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Linen Dress VS Cotton Which Is Better For You IN

Linen Dress VS Cotton: Which Is Better For You In 2023

When it comes to fabrics, linen and cotton can be said to be the best of the two fabrics. They are durable, breathable, and soft fabrics made of natural fibers. But there are many differences between them. However, when comparing these two fabrics, it is necessary to start from different dimensions. Each material flourishes due […]

2023 Ultimate Linen Sewing Tutorial You Can DIY at Home

2023 Ultimate Linen Sewing Tutorial : You Can DIY At Home

Julia is a homemaker with a good taste in life, and she enjoys keeping her house in order. Recently, she has become interested in sewing linen clothes. We have a professional sewing tutorial from beginner to professional tailor. Julia couldn’t wait to get started. In this artical , you will learn how to layout, cut […]

Best Linen Dresses For Summer Enjoy This Summer

2023 Best Linen Dresses For Summer: Enjoy This Summer

Summer is the good season for girls to show their sexy figure. But this summer, i think besides the mini shirt, and it’s time to break out the breezy and comfortable linen dresses! If you’re someone who loves the look of mini skirts but finds them uncomfortable, linen dresses are the perfect solution. Not only […]

How To Clean Linen 4 Tips You Need

How To Clean Linen: 4 Must-Know Tips!

What Is Linen? The fiber of flax is the earliest natural plant fiber used by humans – flax fiber, abbreviated as flax. Flax material has unique advantages such as strong, flexible, fine, good color, strong fiber strength, non perishable in water, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation, low dust absorption, non tearing, non […]

How To Wear Linen Pants?

How To Wear Linen Pants: Dressing Tips And Outfit Ideas Linen pants are a must-have item for summer casual wear. Depending on the fit and contour of the linen pants, they can also be worn on different occasions, such as in the office. Linen pants are also suitable for going to the beach, and can […]

How To Unshrink Linen Pants – 3 Easy Steps (2023)

How To Unshrink Linen Pants – 3 Easy Steps (2023)

Materials Needed Click here to watch the video Step-by-Step Guide Step 1 Fill the bucket with water and baby shampoo Add 1 liter of warm water to the bucket, enough to cover the linen pants. The water temperature is consistent with the room temperature in order to effectively relax the flax fibers. Add a teaspoon […]

Best Plus Size Linen pants

Best Plus Size Linen pants (2023)

BEST BUDGET: High Rise Linen-Cotton Utility Joggers with Washwell To begin with, High Rise Linen-Cotton Utility Joggers with Washwell comes in large size, which helps you survive from heat-wave-level temperatures in scorching summer. They are black, sand beige, navy blue, mesculen green, size range from XXS to XXL, made from linen-cotton, won’t wrinkle or stiff […]

How To Pack Linen Pants For Travel

How To Pack Linen Pants For Travel (2023)

Roll Linen Pants The trick of rolling up linen pants to reduce wrinkles is very practical, and by rolling, you can avoid the obvious creases caused by the folding process, which is a good choice for packing linen pants. The trick to rolling a linen pant is to make sure it is rolled tightly, fold […]

linen shorts women outfit

Linen Shorts:The Perfect Outfit For Women (2023)

Outfit Ideas: Linen Shorts with Blazer Because of its light material and looser fit, Linen shorts for women are more suitable for daily wear to create a comfortable semi-formal style. For example, women can wear a light blue lace-up cotton shirt with a black blazer and gray women linen shorts. Pair it with navy blue […]

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Linen Pants (2023)

Ironing Unwrinkle Without An Iron Hang Drying After washing linen pants, or if they are dry, spray the pants with a bottle of cold water. Hang wet linen trousers on a wide hanger outside in a ventilated place. Let gravity and wind gently dry the linen pants. To avoid wrinkles, make sure the linen pants […]

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