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Hemp VS Linen Sheets Which Is Better

Hemp VS Linen Sheets: Which Is Better?

Linen is undoubtedly a more established fabric in the luxury market, and linen sheets are natural, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. But high-quality hemp is becoming a highly sought-after competitor for designers of home furnishings at the same price!

  • Hemp sheets: more durable and smooth, UV resistant, little elasticity…
  • Linen sheets: durable and softer, easy to crease, oxidation and yellowing …

Hemp or linen sheets: which is better? Follow me as I continue to read on and let’s get to the bottom of this much talk about emerging trends!

Comfortable bedding will ensure you have a good sleeping experience. Hemp and linen sheets both have their unique characteristics and benefits. While linen fabric is better known for bedding, hemp is popular for its UV resistance, mildew resistance and pest resistance.

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between hemp and linen sheets, as well as the pros and cons of each, to help you make an informed choice between the two!

What Are Hemp And Linen?

Linen and hemp are both natural fibres that have been cultivated for centuries. These versatile materials have been crafted into everything from clothing and bedding through to rope, fishing nets and even paper.

Linen fabric is made from the fibres inside the stalks of the flax plant. Other parts of the plant are used for flax seeds and linseed oil.

The hemp plant used for fabric is Cannabis sativa and is a completely different plant to marijuana. Hemp fabric is created from the outer fibres of the stalk of the plant.

Hemp is a super sustainable and versatile crop. Its stems contain cellulose-rich fibers that can be used to make a variety of textiles, such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and curtains.

This video will give you a more visual understanding of hemp.

Linen is a plant fiber that was widely used as early as ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. Its fibers are fine and tough, with a certain degree of softness and elasticity, more dense than hemp. Linen made sheets and clothing, such as best linen dresses, shorts … Very suitable for hot and humid climates, because the linen fiber is highly hygroscopic, and fast drying, can effectively reduce heat accumulation.

Likewise, you can get to know flax more visually by following.

What Are The Textile Characteristics Of Hemp And Linen Sheets

CharacteristicHemp sheetsLinen sheets
MaterialHemp fiberFlax fiber
ComfortRough, initially hardSoft, gradually getting softer
Air permeabilityVery highVery high
HygroscopicityVery goodVery good
StrengthVery highHigh
DurabilityMore durable than linenDurable and long life
Textile craftDirect spinning or sisal weaving processLinen Textile Craft
StrengthVery highHigh
Color changesAnti-ultraviolet and not easy to fadeOxidation yellowing
PriceVery expensiveExpensive

Hemp and linen bed sheets have many similarities. Both are breathable materials. They become soft after washing and are easy to dye. Both hemp and linen are great alternatives to synthetic fabrics like polyester and cotton (unless they’re organic). Since it is a substitute, how to choose between linen and cotton sheets, which one is more suitable for you? In the same way, you still have to refer to the specific parameters and choose according to your own needs.

What Are The Textile Characteristics Of Hemp & Linen Sheets

Hemp Sheets VS Linen Sheets: Pros And Cons

For specific advantages and disadvantages, please refer to the table.

  • Hemp Sheets: Pros & Cons
Soft and durable
Breathable, warm
UV resistant
Little elasticity
Easy to shrink
  • Linen Sheets: Pros & Cons
Breathable and cool
Antibacterial Hypoallergenic
Easy to wrinkle
Special cleaning care
Oxidation fading

Everything has two sides, and linen and linen sheets have their own advantages and disadvantages, and these characteristics will become the first consideration when you buy sheets. Of course, you have to know that GOTS certified fabrics are a better choice.

GOTS refers to the Global Organic Textile Standard (Global Organic Textile Standard), which is an international certification system for evaluating and certifying whether textiles meet organic standards throughout the production process.

Comparison Of Hemp Sheets And Linen Sheets

Below is a comparison of the common characteristics of hemp and linen bed sheets.

  • Softness: Hemp sheets are a natural fiber material that may be a little stiff at first, but gradually becomes soft and comfortable with use and washing.Linen sheets are made from linen fibers for a natural soft feel that is comfortable from the first use.
  • Elasticity: Hemp fibers are relatively tough, so Hemp sheets are generally durable, but relatively inelastic. Linen sheets have good stretch to better conform to the shape of the mattress, providing better support and comfort.
  • Mold Resistance: Hemp fibers are naturally antimicrobial and mildew resistant, so Hemp sheets are relatively less susceptible to mold and mildew. Linen sheets are less resistant to mold and need to be kept dry and cleaned regularly to prevent mold growth.
  • Moisture absorption and breathability: Hemp fiber has excellent moisture absorption and breathability properties, can absorb sweat on the body surface and evaporate it quickly, and maintain a dry sleeping environment. Linen fiber also has good moisture absorption and air permeability, but compared to Hemp, the moisture absorption is slightly inferior.
  • Anti-ultraviolet: Hemp fiber has a good protective effect on ultraviolet rays, which can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body. Linen fiber is relatively thin and has weak protection against UV rays.
  • Wash Care: Hemp sheets can withstand more frequent washing, even machine washing, without losing shape or shrinking. Washing linen sheets requires a gentler wash.

In short, the softness and elasticity of linen sheets can provide a gentle touch, which is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Although hemp sheets are not as soft as linen sheets, for people who sweat easily or live in humid environments, the moisture absorption and breathability of hemp sheets can provide a more comfortable sleeping experience.

The Outstanding Of Hemp

According to the above, we can also know the comprehensive characteristics of hemp. Because of flax, the following are the highlights of hemp!

  • Environmental sustainability

Hemp improves the soil over time, flax depletes it. While both can be rotated with previous crops, hemp promotes soil health and ecological balance. Research has shown that growing hemp as a previous crop increases wheat yields, with an estimated 10-20% increase in yield.

  • Cannabis positively contributes to biodiversity

An interesting fact is that pollinating bees love cannabis and it has a great potential to improve and maintain bee populations. In 1999, a Canadian study compared the biodiversity friendliness of crops, specifically mentioning hemp. The findings show that cannabis is not only highly compatible with the environment, but also has a positive impact on biodiversity. Further research into this positive effect and new environmental findings will be interesting and important as hemp becomes more widespread in agriculture, especially after legalization in the United States.

  • Anti-UV

Hemp has some UV, mildew and insect-resistant properties that make it ideal for sheets and clothing. However, if linen is not stored properly, it can become moldy.

In addition, linen has a lower moisture content. Hemp has a moisture content of about 12 percent, while flax has a moisture content of about 10 percent. But this small difference is negligible

The Outstanding Of Hemp


Although hemp and flax are very similar, hemp sheets are more environmentally sustainable than linen sheets. Choose hemp sheets, if you like refreshing feeling and pay attention to durability and environmental protection.

Choose linen sheets, if you pursue comfort, soft touch and people who are sensitive to allergies.PHALAR is a linen brand with many famous designers, so its bed sheets guarantee comfort and style. At the same time, because it has a very good supply chain, its price is very advantageous. Pick out your next set of linen sheets now!

No matter which bed linen you choose, you need to take care to iron it regularly to keep it flat, and choose the right material according to your personal preferences and needs.


Is hemp better than linen?

Hemp is known to be significantly stronger than linen and boasts the longest lifespan among natural fabrics, making it highly durable. This is primarily due to the fact that hemp fibers are longer compared to flax fibers. Additionally, the fibers of these plants exhibit distinct colors.

Are hemp sheets like linen?

Hemp is renowned for its exceptional durability. According to Miller, linen bed sheets have a reputation for tearing, while hemp surpasses them in strength. With fibers approximately three times longer than linen, hemp offers superior durability, making it one of the longest-lasting fabric options available. Moreover, as hemp is washed and utilized, it becomes progressively softer, enhancing its comfort and longevity.

Is hemp more breathable than linen?

Hemp bedding surpasses linen in terms of breathability, cooling, and moisture-wicking capabilities. Its unique thermoregulating properties ensure that you stay cool in warm conditions and warm in cooler temperatures, guaranteeing optimal comfort during sleep. In terms of coziness, quality, and sustainability, hemp emerges as the superior choice.

Is linen or hemp better for hot weather?

Hemp and linen both offer excellent breathability, making them equally effective in keeping you cool. While linen may have a slight advantage in moisture absorption compared to hemp, both fabrics possess exceptional insulating properties. During the summer, both hemp and linen outperform cotton in terms of keeping you cooler.

Is hemp as soft as linen?

Clothing crafted from hemp closely resembles linen fabric, exhibiting numerous shared characteristics. Both materials excel in moisture-wicking abilities, swiftly drying to assist in regulating body temperature. Furthermore, they offer a soft and gentle texture, promoting comfort and being gentle on the skin. Additionally, hemp and linen share beneficial properties such as being naturally resistant to fungi and bacteria.

Does hemp wrinkle less than linen?

Hemp fabric does not wrinkle to the same extent as linen, although it may still develop some wrinkles due to its natural composition. Compared to synthetic fabrics, hemp is more prone to wrinkling, but it experiences significantly fewer wrinkles compared to linen.

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