our hands along the lines on our sleeves, or flatten the wrinkles with an flatiron.

Step 4: Fold The Sides Of The linen Shirt

Then the linen shirt is half-folded along the middle symmetry axis.Take the middle button or zipper of the linen shirt as the symmetry axis and fold along it in half.

Step 5: Fold The Shirt Lengthwise

Then roll the linen shirt lengthwise from the collar down.That means roll up the folded linen shirt down from the collar and fold it vertically to roll it into a cylinder.

Step 6: Turn The Shirt Over 180 Degrees

Turn the linen shirt over from the hem and rotate it 180 degrees.

Step 7: Place In Suitcase

Finally, put the finished linen shirt gently and completely into the suitcase, we had better put it into the bag, sealed, and then neatly put the bag into the suitcase, so as to avoid the linen shirt collision or extrusion caused by the fold.

Final Thoughts

When traveling, in order to make linen shirts without wrinkles, we can usually use the above folding method to wrap linen shirts or other linen clothes.The advantage of this method is that there is no need to fold the linen fabric at all. Most of the action takes place at the shoulders and sleeves, and the front and back are rolled up, so when opened, of course, there are fewer wrinkles.

However, if your suitcase is not big enough and you have a lot of stuff to pack, be aware that you can squeeze the linen shirt out of the crease. The biggest problem with this method is that it takes up more space than the flat folding method, and it takes a lot of practice to get good at it.


How to fold linen trousers for travel?

Linen pants are the most common and versatile item in our lives, and can be worn almost all year round. We are bound to take a few pairs of linen pants with us when we travel, but most of us can’t find a proper way to fold linen pants, which means they are too wrinkled, waste space, and look untidy.

Here’s a tip: Lay your linen pants flat, either on a clean bed or on a clean table. The first step is to lay the linen pants flat and neatly to lay the foundation for the rest of the work.

The second step is to fold the two pants legs in half from the middle, when folding, we must pay attention to the linen pants to be placed flat, if the linen pants on the fold is more obvious, it is best to iron, to help better fold the pants, showing a more flat and beautiful effect.

The third step is to fold the center of the two linen legs in half, and then fold the waist of the linen pants down into a roll. This folding way can fit the jeans more neatly. But also a relatively space-saving way, folding after completion is not easy to scattered, easier to store.

You can also turn the roll, and then from the waistband to turn out a piece to cover the rolled linen pants inside. Doing so is more neat and beautiful, is a way to save space, but also more to reduce the wrinkles of linen pants, is not very simple and beautiful? Have you learned how to fold pants this way?

how to fold clothes for travel without wrinkles?

The first is to roll your clothes. For T-shirts, sportswear, lounge wear, and slacks and jeans, don’t fold, but roll up soft fabric clothing. For T-shirts, fold vertically so that the two sleeves match, then fold them over to form a long rectangle. Roll and place in your suitcase.The same goes for trousers, which are rolled up into a slender cylinder from bottom to top. It not only saves space, but also avoids creases caused by folding.

The second point is to smooth things out. For sweaters, heavy knitwear doesn’t roll evenly. To do this, flatten your shoulders by making matching vertical folds along each side of your neck. Then cross the arms over the front of the sweater. Fold the bottom up and you’re ready.

The last point is to put away. Now it’s time to put all the perfectly packaged items into your carry-on. Start by placing square folds in your bag, then place rolled up clothes on either side. Place shoes and bags into open Spaces. The goal is to create a solid base, so when your pack moves, your items don’t move. Finally, place plastic wrapped clothes on top, either in a clothing bag, or just fold them in half horizontally.

What is the best way to pack linen so it doesn’t wrinkle?

Use plastic bags.Plastic dry cleaning bags create a tiny layer of air around the clothing. Place hanging shirts in separate plastic bags, then do the same for any hanging items, including pants, jackets, dresses, and skirts, so that each item has its own protective layer of plastic and air. No friction, no wrinkles.

The most important thing to do is to roll your clothes. This is another popular packing technique. The concept is similar to a folding bag and a kimono bag, but the clothes are placed directly in the box. This method is especially good for items that may take up a lot of space. The downside is that you need to unroll your clothes piece by piece. So if you’re in a hurry, this might not work. You can also put a folding board between the rolls to add a line of defense.

Are linen shirts good for travel?

“Linen” material of clothes, fabric light, natural texture, in addition to comfortable and advanced, with a casual lazy wind more people can not move eyes! It’s perfect for traveling. That’s not enough. A cool and cool upper body is more popular. It’s versatile for traveling without being stuffy.

Travel wear, don’t wear monotonous old sportswear, you will fall in love with relaxed and lazy linen wear, natural and casual, with natural materials and gentle color, to cure our tired body and mind. Travel, it is necessary to have a sense of relaxation, we choose clothes, style as simple and generous as possible, a little loose, more fashionable.

Linen shirt is also a special “tea” single product, a little loose, more lazy casual, has a good air permeability, wear very close to the skin, special comfortable, very suitable for travel, feeling very artistic conception.

What is the best way to pack a linen shirt?

The first is to put it in your pocket: Keep your linen in your pocket. This precaution is effective. Linen fabrics tend to form creases, so avoiding wrinkles is a key step. If your suitcase is large enough to fit, you can hang your linen on a padded hanger and put it in your pocket, which you can hang in your suitcase. When it’s hard to hang, you can fold it in half and put it on top of your suitcase.

The second is to use a hard suitcase: soft bags are easy to carry more than one thing. If you are traveling with a few pieces of linen, use a hard suitcase. A hard-shell case will hold its shape so that linens don’t get squeezed out and wrinkled, and a suitcase that holds its shape doesn’t have to be a relentlessly hard plastic case.

The third is to reduce extrusion: packaging packing luggage is too dense, will give clothes more pressure, clothes more likely to form wrinkles, we can be cut off to take a few pieces, the luggage more loose. If possible, store linen in a small box that is loose and won’t get squashed.

Hang your linens shirt at your destination: Don’t leave your linens shirt stuffed in your suitcase for too long. Once you’re at your destination, whenever possible, you should unpack your linen clothes and hang them up as soon as you get there. Removing them quickly will help reduce wrinkles. If there are wrinkles, you can hang them in the bathroom. The time in the shower will damp the room and help the linen smooth out the wrinkles, or direct the steam engine or iron to remove them.

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