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Bamboo vs. Linen Sheets

Bamboo Vs Linen Sheets: What Is The Difference?(2023)

Bamboo vs. Linen Sheets

As consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly home products continues to grow, more and more people are turning to bed linens made from bamboo and linen. What are the differences between these two popular choices? How can you determine which bed linen is best for your needs?

  • Bamboo Sheet: it is softer and more luxurious feel;Moisture-wicking and breathable. But it is not durable &require special care instructions.
  • Linen Sheet: it is absorbs moisture without feeling wet; durable and long-lasting. But it wrinkles easily and be more expensive.

Both have similar characteristics and are not dissimilar in effect. Read our full article below, then choose your favorite sheet material according to your needs!

When it comes to comfort and breathability, both bamboo and linen sheets are considered top choices. Their soft and luxurious textures provide a quality sleep experience. However, there are still some important differences between these two types of sheets, and these differences can help you make a better choice. In this article, we will compare the differences between bamboo sheets and linen sheets. Linen sheets are slightly more affordable, while they can also be durable, have health benefits and are friendly to the environment.

You should consider all of the following points before choosing between bamboo and linen sheets.

What Are Linen Sheets & Bamboo Bed Sheets?

What Are Linen Sheets?

linen sheet

Very durable, lightweight and cool, linen sheets are made from the stem of the flax plant. Their natural fibers are three times stronger than cotton and can last for decades, making flax into linen skirts 404 and more. Linen sheets also get softer over time. Plus, linen is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin who just have to put up with lightly worn new sheets.

What Are Bamboo Bed Sheets?

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo sheets are sheets made from bamboo fibers, a material that grows quickly and requires less irrigation and pesticides, making them a more sustainable option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. It is important to note, however, that the manufacturing process of bamboo sheets may involve the use of chemicals, so some consumers who are truly concerned about the environment and sustainability may choose to use bamboo linen sheets without the chemical manufacturing process.

Here are some specification for bamboo sheet and linen sheet for your reference!

SpecificationsBamboo SheetsLinen Sheets
DurabilityMay not be as durableDurable and long-lasting
TextureSofter and more luxurious feelCan be rough and scratchy
Moisture AbsorptionAbsorbs moisture without feeling wetAbsorbs moisture without feeling wet
WrinklingWrinkles less than linenWrinkles easily
AllergiesHypoallergenic and antimicrobialNot hypoallergenic
Insect RepellentNaturally insect-repellentNot insect-repellent
CareMay require special care instructionsCan be laundered easily

Maybe you are not so easy to know the pros and cons of linen sheets & bamboo sheets, as a professional linen fabric expert who do a lot of research, i summary these advantages and disadvantages for you.

Bamboo Sheets

Softer and more luxurious feel
Moisture-wicking and breathable
Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
May not be as durable
More prone to pilling and shrinkage
May require special care instructions

Linen Sheets

Durable and long-lasting
Naturally insect-repellent
Absorbs moisture without feeling wet
Can be rough and scratchy
Wrinkles easily
Can be more expensive

Linen Bed Sheets Vs Bamboo Bed Sheets: Side by Side

There are more side by side comparison for linen and bamboo sheet. Let’s watch the video directly below!

  • Comfortable and breathable
Sheet TypeComfortAir Permeability
Linen SheetsSubtle texture, moisture wickingVery breathable and cool to sleep
Bamboo SheetsTemperature adjustable, softBreathable to limit moisture that may be absorbed overnight

As can be seen from the table, bamboo sheets are slightly better than linen sheets in terms of breathability because bamboo is a breathable fabric. In terms of comfort, though, there’s little difference between the two. Bamboo sheets are soft and delicate, while linen sheets will slowly become softer and more textured after washing.

If you only consider this factor, I would recommend bamboo sheets, because they don’t need to be run-in with new sheets, and they are also very suitable for children.

  • Durability and cost
Sheet TypeDurabilityCost
Linen SheetsLinen fibers are three times stronger than cotton, so linen sheets have a long lifeAffordable
Bamboo SheetsBamboo sheets use long fibers for excellent durability and resistance to damageHigh Cost

According to the table, we can know that in terms of durability, bamboo sheets are slightly better due to their long and delicate fibers. In terms of cost, bamboo sheets are generally more expensive to produce because bamboo goes through multiple stages of processing before it becomes a usable fiber.

However, linen bed sheets are also very durable compared to cotton, which can fully meet the needs of daily life, and are easier to produce than bamboo bed sheets, so the price is more competitive.

  • Temperature

Did you know about the insulating properties of flax? While both bamboo and linen sheets are believed to have thermoregulatory properties that help people stay comfortable between heat and cold.

But linen sheets can keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold ones thanks to their excellent insulating properties. Therefore, linen sheets are suitable for all climates and are available almost all year round.

  • Environmental protection and health

While going green doesn’t directly improve sleep quality, for many it means being green, healthy and sustainable.

While both flax and bamboo plants can be grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals or even small amounts of water, they are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

But bamboo sheets are actually more environmentally friendly, as the manufacturing process for bamboo is less intensive and requires far less water to grow. And bamboo can release a lot of oxygen, it is a sustainable natural material with fast growth.

  • Number of threads
Number of threads

If you care about the thread count of your sheets (the higher the thread count, the tighter the weave), then bamboo sheets are a good choice. Bamboo sheets are often blended with other fibers, such as cotton, to achieve a higher thread count, such as 300 thread count.

In contrast, linen sheets have a relatively low thread count, up to 150 thread count unmixed. But thread thickness varies by brand and style, and it’s not a reliable measurement either.

Unique for Linen Sheets

  • Linen sheets are more colorful
Linen sheets are more colorful

Compared to other fiber materials such as bamboo sheets and cotton sheets, linen sheets are more easily dyed. This is due to the natural structure of linen fibers and fiber surface of the tiny grooves caused by these grooves can better absorb dyes. So linen sheets can show richer, more vibrant colors, but also to maintain the color vibrancy.

In a home with personalized needs, linen sheets easy to dye also gives people more choice and freedom, according to their preferences and style to choose different colors and patterns, to create a more personalized and beautiful bedroom space.

  • Linen looks great with minimal effort
Linen looks great with minimal effort

There are very easy to care for linen sheets and require little effort. Whether ironed or natural, linen sheets look great. Plus, linen sheets can hold up to the heat of an iron better than bamboo sheets, especially if you want to move away from the traditional drop and linen texture.

  • Linen sheets are more texture oriented

Compared to bamboo sheets, linen sheets pay more attention to the texture and feel of the performance. Compared with other fibers, linen fibers have more uniformity and fineness of the fiber, making the surface texture of linen sheets more delicate, softer feel. At the same time, the texture of linen sheets will gradually become more soft and comfortable with the number of uses and cleaning.

Unique for Bamboo Sheets

  • Bamboo is highly durable

Bamboo sheets are very durable, but require proper maintenance. Bamboo sheets have finer fibers than linen, so they must be washed gently in cold water or the elasticity and color of the fabric may be damaged. As long as proper instructions are followed for cleaning and care, bamboo sheets will clean very well and may never need to be replaced.

  • Bamboo Changes Seasons

Bamboo fibers are thermally regulated, so if you love the crisp scent of bamboo, want to keep up with the weather and make sure you get the best night’s sleep, bamboo sheets are a great way to easily weather the seasonal changes.

  • Bamboo is more eco-friendly
Bamboo is more eco-friendly

While linen is a great option, bamboo has the advantage of being more environmentally friendly. Because there are fewer processes involved in making the final product, bamboo’s manufacturing process is less intensive and requires far less water to grow.


In short, both materials can be made into high quality bed sheets. Still not sure which sheets are best for you? I can offer some suggestions:

Choose bamboo sheets if:

  • You like the silk texture and are looking for skin-friendly softness and don’t want to break in your new bedding
  • You want a more durable fabric and plan a long-term investment
  • You like to sleep hot and sweat excessively

Choose linen sheets if:

  • You prefer a more textured sheet that will become softer over time
  • You want a fabric that is easier to care for, a cheaper option than bamboo, but still feels cool and luxurious
  • You want to stay cool and dry and are afraid of getting cold late at night

For me, I have a linen complex, preferring linen sheets. It is very attractive compared to bamboo sheets cost performance, and stylish texture. PHALAR is a superb team of professional linen production, follow it you will love everything linen fabric!


Is bamboo or linen better for sheets?

When it comes to choosing between bamboo sheets and linen sheets, it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and specific requirements. Bamboo sheets are more eco-friendly and price-priced, while linen sheets are favored for their durability and breathability. If you prioritize affordability and environmental friendliness, then linen sheets may be a better choice for you.

What is more breathable linen or bamboo?

Compared to linen sheets, bamboo sheets are softer, offer exceptional breathability, and are more durable. In addition, bamboo sheets are better for your health, as they are made using eco-friendly production methods that have less of an impact on the environment.

Is linen or bamboo better for hot sleepers?

Both bamboo and linen are known for their cooling properties as bed sheets. While linen is known for being incredibly lightweight and breathable, bamboo is also a highly breathable fabric and a preferred choice for those who tend to sleep hot. This is because bamboo sheets are not only moisture-wicking, but also feel cool to the touch.

linen vs cotton vs bamboo sheets

Cotton tends to be the most comfortable to sleep on, bamboo is the softest, and linen is ideal for people who tend to get hot in their sleep.

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