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6 Best Alternatives To Forever 21 Linen Shorts

6 Best Alternatives To Forever 21 Linen Shorts!

Founded in 1984, Forever 21 is a brand that celebrates street fashion and is one of the world’s largest fast fashion retailers. Today, there are tons of fashion clothing brands that offer stylish, high-quality linen shorts that can serve as Forever 21 alternatives. For example:

  • Linenfox-handmade custom, linen professional
  • PHALAR-Sustainable fashion, durable quality
  • Muji-simple style, pragmatism
  • Amour Vert – Sustainable Fashion, Environmental Responsibility
  • Everlane-transparent supply chain, simple fashion
  • J.Crew- fashion diversity, classic design

In the article below, we’ve taken an in-depth look at each brand of linen shorts and explained why they’re the best alternative to Forever 21 linen shorts.

If you were lucky enough to experience the heyday of Forever 21 in the early 2000s, you would almost be crazy about it, because it is widely known to so many young fashion people. Unfortunately, in 2019, the company suddenly declared bankruptcy, and young people lost a branded backer of fashionable linen shorts.

In this article, we’ve looked at 6 Forever 21 linen shorts alternatives that really work, along with their individual highlights, to give you options.

Is Forever 21 Sustainable Eco-Fashion?

  • Fast fashion model: As a fast fashion brand, Forever 21 has a short product life cycle. According to the report of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the fast fashion industry produces a large amount of waste and greenhouse gas emissions every year, which has a negative impact on the environment.

UNEP is the abbreviation of the United Nations Environment Programme. It is the leading department and authoritative agency responsible for global environmental affairs within the United Nations system, aiming to promote the sustainable development of the global environment and the rational use of resources.

  • Quality issues: Forever 21’s products are usually sold at low prices, but the quality is often unstable. Cheap materials and rough workmanship lead to product fragility and short lifespan, which cannot meet consumers’ demands for high quality and durability.
  • Lack of online business strategy: With the rise of e-commerce, online sales have gradually become an important part of the retail industry. However, Forever 21’s online business has been slow to develop and failed to effectively utilize the Internet sales channel, resulting in a loss of online consumer share.

Also, this video will let you know what sustainable fashion is.

6 Great Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Forever 21 Linen Shorts

Linen shorts have become a hot fashion item in summer because of their environmentally friendly production and light, moisture-absorbing and breathable materials. If you are interested, you can learn about summer wear of linen shorts and feel the different cool summers. Below we’ve discovered 6 linen brands that are very effective Forever21 shorts alternatives.

6 Great Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Forever 21 Linen Shorts

Linenfox-handmade Custom, Linen Professional

Linenfox is a linen clothing brand that focuses on simplicity and natural style. Their products are light, breathable, elegant and simple.

  • Linenfox linen shorts are handmade with attention to detail and craftsmanship, such as hand-embroidered or hand-woven details. This makes each short short unique and refined, giving it more personality and uniqueness than mass-produced Forever 21 products. These details can enhance the overall sense of quality and fashion.
  • Linenfox focuses on linen clothing, and their understanding and application of linen fabrics are more professional. Linenfox’s linen shorts may be softer, more durable, and more textured, while Forever 21’s linen shorts may be a little less quality-wise
  • Linenfox pays attention to sustainable production and operation. For example, using organic linen fabrics and promoting environmentally friendly production methods to reduce the impact on the environment. This makes choosing Linenfox’s linen shorts in line with the needs and values of sustainable fashion.
Linenfox-handmade custom, linen professional

PHALAR-Sustainable Fashion, Durable Quality

PHALAR is a brand that focuses on high-quality fashion apparel, and their linen shorts are characterized by comfort, stylish design and sustainability.

  • Flax is a sustainable plant fiber, and PHALAR pays more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. Using more environmentally friendly production processes and materials to reduce the impact on the environment. As a fast fashion brand, Forever21 may have made relatively little effort in sustainability.
  • PHALAR pays attention to the selection of high-quality linen fabrics and strictly controls the production process to ensure the quality and durability of the products. In contrast, Forever21, as a popular fast fashion brand, may have a certain gap in fabrics and craftsmanship.

Proper care of linen can prolong the life and texture of the fabric, and the company also offers linen cleaning and care tips!

PHALAR-Sustainable fashion, durable quality

Muji-simple Style, Pragmatism

Muji is a Japanese brand known for its simple, functional and high-quality products.

  • Muji’s linen shorts are known for their simplicity and clarity of design, paying attention to the removal of frills and details to meet people’s needs in a simple and functional form. However, Forever 21 may be more in pursuit of fashion elements, with more diverse design styles and more temporary fashion trends.
  • Muji’s linen products pursue a close combination with fashion and lifestyle, not only focusing on the functionality of the product, but also focusing on its harmonious integration with contemporary life, satisfying consumers’ pursuit of simplicity, practicality and quality. Forever 21 pays more attention to fashion and trends, and is more inclined to young consumers.
Muji-simple style, pragmatism

Amour Vert – Sustainable Fashion, Environmental Responsibility

Amour Vert is a brand with sustainable fashion as its core, committed to providing environmentally friendly and high-quality products.

  • Amour Vert is committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, adopts environmentally friendly materials and production methods, aims to reduce the impact on the environment, and promotes sustainable fashion consumption. And Forever 21 may pay more attention to fast fashion trends, resource consumption and waste.
  • Amour Vert’s linen shorts focus on high quality and fine craftsmanship for comfort and durability. While Forever 21 may pay more attention to price competition and fast consumption, the quality and craftsmanship of products may be relatively low.
  • Amour Vert is actively involved in social responsibility projects such as a tree planted for every garment sold to give back to society and the environment
Amour Vert - Sustainable Fashion, Environmental Responsibility

Everlane-transparent Supply Chain, Simple Fashion

Everlane is a brand with sustainable fashion and transparent production as its core values, offering high-quality, timelessly designed clothing and accessories that aim to drive consumer awareness of quality and sustainability.

  • Known for high quality and sustainability, Everlane promises a transparent production chain and high-quality materials. They promote transparency and environmental awareness, and use sustainable production methods. In contrast, Forever 21 is mainly known for its fast fashion image, and its products are often sold at low prices.
  • Everlane’s designs focus on simplicity, class and style, and they typically feature clean lines and minimal cuts. This gives their linen shorts a more contemporary and versatile look. In contrast, the design style of Forever 21 is more trendy and fashionable, focusing on catering to the fashion trends of young people.

While Everlane is appreciated in many ways, Everlane’s line of linen shorts is relatively narrow and expensive, especially in some categories with fewer styles and colors to choose from.

Everlane-transparent supply chain, simple fashion

J.Crew- fashion Diversity, Classic Design

J.Crew is a fashion brand with a focus on high-quality, timeless styles, offering versatile apparel and accessories aimed at consumers seeking elegant, durable fashion.

  • J.Crew focuses on high-quality production and fine craftsmanship. They are committed to providing classic, durable clothing, while Forever 21 has a fast fashion image, and its products may have a certain degree of compromise in terms of manufacturing process and quality.
  • J.Crew’s linen shorts are designed with an emphasis on class, elegance and versatility, often featuring simple, comfortable cuts and design elements. In contrast, Forever 21’s linen shorts are more fashionable and trendy, and pay more attention to following short-term fashion trends.

While J.Crew has made some efforts in sustainable fashion in recent years, their efforts are still limited compared to PHALAR.

J.Crew- fashion diversity, classic design


Although Forever21 closed down in 2019, the company has been working hard to optimize and improve its products in recent years. But it is undeniable that Linenfox and Phalar are great alternative brands in many ways.

Linenfox’s products pay more attention to personalization, high quality and sustainability; PHALAR pays more attention to the concept of sustainability and environmental protection.

In short, don’t just be fascinated by environmental protection and sustainability, they are usually priced at a higher price, which may discourage you who are price-sensitive. We still have to consider comprehensively according to our own needs and make wise choices.


What are the best alternatives to the 2023 effective Forever21 linen shorts?

In addition to the six brands mentioned in the article, you can also consider the following brands: Zara, H&M, Topshop, ASOS and Urban Outfitters. These brands usually offer stylish and good quality linen shorts that can meet your needs.

Why wear linen shorts?

Linen shorts are a fantastic option for hot weather! Their lightweight fabric allows for excellent breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable.

What shoes goes with linen shorts?

Pairing boat shoes with knee-length linen shorts is a brilliant choice. Opt for a relaxed fit to enable better airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable. Boat shoes come in a wide variety of colors, making them a versatile option that complements patterned shorts beautifully.

What kind of shirts to wear with linen shorts?

Combine your linen drawstring shorts with a basic tank top or a t-shirt. Give your outfit a relaxed, casual feel by loosely tucking in the front of your shirt to showcase your waist. This ensemble not only ensures comfort but also exudes a laid-back and effortless style.

Is Forever21 permanently closed?

Notably, Forever 21 declared bankruptcy in 2019 and closed a number of stores due to intense competition and rapid changes in the fashion industry. However, the company reopened in 2020 with the backing of new investors, but on a relatively small scale. Despite having faced some challenges, Forever 21 continues to offer fashion choices to young consumers and is committed to adapting to changing market needs.

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