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“Phalar” comes from the Greek word for “linen” and represents our commitment to this versatile and sustainable fabric. Our mission is make “Your Skin Can Breath”. We believe that linens are the fabrics of the future and are proud to be a part of them.

Linen is a stylish fabric that is breathable, durable, and has a unique texture and drape. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric made from the flax plant that requires less water and pesticides than other crops. It is durable, biodegradable, and recyclable, making it a great choice for reducing waste in the fashion industry. So linen is friendly to the environment and choosing linen is protecting our earth.

What’s more, linen represents a new fashion that makes you comfortable and pleases yourself, rather than being uncomfortable “just for fashion”. Linen is also a lifestyle revolution. When we are tired of the fast pace in the information age, linen reminds you to stop and go outside to the nature or see an exhibition and listen to music, and it is the perfect match for your slow life.

Phalar focus on linen for over 10 years and have a strong supply chain. In addition, our team of designers keep up with fashion, combining the comfort of linen with the latest clothing designs and styles. Our products are becoming more and more popular, so besides this online shop, we also have offline sales channels in many countries around the world. Explore linen in Phalar!


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