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Can You Iron Linen

Can You Iron Linen?

Can You Iron Linen?

Yes! But linen can be a challenging fabric to iron, as it tends to wrinkle easily. However, ironing linen is much easier when the fabric is damp. To dampen your linen clothes, fill an inexpensive spray bottle with clean water and use it to mist the fabric lightly before ironing. A good quality steam iron with high heat and plenty of steam is essential for ironing linen effectively.

Sophia is a homemaker. She enjoys taking care of his family’s food and living. Recently he was recommended linen clothes by a friend, he heard that they are very breathable and comfortable, he wanted to buy some for himself and his family, but he didn’t know how to take care of this material, she asked me , “can you iron linen”? I said yes! I suggest her “If you are the type of person who only wears linen clothes around the house, then you could probably get away without ironing your linen clothes. “Ironing helps keep the clothes soft and comfortable, so it is a good idea to iron linens. Your care of the fabric returns nice benefits and helps the clothes last a lot longer. You can iron nearly all linen clothes, such as linen shirts, linen shorts and so on. There are some steps you can follow to do it. Let’s look at it!

Iron Setting For Linen

Iron Setting For Linen

Ironing linen can be an easy task if you follow these simple steps. Firstly, check if your iron has a specific setting for linen. If it does, use that setting. If not, set it to the cotton setting. It’s important to note that linen is a natural fiber that can handle a lot of heat, so don’t be afraid to use a high temperature. To make the ironing process smoother, keep the linen clothing item damp, and use smooth, strong, even strokes on the ironing board. Additionally, make sure your ironing board is stable and steady to avoid any accidents. By following these tips, you can iron your linen clothes with ease and without any hassle.

What you need to prepare for ironing linen? To iron linen, you will need:

  • Good iron
  • Ironing board
  • Cloth for protecting buttons or other embellishments
  • Water spray bottle
  • Smooth, strong, even strokes
  • Stability and steadiness of ironing board

Iron Linen Step By Step

Ironing linen can be a bit tricky due to the fabric’s tendency to wrinkle easily. Here are some steps to follow:

Step 1: Get your well-padded ironing board and lay your wrinkled linen cloth on it.

Step 2: Set your iron to the highest heat setting or to the linen setting if it has one. Make sure the faceplate of the iron is clean to prevent any ugly stains on your clothes.

Step 3: Spritz your linen cloth with clean water from a spray bottle. Give extra attention to thicker areas like collars, pockets of the pants, and cuffs. It should be humid but not super wet. You should leave the garment to rest for 5-10 minutes after spritzing it with water before you start ironing. When linen clothes are damp, creases are easier to iron, and dampening your clothes prevents the iron from burning the fabric.

Step 4: Move the iron in smooth and steady strokes across the cloth and be careful not to press the iron on the garment too much or stay in one spot for too long. It is recommended that you iron your linen clothes inside out to prevent damage. Follow the lines and the stitching of the cloth. Also, you should begin with thicker areas and any embroidered areas on the linen.

Step 5: Once you’ve completed ironing your cloth, let it rest and cool on the ironing board for 5-10 minutes. After that, put it on a clothes hanger in an uncrowded space to keep it smooth and wrinkle-free.

Overall, dampening the linen, using a pressing cloth, and ironing with steady strokes are the keys to successfully ironing linen. Make sure to follow these steps and you’ll have a perfectly pressed and wrinkle-free linen garment!

Unwrinkle Linen Without Iron

Unwrinkle Linen Without Iron

There are also some methods to unwrinkle linen without iron:

  • Tumble dry the clothing: This is a great way to remove wrinkles. Put the clothing in a clothes dryer with an ice cube. Set the dryer to medium heat and dry the clothing for about 15 minutes.
  • Use the shower method: Many people have found success with this method. Hang the wrinkled clothing in the bathroom and start the shower with hot water. Close the bathroom door so the steam can’t escape. Leave the clothing hanging in the steam for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Use a wrinkle-removing spray: You can find common wrinkle-removing sprays at the grocery store. The clothing needs to be damp for the spray to work, but it will remove wrinkles. You can also make your own spray using water and fabric softener.
Use a wrinkle-removing spra

Best Steam Iron For Linen

Best Steam Iron For Linen

When it comes to ironing linen, it’s important to have a good steam iron that can handle high heat and generate enough steam to remove wrinkles. Some of the best steam irons for linen include:

  • Rowenta DW5080 Focus: This steam iron has a powerful steam output and precision tip for hard-to-reach areas, making it a great option for linen.
  • Reliable Velocity 200IR: This iron has a patented two-heating element design that provides continuous steam, making it ideal for large linen items.
  • Black+Decker Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron: This steam iron has a digital display and adjustable temperature and steam controls, making it a versatile option for various fabrics, including linen.
  • T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron: This steam iron has a ceramic soleplate for smooth gliding and a powerful steam output, making it a great choice for linen.

Things To Avoid When Ironing Linen Clothes

There are some tips to avoid when you iron linen clothes:

• Do not iron your linen clothes dry—instead dampen them by spritzing the surface of your clothes with water from a spray bottle.

• Do not press the iron on your linen cloth too much or stay in one spot for too long to avoid scorching the garment.

• Avoid folding linen cloths after ironing. Instead, hang them on a padded hanger to prevent wrinkling.


Linen can be ironed, and often ironed correctly can make linen clothes more upright and beautiful. And ironing linen fabrics is not difficult. The important part to remember is to keep the linen material moist throughout the ironing process. Since Sophia has been taking care of her linen clothes by following the linen ironing method I described in the article, she has grown to love them more and more. What about you? If you find my method useful, please share it with more friends to help with the topic of taking better care of linen clothes. If you have not yet gotten a linen clothes, have a try in PHALAR shop!


How do you get wrinkles out of linen?

Steam damp linens by hanging in a steamy bathroom or using a proper steamer. This is a really effective way to remove wrinkles from linen. Air dry and hang wet linens to prevent the worst creases. Give your garments a good shake and flap, then hang outside completely unfolded, and let the breeze shake out the crumples.

Are you supposed to iron linen?

Linen wrinkles and creases very easily so if you want it to appear smooth and flat, it needs ironing. It may also need starching. However, the wrinkles in the fabric are often considered part of linen’s character, and many linen garments are now designed to be air-dried and worn without ironing.

Will ironing shrink linen?

During the process of creating linen fabric, these flax fibers stretch. When they become wet, the fibers relax back to their original, unstretched state, resulting in a bit of shrinkage. Hot water, hot dryer temperatures and hot irons can also cause flax fibers to contract and shrink.

Why does linen wrinkle so easily?

Why does linen crease? The reason linen wrinkles easily is down to the chemical make-up of the cellulose of the flax plant fibers from which linen is made. Hydrogen bonds in this cellulose are left by evaporated moisture, resulting in wrinkles in the fabric.

Can you put linen in dryer?

Natural linen fabric can safely go in the tumble dryer, as long as the care instructions indicate this is suitable on the garment. Use a medium heat to dry linen shirts, linen bedding or linen clothes. Too much heat can, again, cause shrinking or damage. Hang as soon as they are dry to prevent further wrinkling.

What temperature do you iron linen?

If you’re wondering how to iron your linen clothes, the recommended temperature is 445 degrees Fahrenheit/230°C. However, it’s important to always check the care label on your linen clothing item to ensure that it’s safe to iron. Some linen items may require lower temperatures or may need to be ironed with steam. Always follow the care instructions provided to avoid damaging your clothes. Ironing your linen clothes can help remove wrinkles and give them a crisp, polished look. To avoid creating new wrinkles, iron your clothes while they’re still slightly damp or use a spray bottle to mist them with water before ironing.

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