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How To Choose Linen Dress 4 Steps Of Ultimate Guide

How To Choose Linen Dress? 4 Steps Of Easy Guide!

How To Choose Linen Dress?

There are many types of linen skirts, so how to choose linen dresses? You can comprehensively consider how to choose a linen dress based on your body shape, linen material, usage scenarios, linen manufacturers, and ways of purchasing linen. If you are interested, please continue reading!

Flax is undoubtedly the best and most breathable fabric in summer. Linen is very popular, and it can perform its best in warm temperatures because it has natural breathability and is very lightweight. Linen skirts are also the first choice for women in summer, so how do we choose linen dresses to showcase our graceful figure? Please continue to read!

How To Choose Linen Dress
After introducing linen fabric, let’s take a look at which aspects to choose the best linen.
Body Type

The key to looking good in a skirt is to understand your body shape and wear clothes that suit your body shape. In this way, it helps to cover up your flaws while reflecting the strengths of your body. Below, we have provided you with some discussions on body shape for your reference.

  • Apple Body Shape
Apple Body Shape

Apple shaped, also known as circular, means that your shoulders, chest, waist, and buttocks are quite uniform, but your shoulders and buttocks may be slightly narrower. Your waist circumference is also uncertain, and your chest is large.

  • The dress you can choose

You can choose to embellish your body with an A-line skirt, choose a V-neck to showcase your curves and open your neckline. It can balance your shoulders, chest, waist, and buttocks.

  • Hourglass Body Shape
Hourglass Body Shape

The size of the hourglass shaped figure’s buttocks and chest is almost the same, with a narrow waist. Other features include slightly rounded shoulders, rounded buttocks, and wider thighs.

  • The dress you can choose

The key to finding a dress that suits this body shape is to follow the contours and not make the entire body look unbalanced and lose its beauty. In this case, you need a dress that showcases your beautiful curves, which can be wrapped in linen to emphasize your small waist. You can choose the best V neck linen dresses.

  • Column or Rectangle Body Shape
Column or Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangles are the easiest to match among all body shapes. The rectangular body does not have a clear waist, the width of the buttocks is often similar to the shoulders, the entire body does not have too many curves, and the chest is also very small.

  • The dress you can choose

The rectangular body shape is one of the easiest to put on clothes. There are many dresses to choose from. It depends on where you want to attract attention. If you want to increase your attention to the waist and highlight your torso, then choose a linen wrap dress. If your waist is not much thinner than your chest and buttocks, you can skip the waist and choose a loose linen dress.

  • Pear Body Shape
Pear Body Shape

A pear shaped figure usually has narrow shoulders, small breasts, wide hips, and wide hips. Usually, women of this size have a well-defined waist, and very slender arms and shoulders.

  • The dress you can choose

Pay attention to this body shape, and the matching skirt should never reflect the wide hips. Instead, shift your attention away from the wide hips and pull them towards the upper body, highlighting the waist. X-shaped skirts are a good choice because their bottom is wide and can balance the hips. To widen your shoulders, you should choose a wide and short neckline, such as a square or collar neckline. Suggest choosing a off shoulder dress as it will add a few inches to your upper body.

Linen Type

All linen fabric has woven stripes. This delicate, lightweight linen fabric has a soft and cool feel and can be used to make spring and summer clothing, such as women’s village shirts, skirts, suit shorts, dresses, and men’s casual shirts.

Suit linen fabric is a very tight plain weave fabric that needs to be straightened and straightened. The fabric is very hygroscopic and sturdy, making it soft and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for making skirts, shorts or suits.

The cotton and linen blend fabric is a plain woven fabric. Flax can be blended with other natural fiber to improve the quality, price and texture of the fabric. This mixed fiber fabric can be widely used in various types of clothing

Coated linen fabric is a plain weave fabric. Linen fabric can be treated with special techniques to improve its appearance and expand its range of use. The fabric has undergone waterproof treatment and can be used to make outerwear, such as jackets and coats.

Linen mat is a heavy linen fabric, which is a variable square weave fabric. This type of fabric has a very thick texture. This type of fabric is easy to shape, but it is also prone to false edges.

The handkerchief linen fabric is a plain weave fabric, soft and thin, with a satin luster. Like all other linen fabrics, it is prone to wrinkles and exhibits the irregular surface texture of typical linen fabrics. This fabric is suitable for making dresses, skirts, women’s village shirts, and men’s casual village shirts.


According to the transformation of the scene, the selection of linen skirts has become more diverse.

  • Formal

This concise and elegant linen dress is creamy white, gentle and bright, and is light and beautiful, complementing the skin tone and reducing age. The flexible and comfortable linen fabric is filled with the atmosphere of nature, with a twill texture and a warm luster. The texture is dense, with a soft and powerful softness, and has drapability; The thickness is very suitable for wearing during the spring and autumn seasons. It won’t stick to the body or sweat, and it can maintain a comfortable body feel at all times. Perfect for work or other formal occasions

  • Casua

Wearing a lazy and comfortable full linen suspender dress, it is a good partner for an afternoon tea break, lazy but not loose. In addition to elegance, it exudes a sense of literature and art. A light saturation with a premium feel on the upper body. The light and gentle touch of linen is a refreshing touch in summer, and a return to simplicity that leads to the depths. Beautiful curves and flowing cuts

It is a celebration of elegance, fully demonstrating romance and pragmatism. The exquisite integration of cutting and texture makes this passionate season feel calm and carefree.

  • Summer

This linen set has a strong design sense, and the pleated design of the skirt looks great when paired with the top. The cross tie at the back of the vest and the glass buttons are very unique. This dress is definitely the coolest, most beautiful, and comfortable addition to the summer seaside outfit.

  • Winter

This skirt is made of pure linen material, with fine and tough yarn, and is woven tightly. It carries natural muscles and bones of linen, making it feel like it is in a natural and peaceful state. You can feel the beauty of simplicity with peace of mind. There is a natural, introverted, and simple beauty. During the snowy winter, this bright colored linen dress is very popular, and you can be seen at a glance in the crowd.


No matter which type of linen you choose, be sure to purchase from reputable retailers. If it is sold in the form of “linen”, then it should not be mixed with cotton or polyester fibers. Some clothes are sold in the form of “linen clothing”, but in reality they are made of mixed fibers. Flax from Western Europe provides the best planting conditions for flax plants, thus creating some of the world’s highest quality linen fabrics. Belgian linen is very famous, and some manufacturers have European linen certification, so you know you are buying top quality linen fabric.

The Advantages Of Linen Dress

  • Good moisture absorption

The cotton fibers contained in clothes made of pure cotton fabric have excellent moisture absorption and can absorb moisture into the atmosphere, with a moisture content of 8-10%. This ensures that clothing can maintain a soft and comfortable feel when it comes into contact with the skin. In addition, wearing clothes made of pure cotton in summer can better absorb sweat and keep the skin dry

  • Good warmth retention

Cotton fibers have low thermal conductivity and high cellular elasticity, so pure cotton fabrics have good thermal insulation

  • Easy to color

Good dyeing performance, soft luster, and natural aesthetic feeling

  • Does not irritate the skin

Pure cotton fabrics are made from naturally grown cotton as the raw material, and the cotton fibers in cotton are natural fibers, the main component of which is cellulose. It is very safe and does not cause any irritation after contact with the skin. Therefore, like clothes for infants and young children, pure cotton is the first material.


In short, there is no mistake in choosing a linen dress especially PHALAR‘s linen dress in summer. You can find a color and style that suits you very well. It is a great addition to your wardrobe, fashionable and rustic, and your linen skirt can be worn for many years. Don’t worry about wasting money on cheap manufactured goods when buying linen. Choosing linen does require some time and methods, and the above methods are hoped to be helpful for you, allowing you to choose the most suitable linen dress for yourself.


How do you look good in a linen dress?

It is easy as can be with a linen dress. Choose a simple V-neck linen tunic dress with rolled-up sleeves or a simple wrap dress knee-length. Pair the look with a denim jacket, sneakers, or simple sandals and you are good to go. To elevate the look, add sunglasses and a straw hat.

Should I size up or down in a linen dress?

Our standard response is to always stick with the more snug rather than moving up to the too loose – because regardless of snug or loose , linen will GROW. If you jump to a size, you will end up being unhappy when the loose gets even looser.

What are the different types of linen?

Damask linen. Damask linen is the most delicate compared to other linen types. …

Loosely-woven linen. Loosely woven linen is the highly absorbent fabric of all the other linen fabric types, making it excellent for use in napkins, diapers, and sanitary towels. …

Plain-woven linen.

What weight of linen is best for dresses?

Medium to heavier weight linen is typically used for dresses, skirts and pants. Lighter weights, such as tissue linen, are used for blouses and tops.

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