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How To Care For Linen Dress Ultimate Guidline in 2023

How To Care For Linen Dress| Easy Guidline In 2023

How To Care For Linen Dress

It’s important to take good care of it to ensure it lasts as long as possible. A good quality linen item can last a long time, but to get the most out of it, it’s best to hand wash or machine wash on a low temperature (cold or lukewarm) using a mild detergent. There are some tips for “how to care for linen dress“:

  • Wash: hand wash or machine wash at a low temperature with mild detergent.
  • Iron: iron when the fabric is damp for a smoother look. Use a good quality steam iron with high heat and plenty of steam.
  • Dry: air-dry your linen clothes, lay them flat on a towel or use a drying rack.
  • Soften: Soften your linen, you can iron it when it is still damp or create your own fabric softener by mixing baking soda or vinegar into the wash.
  • Remove stains: try using club soda, hairspray, or rubbing alcohol. Test an inconspicuous spot for colorfastness before proceeding.
  • Wearing: to prevent wrinkles during the day, hang or roll your clothes instead of folding them, and remove your linen jacket while driving or sitting for extended periods of time.

Do you know how to do it correctly? Let’s learn more!

Phoebe bought 2 linen quality skirts last time on the recommendation of a friend, but because she didn’t know how to take care of them, she haven’t worn them yet. Usually too busy, Phoebe does not know linen dress must be hand-washed? Actually,put it into the washing machine machine will be OK. Linen dress care is also very simple.The following tips to help you to do that. Appropriate water temperature machine or hand wash is OK; wet dresses can be ironed; it can also be dried; You can also use baking soda or vinegar to soften linen dress; try using club soda, hairspray, or rubbing alcohol to remove stains. Isn’t it easy to care for? In this article , I will show you how to do it step by step, so that each piece of your linen dress will look new.

What Is Great About Linen?

Linen is a lovely natural material that is perfect for clothing. It is exceptionally comfortable to wear during hot weather or all year round in milder climates. The fibers of the material have the ability to wick moisture away from your body, which results in the fabric feeling cool and airy.

Below are some advantages of linen what make linen the popular choice:

  • Natural fabric
  • Breathable
  • Easy to care of
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Versalite
  • Cooling
  • Durable

How To Unshrink Linen (Iron Linen)?

How To Care For Linen Dress
How To Wash Linen Clothes By Hand

To properly hand-wash linen, place it in a clean sink with cool water and mild detergent. Gently agitate the clothing items, then remove them from the soapy water. Drain the soapy water, rinse the sink and refill it with cool water. Rinse the garments and repeat until the water is soap-free. The correct way to hand wash linen is as follows:

Steps to Hand Wash Linen

  1. Fill a sink with cool water and a teaspoon of gentle detergent.
  2. Submerge the linen garment and let it soak for 10 minutes.
  3. Gently move the item around in the water, avoiding wringing or twisting the fabric.
  4. Rinse until the water is soap-free.
  5. Spread out a towel, lay the garment flat on it, and roll the towel and the garment up together to remove excess moisture.
  6. Air-dry or put it in the dryer at a low temperature for a maximum of five minutes.
How To Wash Linen Clothes In The Washing Machine

Machine washing is an easy and convenient way to clean linen, but it does have its downsides. One such downside is that if not done properly, linen garments can shrink in the washing machine. As mentioned in the general guidelines, linen should only be washed in cool water as warm water can relax the fibers in the fabric, causing it to shrink. To prevent linen from shrinking in the washing machine, follow these steps:

Steps to Machine Wash Linen

  1. Separate light and dark linen from one another.
  2. Turn each item inside out and place it in a mesh laundry bag.
  3. Use the gentlest cycle available and a cool or cold water temperature.
  4. Use a gentle detergent and never use bleach.
  5. Do not use fabric softener.
  6. Air-dry or put it in the dryer at a low temperature.
What Temperature To Wash Linen Clothes

When washing linen, it’s best to use a low temperature setting, either cold or lukewarm (maximum 30°C or 86°F), and a mild detergent. This will help ensure that your linen garments last as long as possible. Avoid using warm or hot water, as this can relax the fibers in the fabric and cause it to shrink.

How To Dry Linen Clothes

Linen is a great fabric for summer travel because it dries quickly. To air-dry your linen clothes, lay them flat on a towel or use a drying rack. Avoid using hangers, as they can leave marks on your linen garments. If you prefer to use a machine, select a program with low-heat or no-heat settings and remove your linen clothes while they are still damp.

How To Soften Linen

To soften your linendress, dress, or sheets, you can iron them when they are still damp. This process will help your linen become softer. Alternatively, you can create your own fabric softener by mixing 1/2 cup of baking soda or 1 cup of vinegar into the wash. Fabric softeners often leave residues and contain chemicals that may be harmful.

How To Remove Stains From Linen

If your linen clothes become stained, try removing the spot with club soda. Some stains can be removed with common hairspray or rubbing alcohol, but it’s best to test an inconspicuous spot for colorfastness. Never use bleach on linen garments. If you are unsure how to proceed, seek the advice of a professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry when removing stains from linen clothes!

How To Store

It’s recommended to hang or roll your clothes instead of folding them, as folding can create creases in the same area. This can result in unwanted folding lines when you’re ready to wear your clothes. To remove these creases, use a hot iron and add steam or a bit of water to soften the crease before applying the iron.

Tips for Wearing Linen

To prevent linen clothing from wrinkling during the day, try these handy tips:

  • Hang or roll your clothes instead of folding them to prevent creases from forming in the same spot.
  • Remove your linen jacket while driving or during extended periods of sitting. It’s a good idea to hang your jacket on a hanger when in the car or your office until you need to wear it again.
  • Gently lift your pants from the knees as you sit down to minimize fabric stretch, sag, and subsequent wrinkles.
  • In between washings or dry cleaning, iron out troublesome wrinkles, so your linen remains crisp and neat. Spray lightly with a fabric refresher to eliminate environmental odors.


Since Phoebe learned how to care for linen dresses, she wears those almost every day. Because it’s just too breathable, comfortable and elegant. And especially easy to take care of. The price is also moderate, and even if you wear it for a long time in the process of taking care of broken also does not hurt. After cleaning, the linen dress looks more neat and tidy, with a strong sense of sophistication. If you think my linen dress care guide from PHALAR is useful, please share it with your friends to help more friends!


How often do you wash a linen dress?

How often should you wash linen clothing? Linen clothing can be washed as often as you like, but it’s best to avoid washing it after every wear. If your linen garment is only lightly soiled, you can spot clean it with a damp cloth.

How do you maintain a linen dress?

Fill a small container with lukewarm water and add about a teaspoon of mild detergent. Submerge the linen garment in lukewarm water and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Gently make a gentle back and forth swish motion on linen clothes. Never twist, or scrub as it can damage the fabric.

Does linen always look wrinkled?

Linen, like cotton, is going to wrinkle when you wear it. It doesn’t matter how careful you are when walking, sitting, or crossing your legs. It’s simply a fact of life and unless you go through your day like a mannequin – not recommended – you’re going to acquire some wrinkles along the way.

Should I wash or dry clean a linen dress?

Linen is a sturdy material that can absolutely be machine washed, though, of course you may also hand wash if you choose.

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