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Best Men's Drawstring Linen Pants

Best Men’s Drawstring Linen Pants (2023)

Wear a pair of comfortable and versatile men’s drawstring linen pants, which are not only youthful but also fashionable, and can be worn for running and fitness. Moreover, the drawstring pants made of linen are very popular. They are of high quality, breathable and sweat-absorbent, and are very dry and comfortable. Trendy people also love it, and it goes well with sportswear and suits. From the aspects of quality, version design and popularity, I have selected some of the best men’s drawstring linen pants for you. If interested, read on.

De Bonne Facture Drawstring Linen Trousers

Menswear brand DE BONNE FACTURE integrates French traditional textile technology and local handicraft culture into garment design, respects the unity and integrity of clothing design and manufacturing, and focuses on displaying the “regionality” of products. This is the core design concept of the brand that DE BONNE FACTURE has been adhering to.Offering elegant, understated essentials for men.

I recommend De Bonne Facture drawstring linen trousers. First of all, its material is 100% linen. Made locally, using high-quality materials, the workmanship is very fine, which is in line with the brand style.The fabric of pure linen is very high-grade. In other words, it has all the advantages of linen fabrics, such as sweat-absorbing and breathable, dry and comfortable, good heat dissipation, and low-saturated high-grade colors.

Second, the linen trousers are designed in a regular straight-leg, low-rise fit. Straight-leg design can give people the feeling of long legs and modify the shape of the legs. And the low-grade design is very comfortable, so you have a great sense of experience wearing these linen pants, which are very suitable for walking, running, fitness, vacation, etc.

Regarding the wearing of De Bonne Facture drawstring linen trousers, I recommend choosing a dark shirt with a light T-shirt to create a layered layering. The dark color will be more suitable for this pair of pants, because this pair of pants only has two colors of navy blue and gray, which are more versatile and deep and stable colors. The combination of dark and dark colors will be more mature and masculine, and at the same time, the light-colored T-shirt will not make the whole look too dull. If there is a small printed pattern on the dark shirt, the whole shirt will be more lively and casual. Wear it with a pair of white sneakers for a premium feel in a comfortable outfit.

Perry Ellis Linen Drawstring Pants

I don’t know if you have heard of the brand Perry Ellis. Perry Ellis is a well-known clothing brand from the United States. It was founded by designer Perry Ellis in 1978. It focuses on men’s casual shirts, formal shirts, Polo shirts, sweaters , casual trousers, dress pants, jeans, women’s clothing and children’s clothing and so on.

I recommend Perry Ellis Linen Drawstring Pants. First of all, its material is 100% linen. The overall texture is relatively good. Compared with other materials, Perry Ellis Linen Drawstring Pants are very soft, skin-friendly and comfortable. Secondly, this pair of linen trousers is a straight version, which can modify the shape of your legs and create a visual effect of straight legs. Finally, the linen pants have seamed pockets on both sides and button welt pockets on the back, which are special and simple.

Perry Ellis Linen Drawstring Pants are available in bright white, off-white and rock gray. Regarding these three colors, I will give you the following matching suggestions. Bright white linen pants + blue and white vertical striped shirt + light brown slippers. Blue and white collocation is a timeless classic. Off-white linen pants + mint green Polo shirt + gray canvas shoes,which are very fresh style. Rock gray linen pants + dark blue Polo shirt + white casual shoes,which are very calm style.

Cubavera Drawstring Pant

The Cubavera clothing brand was founded in 2000, and its product line focuses on professional suits, shirts, jackets, pants and shorts. Cubavera’s design is inspired by its own Latin culture, which embodies the trendy cool and refreshing elements of Latin culture, while adding innovative and colorful appeal, suitable for today’s diverse lifestyles and various social occasions. Cubavera’s style is relaxed, casual and elegant. The brand takes Latin culture as the carrier. Since its creation, it has changed the ideal, happy and “sabor” Latin culture clothing, reflecting traditional Latin culture with real fundamentals and integrating it into the brand and design. level of innovation.

I recommend Cubavera Drawstring Pant. First of all, its material is 55% linen + 45% viscose. Combining the advantages of flax and rubber fibers, it is breathable and cool, and at the same time brings a softer and more comfortable feeling. Secondly, the design of Cubavera Drawstring Pant is very attractive. Simple yet refined, the trousers have a jersey weave fabric that creates a tightly woven pattern for extra wear and better texture. Finally, it has a very rich color selection, from Brilliant White, Bright White, Timber Wolf to Cornstalk, etc.There are 18 colors for you to choose from.

Regarding the wearing of Cubavera Drawstring Pant, I suggest choosing T-shirts or POLO shirts, which are very suitable and cool. For example, you can choose a white T-shirt or POLO shirt with dark linen pants, such as Dress Blues, Dress Blues Navy, black and so on. This combination is more classic and simple. You can also choose brighter colors to match, such as a coral red POLO shirt with Timber Wolf linen pants, a sky blue T-shirt with Brilliant White linen pants, etc. This will make you look more lively. You can wear a pair of black sandals, which are very suitable for summer, breathable and cool.

28 Palms Men’s Relaxed-fit Linen Pant With Drawstring

I recommend 28 Palms Men’s Relaxed-fit Linen Pant with Drawstring. First of all, its material is 100% linen, a very pure linen fabric, which is a relatively high-end fabric, so there is no need to worry about the quality. And the price is relatively affordable. Currently, you can buy a pair of high-quality men’s linen pants made of pure linen for only $36.20, which is very cost-effective. Secondly, 28 Palms Men’s Relaxed-fit Linen Pant with Drawstring has a more novel and special design. Unlike other drawstring linen pants, the drawstring on these linen pants is inside. The appearance looks no different from ordinary linen pants, but its waist can be adjusted for tightness, which is very convenient. Moreover, the pocket design is side pockets on both sides, which are very well connected with the trousers, simple and convenient. There are also two button-style back pockets on the back. The golden buttons with dark blue trousers are very beautiful and elegant.

28 Palms Men’s Relaxed-fit Linen Pant with Drawstring has only one color, Blue Night. I suggest choosing a shirt for matching, especially a distinctive shirt, which is more eye-catching when paired with Blue Night trousers. You can choose a black and white wavy striped shirt with 28 Palms Men’s Relaxed-fit Linen Pant and a pair of blue moccasins. It is very suitable for vacation and leisure, and it feels like enjoying life. In addition, a white and red maple leaf shirt is also a very good choice. The collision of red, white and blue makes the deep blue bloom with enthusiasm and warmth.

COS Relaxed-Fit Drawstring Twill Trousers

COS (Collection of Style) is a high-end brand under the Hennes & MauritzAB (ie H&M) group, famous in Europe for its simple and trendy aesthetic design. Different from H&M, which adopts the strategy of being close to the people, the price of COS is obviously higher, and the design is more minimalist, winning with lines, tailoring and shape. COS mainly sells simple and trendy clothing. It has opened stores in the UK, Germany, France and Sweden. Although the concept is somewhat similar to H&M, the COS brand is differentiated by high-end brand-name designs and mature styles, and its price positioning is relatively relative. higher.

I recommend COS Relaxed-Fit Drawstring Twill Trousers. First of all, it’s made from a blend of organic cotton, lyocell and linen. The overall texture is relatively good. Compared with other materials, this linen trousers are very soft, skin-friendly and comfortable. Secondly, COS Relaxed-Fit Drawstring Twill Trousers is a loose fit, not very tight, and have a good comfort level. Moreover, it has a tapered silhouette. The upper part is loose and can be adjusted, and the lower part is gradually tightened. It is a more attractive version design and shapes the legs. Finally, it has front slip pockets and back patch pockets for both aesthetics and practicality.

COS Relaxed-Fit Drawstring Twill Trousers are available in navy and light beige. You can match according to the color. For example, navy linen pants + gray long-sleeved collared shirt + white base layer + white sneakers. Very cool style, even more trendy if you take a black satchel. light beige linen pants + gray round-neck long-sleeved sweater + white collared bottoming shirt + white sneakers. The overlapping design reveals the collar of the bottoms, a very literary style.

Final Thoughts

All in all, it is very necessary for men to have a pair of linen drawstring pants. Classic, comfortable and versatile. If you want to buy a pair of linen drawstring pants with good quality and fit, but you are struggling to choose. Then you can look at my specific description above. Above, I have recommended five of the best men’s linen pants based on a comprehensive evaluation of version design, material quality and popularity, and have given corresponding suggestions on how to wear them. I hope the information I provided was helpful to you, and thanks for reading.


How do you tie drawstring linen pants so they don’t fall down?

Tie a loop on each side of the drawstring, loosely. Thread the right end of the rope through the small loop tied out on the left. Do the same with the left end of the rope, threading it through the small loop tied on the right. Pull the string taut on both sides, and the drawstring is tied. When you feel that the pants are tight, hold the knots on both sides and pull them out, and the pants will become loose. When the pants are too loose, the drawstring can be tightened by pulling on the cords on both sides.

What are the different types of drawstring linen pants?

There are many types of drawstring linen pants, such as seven-part drawstring linen pants, nine-part drawstring linen pants, regular drawstring linen pants, high-waisted drawstring linen pants, wide-leg drawstring linen pants, straight-leg drawstring linen pants, and so on.

Do you tuck in drawstring linen pants?

Yes. If the cord of your drawstring linen pants falls off, how do you tuck it back in? Materials to prepare: Straws. Insert one end of the drawstring into the straw first. Thread the end of the straw that is inserted into the drawstring into your trousers. Use the straw to fully thread the drawstring into the pants, and slowly move the straw until it comes out the other end. Pull out the straw and the drawstring will be ready.Just tidy up the drawstring a bit.

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