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8 Perfect Summer Looks To Wear With Linen Shorts

8 Perfect Summer Looks To Wear With Linen Shorts!

what to wear with linen shorts

Linen shorts are a must-have summer item for modern fashionistas. Whether for the workplace or the weekend, whether paired with a minimalist top or trendy shoes and accessories, Best Linen Shorts are an easy way to show off your personality.

  • Elegant Look: Classic Shorts + Button-Down Shirt + Kitten Heel
  • Sports Look: Linen Shorts + Backless Tops + Sneakers
  • Sophisticated Look: Black Linen Shorts + Blazer + High Heels

Read our guide on how to wear linen shorts in summer and become the best fashion icon of the summer!

Although they fall into the “extremely casual summer wear” category, I also want to show you that a pair of linen shorts can be much more versatile than you might think! I’m sharing 8 stylish summer linen shorts outfit looks, whether you’re wearing them to the office, on the patio, or at home—they’re comfortable enough and pretty enough.

Elegant Look: Classic Shorts + Button-Down Shirt + Kitten Heel

We choose green linen shorts outfit with an optical white top. What shirt to wear with linen shorts? You can choose a double-breasted shirt or a sleeved top with a V-neck. To accentuate the waistline, the front hem of the top is tucked into the shorts.

Choose a beige or natural color will look more stylish and understated. Finally, pair it with kitten heels or sandals for a simple yet elegant look. This pairing is both simple and stylish, easily creating the perfect look.

Elegant Look: Classic Shorts + Button-Down Shirt + Kitten Heel

Cute Look: Linen High-Waisted Shorts + Sweater + Slippers

The basis of this look is a pair of linen high-waisted shorts, paired with a light sweater and a pair of trendy slippers to keep you comfortable and stylish in the summer.

Linen high-waisted shorts not only trim your legs, but also make you more comfortable and at ease. A light sweater, on the other hand, is perfect for the cooler evening temperatures, while the popular slippers are not only comfortable, but make your whole look more personal and stylish.

Cute Look: Linen High-Waisted Shorts + Sweater + Slippers

Sports Look: Linen Shorts + Backless Tops + Sneakers

Sport and fashion go hand in hand. Linen shorts are not only soft and breathable, but also give you greater flexibility in sports. The lightweight Mio backless top is suitable for hot summer sports, while a pair of stylish sneakers are not only comfortable but also add style to your sports look.

I designed this outfit with a ball cap and funny pack. Perfect for running errands while still looking cute!

Sports Look: Linen Shorts + Backless Tops + Sneakers

Sophisticated Look: Black Linen Shorts + Blazer + High Heels

What to wear with black linen shorts?Black linen shorts can make your whole look more sophisticated and are a must-have for every woman in the workplace. Pairing them with a blazer that is patchwork or has decorative pockets will not only emphasize your professional image, but also add a sense of sophistication and style to your entire look.

Finally, choose a pair of high heels to finish off the look.

Sophisticated Look: Black Linen Shorts + Blazer + High Heels

Party Look: Shredded Linen Shorts + White T + Thick High Heels

How to wear blue linen shorts? This combination is a great choice if you’re going shopping or on a date to a cafe. Shredded blue linen shorts have elements of cuteness and youthfulness as well as breathability and comfort.

Pairing them with a simple white t-shirt or printed tee and wearing chunky heels will give you a very natural and comfortable look. If the weather is a little cooler, you can pair them with a faux leather jacket for an added sense of style.

Party Look: Shredded Linen Shorts + White T + Thick High Heels

Vacation Look: Paper Bag Linen Shorts + One-Piece Swimsuit + Sandals

What to wear with beige linen shorts ?Paper bag linen shorts are very breathable and comfortable with a stylish design, perfect for wearing on a beach vacation. Pair them with a sexy one-piece swimsuit in the same beige color to better show off your figure and make you the center of attention at the pool or on the beach.

And sandals as a choice of shoes, also perfect for wearing at the beach or poolside, can help you quickly put on and take off, very convenient.

Finally, accessories, choose some simple woven bags, or some large hats, sunglasses and other seaside elements, you can make your look more interesting and fashionable.

Vacation Look: Paper Bag Linen Shorts + One-Piece Swimsuit + Sandals

Everyday Look: Striped Linen Shorts + Muscle Tee + Burkini Shoes

Looking for an easy way to accessorize striped linen shorts? You can wear them in many different ways, and they’re even perfect for everyday wear. All you have to do is grab a simple white muscle t-shirt, and for extra comfort, Burkane shoes are a great option. Voila! You’re ready to start the day!

Everyday Look: Striped Linen Shorts + Muscle Tee + Burkini Shoes

Sexy Look: White Linen Shorts + Tube Top + Transparent Mules

Wondering how to style white linen shorts? The crisp white linen shorts paired with a tube top is the perfect match to show off a woman’s graceful curves and sexy charm.

Transparent mules are the finishing touch to this look. They are not only comfortable and lightweight, but also show feminine elegance and fashion sense.

For more on wearing linen shorts, you can watch the video below to learn more, but I’m sure the looks I’ve shared are enough to satisfy your needs. If you have something to add, you can also leave your in the comment section

Sexy Look: White Linen Shorts + Tube Top + Transparent Mules

Is Linen Shorts Worth To Buy?

Linen shorts are a type of shorts made from linen fibers and they are very popular in the hot summer weather. Here are some value discernments about linen shorts to help you make a buying decision:

1.Do linen shorts wrinkle easily?

Linen clothes are not only light, breathable and airy – they also look super chic! However, linen shorts are prone to wrinkles, and even after ironing, they may reappear after a period of wear, which can affect the appearance.

2.How comfortable are linen shorts?

Linen shorts are very comfortable. Linen fibers are breathable and moisture-wicking, allowing air to circulate and absorb sweat, making you feel cool and comfortable in hot weather.

3. Is maintenance of linen shorts troublesome?

Linen shorts require some extra attention for maintenance. They tend to wrinkle, so they need to be carefully ironed and smoothed. In addition, linen fibers tend to shrink in water, so you need to follow the cleaning instructions and handle them carefully when washing.

4. How do linen shorts look?

Linen shorts are very fashionable in the summer. They are lightweight and comfortable for hot weather and have a natural, relaxed style. Choose linen shorts in dark colors or with patterns to better hide wrinkles and enhance the look.

5. How do you keep linen shorts from wrinkling?

To keep linen shorts from wrinkling, it is recommended to air dry and hang damp linens. Give your garments a gentle shake and flap to loosen any wrinkles, then hang them outside fully extended, allowing the breeze to naturally smooth out the folds. Opt for darker-colored linen clothing or items with patterns, such as a fashionable jacket or an adorable gingham shirt, as they can help camouflage any remaining creases.

In short, linen shorts are very comfortable and are a fashionable choice in hot summer weather. Although relatively cumbersome to maintain, proper care can extend the life of your shorts. The decision to purchase linen shorts should be based on the importance one places on comfort and appearance, as well as the time and effort one is willing to devote to maintenance.


By reading this article, you have learned that for casual occasions, you can choose to wear it with a white T-shirt and linen shorts in various colors for a casual and chic style, while for formal occasions, wear it with a blazer and heels or loafers for a stylish yet classic look. I’ll put the styling tips for women’s linen shorts here, but how to style men’s linen shorts?

PHALAR is a linen brand with many famous designers, offering comfortable, fashionable linen clothes at a good price. Choose a linen dress that suits you!


What top goes with linen shorts?

For a relaxed and effortless look, team your linen drawstring shorts with a basic tank top or t-shirt. To accentuate your waistline, try tucking in the front of your shirt. This easy-to-wear ensemble exudes a casual and comfortable vibe that’s perfect for laid-back outings.

What tops to wear with linen pants?

Styling linen pants is a breeze as you can pair them with various linen blouses and shirts. Go for a t-shirt for a casual vibe or a shirt for a more formal touch. Don’t forget to add a cardigan or a chunky oversized sweater if the weather gets chilly.

What kind of shoes to wear with linen shorts?

Linen shorts cut to the knee are the perfect match for boat shoes. Opt for a looser fit to enhance the airflow and keep you comfortable in warm weather. With their versatility in color, boat shoes are a great choice to complement patterned shorts. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations to find your unique style.

Can you wear linen with sneakers?

Linen pants are versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. They can be paired with a wide range of shoes, from sandals for a more casual look to loafers for a smarter appearance. Espadrilles or sneakers can also be worn for a relaxed outfit.

Are linen shorts see through?

Linen fabrics, particularly in lighter shades like white or ivory, are often slightly transparent. This is normal and expected, but don’t let it discourage you from wearing linen and feeling at ease in it.

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